10 Things I Love Sunday

Hey, hey! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling extra good about entering a new month. Summer has been OK, but my brain needs a change—especially one that involves cooler weather and Halloween decorations. I’m going to try to wait until the end of September to decorate, but we’ll see how that goes. ?

My kitchen is my happy place, but not because I’m spending a lot of time cooking, haha. I just love how much natural light pours in every morning. I never thought I was into yellow and blue, but after buying this microwave and adding some yellow vintage finds (here’s a similar spoon rest) I’m sold on it!

1. This recent find relates to my kitchen, big time. My dishwasher stopped working last year, and I decided to start hand washing my dishes instead. I was surprised that I kind of enjoyed it. But I live alone, so that could be a factor. Here’s a link to my favorite sponge (random, I know!). It’s cute as can be and works like a charm.

2. My go-to dry shampoo. Do you have a favorite brand?

3. I searched Etsy high and low to find the perfect Halloween doormat for my porch—here’s the one I picked!

4. I’m going to St. Louis for my birthday soon, and I can’t wait to stay at this hotel. The rooms are themed by color! I bought this pink dress (under $25!) to take with me. It’s got a retro look to it, and it’s very flattering.

5. Our team went on a lakeside retreat this past week and we learned SO much from Julie Blanner. She’s a beautiful genius and the best host. We left feeling very inspired—perfect timing for the upcoming season.

6. Do you ever buy seasonal pillows? I want this retro pumpkin pillow and pink pumpkin pillow in my life and (on my couch).

7. My favorite morning serum and evening serum is on sale with the code SUMMER15. They’re both incredible, and I’ve been using them every day for months.

8. Elsie and I brought our white noise machines with us on the retreat last week. It cracks me up, but that’s how good they are—and they’re small enough to travel with.

9. My go-to protein bar. I’m 100% addicted to these!

10. I became a house slipper person last year (I think a lot of us did) and I’ve worn these faux fur slippers nonstop. So many color options, but I love the rainbow pair.

I can’t seem to get Elsie’s churro Chex mix recipe out of my head, so that’s happening SOON. I’ve been avoiding gluten for a while, and I love that I can make this without thinking about it. Heck. yeah.

Hope you have a great week! xo, Jacki

  • I see a ton of doormats like that haunted house one and the prices are a bit eye-popping. I fully expect an ABM DIY with stencils can do the job!

  • I stopped buying dry shampoo when my hairdresser told me that a lot of them are just made with corn starch and I could save tons of money by just using regular old corn starch from the grocery store. If you want to add a scent you can even mix in your favorite essential oil. But it works amazingly well on its own–once you start rubbing it in to your roots it just disappears!

  • I love the colors. I have that microwave (great price) it matches the dinnerware and some of my pots. Yellow works perfect with that color. My dishwasher and over the stove microwave stopped working at the same time. My water bill is noticeably lower.

  • Oh my word, you all are too sweet! It was fun getting to know you and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead

  • I love your kitchen! We have green in ours too, it feels so fresh. And it’s super fun seeing a more “real” view of a room. The super polished, nothing on the counter room tours are inspiring in their own way, but I appreciate the spices and olive oil on the counter in this pic! 🙂 Love the pops of color too!

    • Thank you! I like when things are polished and “nice and neat” too, but it’s comforting to see real life photos. :))

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