10 Things I Love Sunday

My niece made us these matching outfits and I could NOT love them more! So far, this is the only mommy + me clothes I have for Oscar and I. So, I may need to remedy that soon. Ha.

1. I have a feeling you will ask, so here’s a link to baby Nike shoes—they were a gift from Aunt Elsie.

2. Have you started burning autumn scented candles yet? You know I have! A few favorites are The Burlap Bag I Love Fall Candle and BBW Autumn Woods.

3. Soup season is upon us! I will be making creamy cauliflower and leek soup, baked potato and broccoli cheddar soup, and I’m also VERY excited to make chili. Bring on all the cozy recipes as the weather finally cools down.

4. I am obsessed with this fall flavors lip balm set. My favorite is candy apple.

5. Recently bought this fringe jacket which I am excited to wear generally, but it’s also part of my HALLOWEEN COSTUME. Oh yes, I’m getting started now!

6. I’m almost done with my current read, Klara and the Sun, so of course I already know what I plan to read next. I ordered a copy of The Lager Queen of Minnesota as I loved the author’s first book (which I randomly picked up at the library a couple years ago).

7. Hotly debated at our home: Do you prefer dish sponges or dish brushes? We have a dishwasher but we also wash certain things by hand. Trey is “team dish brush” and I realized my hang up was that I didn’t have a cute one. So, I bought this set of three dish brushes (and now we can put this debate to rest).

8. Elsie recently converted me to applying my foundation with a foundation brush. I was influenced!

9. I recently swapped a pedestal sink in our bathroom for this bathroom vanity and I LOVE it. It added so much more counter space and storage, making the bathroom way more functional.

10. I own nine posable skeletons, which I bought a few years ago (using a coupon—get their app, it’s worth it!) and they are the gift that keeps on giving. I am currently scheming how to hang them so they are scaling our house so I can impress my neighbors.

Our podcast will be returning (with me) tomorrow and you can hear all about my birth story experience! I’m excited to catch you up on what I’ve been up to this summer, including my son’s birth story. And if you took the summer off like me, be sure to catch up because we had a lot of really great podcast episodes while I was gone including one with my mom talking about raising creative kids, and also the folks from Cheap Old Houses, plus tons more! xo. Emma

P.S. If you are doing any autumn cooking/baking this season and you use any of our recipes, please leave us a rating! When you leave a comment, there are stars you can add (5 stars = awesome).

  • Those skeletons are amazing! My son loves Halloween skeletons and I just bought a few sizes to surprise him 🙂

  • I love the podcast and enjoyed all the episodes while you were gone but I am SO looking forward to you returning. There was just something missing without you! PS – The matching clothing pic is adorable.

  • The Lager Queen of Minnesota is SO good. I loved his first one as well but I think I favor this one a little bit more. I read it a few months ago and will still randomly think about it. Enjoy!

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