A Spring themed Wreath

Spring wreath3I really wanted to hang up a spring themed wreath on my front door this season. It's fun to create different types of wreaths for the seasons, or with supplies you have on hand. I love how this one features two little love birds-plus I'm totally obsessed with burlap right now!Steps1. Supplies: Styrofoam wreath, strips of burlap, strips of simple cotton fabric, a small square of fabric with a pretty pattern, faux birds, fake flower stem, hot glue gun, scissors, jewelry wire. 2. First, wrap the wreath with the cotton fabric and glue in place. 3. Wrap the wreath with burlap and glue in place. 4. Next, begin making burlap flowers. Start by wrapping the burlap into a cone shape. 5. Continue to loosely wrap the burlap, creating petals for the flowers. Once you've finished,  sew it securely together on the base of the flower. 6. After you've made a handful of flowers, sew them into a collage on the wreath. 7. Glue on the fake flowers among the burlap flowers. 8. Bend the jewelry wire it into a heart shape. 9. Apply a thin layer of glue to the wire and lay it face down onto a pretty piece of fabric. You can use extra burlap or cotton fabric, or choose a fabric with a pretty pattern! Once the glue is dry, trim off the excess around the wire. 10. Last, poke the ends of the wire into the back of the love birds (make sure they are Styrofoam birdies!) and glue the birds in place, kissing in the middle of the wreath! Spring wreath1Spring wreath 2I'm excited to hang this wreath on my front door this weekend! xo. emma and elsie

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  • Ouuu I love this wreath! If I had my own front door to put it up on I definitely would make this!!


  • such a simple yet very inspiring and easy idea! I’ll make one for Easter with eggs and chicks!!! (our Easter is next Sunday so I have a week to go, YEY)

  • Ahhh! Birds and a love bubble…..PERFECT!

    –Jaclyn T
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  • What a beautiful project! I’m so impressed with your sewing abilities. So inspired now…

  • Gorgeous, the little birds and heart are such a cute touch.


  • Cool! Never thought of doing a wreath that wasnt just for Christmas!

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  • I only hang a wreath in my front door for xmast, but i like the idea of doing one for spring ; )


  • Such a cute idea, I love the idea of making a wreath for every season!

  • So cute! I think the little ones would love to make something like this as well!

  • That is really beautiful. Thank you again for the inspiration.


  • simple ideas are the best – I love the look of the spring wreath!
    bookmarked! 😉

  • this is so cute!! love the flowers and the birdies are adorable 🙂


  • Cutest project yet! Love the birds!

  • I love burlap! So cute, and perfectly spring. I might add some pastels on there for my front door, though!

    xo Becky

  • Oh I love the look of this. I’ve been trying to decide on a spring reef for our front door, maybe I’ll give this a try! Thanks for sharing

  • So lovely! I love how burlap can go from something seemingly borrowing to entirely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  • Cute! Love the burlap 🙂
    xo Heather

  • oh my goodness…this is insanely cute.


  • Oh my, those little love birds are super cute! I’ve never seen a Spring wreath before, and you did a wonderful job on this! 🙂


  • Saying I love this would be an understatement!!!!


  • oh, i love it! we always have a christmas wreath and yet never seem to have a spring wreath; what’s with that? 😛


  • That is a very cute wreath. I make wreaths for my house for different seasons and for times that are important…I think it is extra fun to decorate the house with seasonal crafts :3

  • AH! I am making this. how much did this cost total to make? Like $20 or less?

  • This is the sweetest thing.
    The love birds definitely make the whole look.
    So sweet!


  • Wow, I can’t believe it could be so simple and beautiful.
    I am really a big fan of yours. Thanks for being so sweet.

  • Awww.. how beautiful! I’m a sucker for anything involving birds 😀

    xoxo, Agnieszka

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