Churro Chex Mix Recipe

Hello, hello! You all know I love to make homemade Chex mix in the fall, but we strictly keep it as a holiday season thing (starting at Halloween), so the rest of the year I have to switch up our snack routines. I loved the idea of a churro flavored Chex mix, so I tried it out and it was delicious and so fun to make. I even made another batch to gift to Emma the first time we visited to meet baby Oscar!

If you like churros, you have to give this a try! It has some similar qualities to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, but in my opinion is way more delicious since it has that toasted butter element!

I made it several times this summer! Don’t skip the salt—I really think that is the ticket to the perfect salty-sweet! The full recipe is in the card below!

This recipe will make two large containers. Feel free to add other Chex mix items if you like. Pretzels, nuts, and sprinkles are all great. I added a few tablespoons of rainbow sprinkles to my Chex just for fun!

I prefer to store my mix in a covered plastic bowl like this. Make sure it is completely cooled before storing. I honestly do not know how long you can keep this mixture without it going bad because ours has never lasted more than a few days to a week. I would guess several weeks. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks so much for reading! Please tag us on Instagram at @abeautifulmess if you make this snack mix! And please let me know if you prefer this version of the savory counterpart. I think I prefer savory, but since it’s our holiday thing (we make it constantly in October-December each year), it’s nice to switch it up during the rest of the year. And if you love chex mix, check out our Puppy Chow Mix recipe here! 🙂 xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly.

Churro Chex Mix

Homemade Chex Mix made with cinnamon and brown sugar
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword chex mix, snack mix
Cook Time 45 minutes
Servings 2 large containers
Author Elsie Larson


  • 10 cups Chex cereal I like to combine corn and rice Chex, but you can also include wheat Chex if you choose—but I did not include it here.
  • 1 stick butter
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • sprinkle salt I use Maldon flakes
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon


  • Prep Chex mix in 2-3 large mixing bowls. I like to use 3 most of the time, so it's easier to mix without spillage. Be sure to include equal parts of each Chex cereal variety in each of your bowls.
  • Mix granulated sugar and other half of cinnamon in a bowl next to your Chex bowls.
  • Melt butter with brown sugar and half tablespoon cinnamon.
  • As soon as the brown sugar/cinnamon/butter is melted completely and combined, pour it onto your bowls of Chex. Be careful because the mixture will be very hot. Stir or shake each bowl to combine the melted mixture and add some of the white sugar mixture as well. Mix very well until every piece is coated.
  • Next, pour each bowl onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.
  • Bake each sheet for 45 minutes at 250 degrees F. This is what makes it toasty and delicious—plus your kitchen will smell amazing!
  • After you pull it from the oven, sprinkle the top of the mixture with a bit of salt (I use Maldon). You can also add sprinkles at this time if you want.
  • This Chex mix looks amazing! But also where did you get that top?!? I’ve been on the hunt for a rugby-ish top in that color way. Thanks!

  • So simple and delicious! The description is accurate – like cinnamon toast crunch but better!

  • Hi Elsie,
    Yes! Thank you for this! We like chex mix around here, AND we need to eat gluten free. Cinnamon Toast Crunch AND churros—-NOT gluten free. This is a great option!
    I also have been wanting to tell you and Emma for awhile THANK YOU for all the simple practical often very kid friendly recipes. I think they are also on target for our family because we are also from the Midwest, currently living in Chicago, IL. So the recipes feature basic foods (chili, potato salad, oatmeal, cookies, etc) that are similar to the food culture in which my husband and I grew up. And we appreciate that!!! I probably need to buy your cookbook! ?

    • Thank you so much Katherine! We’re so happy the recipes are useful to you!! :))

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