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Rosé Slushee

The easiest rosé slushee recipe
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword cocktails, frose'
Servings 4 drinks


  • Your favorite rosé
  • ice cube mold tray


  • First. pour rosé into ice cube molds. It does not matter if they are big or small cubes. They will freeze within 5-6 hours and be as frozen as they will ever be, which is very soft. Even if you leave them overnight or for a couple days in the freezer, they will never become hard like ice cubes.
  • Use a spoon to remove each soft ice cube. Fill your glass with a few cubes. I think I used three of these medium cubes for my small glass.
  • Crush the cubes up with a spoon. It will be VERY easy to crush the soft ice cubes into a slushee texture.
  • Add a teeny bit of liquid, just a splash! If you like a less sweet drink, just add a little rosé. If you want to sweeten it up, add a splash of cranberry juice or lemonade. I think making it a little bit sweeter adds to the snow cone element.
  • Garnish with a cherry if you like! You can eat it with a spoon or sip it.