10 Things I Love Sunday

Welp. This week was overwhelming. I’m not complaining, but yeesh! Let’s discuss fun, light things, K? Here are 10 things I’m loving lately.

-I read this book over my holiday break and LOVED it. When I mentioned it on IG I got mixed reviews from those who had already read it.

Anyone else read this one? I am stoked to get my copy of book two now. I love magic! I love wizards in high school! Lol.

-Next up, I am planning on reading this book, which was a Christmas gift from Trey. He knows how much I like true crime, so the premise of this novel seems pretty promising.

-I got some chunky boots a few months ago, and lately (as it’s been rainy and then snowy) they have come in useful.

-I used the Pink Papaya app to add the glitter in this photo—they have a cool eraser tool, so you can glitter the areas you want!

-Speaking of apps, last year I used the 1 Second Everyday app and shared it on my personal IG (it’s a highlight called “2021” now). I loved the experience so much that I’m doing it again this year.

-I recently replaced a couple of clean beauty products I used down to the empties (which is how you know it’s good).

I rebought this bronzer, this multi-stick (I use it on my cheeks and lips) and then I decided to try the same multi-stick in a different shade, as well.

-I have been a little hair sad lately. My hair got SO thin after having my son, and then especially after I stopped nursing. It’s all worth it, but it’s not my favorite thing.

So, I’m letting myself buy and try new hair products basically as much as I like right now. I recently got this wonder water conditioner and love it, while I also bought these for topknot buns and they help a lot!

-Oscar is getting his first tooth! Yes, I’m including this as a thing I’m loving lately. It’s so cute! I’m an annoying mom. I’m not sorry. This is who I am now. 🙂

Hope your weekend treats you well. Take care of yourself, friend. -Emma

P.S. Here’s a link to last week’s 10 Things Sunday post in case you missed it!

  • I’m 3 years in with 1 Second Everyday and it has become one of my most useful and happy ways to reflect on the year. Total sap over here- I cried a little bit watching this past one. Loved seeing yours!

  • Since your pregnancy you glow, radiate happiness and kind of a maturity (in a good way), you are even more beautiful. The hair will grow back thicker, do not worry

  • Hi Emma, if you love true crime, can I self-promote my podcast about a true-crime that took place in the Ozarks? It’s called “The Springfield Three: A Small-Town Disappearance” and can be found anywhere you get your podcast. Thanks from a long-time reader.

  • I had my baby girl in Dec 2020 and my hair is finally, FINALLY, starting to come around again. I feel your pain. Big time. I never even considered myself a “hair person,” until a TON of it fell out. I look like a Cabbage Patch Kid around my hairline. It’s not ideal, but it does grow back. Hang in there, girl! ; )

  • The chunky boots are cute but you might want to look into Shein and consider not promoting them on ABM. With a simple google search you can see numerous articles on why Shein is considered an awful fast fashion company– from low quality clothing to sweatshop production. Shein is also notorious for ripping off designs from small businesses and independent designers. They’re not cool people. And you are.

  • Just watched your 1 Second Every Day video- the quote ‘Leap, and the net will appear’ jumped out at me. I just found out I’m pregnant on Saturday. It’s such a big important thing (and expensive 😬) – but I’m feeling positive about it. Thank you for that quote. I’m going to write keep it as a mantra for these first few weeks.

  • Have you read The Witch Haven by Sasha Peyton, Emma? I think you would enjoy it!

  • My heart went out to you re: the thin hair comment (I’m in the same boat, and at 41, it seems like all I see is thin gray hair). I don’t have any advice–but just sending a HUG. You look terrific.

    • emma, your hair looks great! have you tried baking soda? i know it seems weird but it’s supposed to thicken your hair and i’d say it works. if it’s feeling thin less product might help too. to try the baking soda just add 2 t (or half that – depends on hair length) to your shampoo. more details here: https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2019/02/0029-tps-low-waste-haircare.html

    • It will grow back! I had a baby too, and man I lost a lot of hair, but eventually it comes back. Thankfully

  • I just bought the Wonder Water and was ready to use it when I washed my hair yesterday but I couldn’t open the new bottle. I’d advise making sure it’s ready to use before you get in the shower, lol. Oscar getting his first tooth belongs on your 10 things list. Happy New Year, Pat

  • I loved a Deadly Education and Naomi Novik in general!!
    Also a big fan of Ilia and that multistick is a great blush, but I’ve never found that the same color on my cheeks and lips looks good.
    Not a fan of Shein though. No thanks on fast fashion.

  • I’ll put A Deadly Education on my reading list. I wanted to be a witch forever after watching old reruns of Bewitched. Still love the genre

  • I am going to give Deadly Education a go, thank you! Have you read the a Discovery of Witches series? There are four books in total. The Audio book was brilliant too.

  • I loved A Deadly Education! I think the second book in the series is even better. Naomi Novik is one of my favorite authors; Uprooted and Spinning Silver are two really great spins on fairy tales with strong (and delightful) female heroines.

    • I agree that the second book in this series was even better than the first. I highly recommend Carry On as well- a wizard school story with a romantic twist!

  • Ilia is one of my favorite clean brands! Their products last and are decently priced. Thrive is another great one.

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