10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy weekend, friends! I hope your doing something cozy this weekend. I’m mostly drinking an entire thermos filled with apple cider. Ha. Here are 10 things from my world:

By now if you haven’t heard of our Etsy collaboration line, where have you been? Above, you can see the shell pillows from À la maison & co., which I love.

Most of my weekday (and weekend) outfits consist of T-shirts and jeans. Now, I’m throwing jackets and cardigans into the mix. These are my favorite solid T-shirts, I own eight.

Speaking of cardigans, I recently bought this one in medium. It has sold out a few times, so if you like this brand I’d recommend getting on their mailing list.

Recently, I treated myself to a bunch of David’s Tea. There was a buy one, get one sale and I bought the fall faves sampler (sold out now, it looks like) and feel-good sampler, and then two different flavors of the limited edition tins.

I have a real problem with getting semi-addicted to podcasts and listening to them constantly until I am out of episodes. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing with You’re Wrong About lately, and I feel like I have way too many facts floating in my head about O.J. Simpson, Nancy Grace, disco, gangs, and various moral panics throughout history. I am SO into this podcast!

Just finished reading The Stepford Wives, which I wanted to read after watching the ’70s movie version with the Larsons last time I visited Nashville. It’s a short book—very worth the read!

A little over a month ago, my beloved Pug, Lovers, passed away. We had him cremated and I’ve been trying to find an urn that I felt fit some part of his personality (I know, maybe that’s a bit weird but I am convinced that grief is just weird). I bought this Jonathan Adler sugar bowl that I feel suits him perfectly and it now is sitting on a shelf in my office. I miss my dog a great deal, but I find it comforting that he’s now hanging out in my office like he always did when he was alive.

I already have all my autumn decorations out, and now I’m about to start putting all my Halloween things out, too. Sort of obsessed with candy corn colored decor this year, like these darlings.

Did you see I came out with a +pack with A Color Story? My pack is called Dessert. If you already have the ACS+ subscription, you get it for FREE, so go use it and tag your photo with #ACSDessert so I can see it!

Bought myself a pumpkin face mask and I’m VERY excited about it!

Hope you all are well! Happy weekend. -Emma

  • Getting on that email list for that t-shirt ASAP!

    Pet grief I feel like is especially weird… and maybe more so when your pets are your only kids. My partner and I have lost two in our 15 years together and 1 was particularly hard. We rescued this little chihuahua when we first got together and he passed a couple of years ago. I regret now not getting him cremated. I am not a fan of holding on to human remains, so I thought I wouldn’t want his ashes but I think it would’ve brought me some weird comfort.

  • Oh, Emma, I’m so sorry about Lovers! I agree, that’s the perfect urn! We’ve had three of our dogs cremated, and plan to mix our ashes with them when the time comes and have them sprinkled in the mountains.

  • So sorry to hear about lovers. Have you considered having some of his ashes turned into art? I have had a beloved pet and both of my grandparents turned into beautiful beads. We saved the ashes from the grandparent who passed first so the ashes could scattered at the same time and be mixed together for beads for each of the daughters and grandkids. https://ashbeads.com/ is the one that I know of, but I’m sure there are others.

  • Our beloved pup passed away right around when Love Love did and we have her urn sitting on a shelf between the entryway and the living room and I love having her still present in an area where we traipse through so many times each day.

  • I’m so sorry about the passing of Lovers, Emma. My beloved dog girl, Wanda Elaine, passed away in January and I miss her so much every day. She was my very best friend for 15 years. Homegirl saw me through the absolute worst and the best. I’m so happy you found a way to honor Lovers that works for you. All the best!

  • Emma thank you for the podcast recommendations !! I am also so into Podcasts too!!! It’s sometimes a great temporary escape from the real world… Of course my favorite podcast is A Beautiful Mess 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, there is an episode of You’re Wrong About that features my hometown ahh! It’s such a good pod. Congrats on your pack, and sending <3 in regards to Lovers.

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