10 Things I Love Sunday

The truth is, I kind of struggle this time of year. And then I feel guilty about that, so it adds to it, I guess. So while I am very, very grateful for my job, to be a mom, and for my life generally; I also feel a little down lately.

There is no ”solution” exactly, as this happens pretty much every year for me around this time, and while I see it coming and have my ways of dealing, it’s still hard.

I am trying to enjoy my family and friends as much as I can, go on walks whenever it’s even close to warm enough, and find things to do at home in the evenings. It’s hibernation time.

Trying to appreciate the slowness, the cozy vibes, and endless mugs of hot tea. I feel like a lot of the 10 things I’m loving lately kind of play into this.

Here are 10 things I’m loving lately:

Ombre candle sticks (from Laura, as she sent me a birthday gift card). I am obsessed with candlesticks this season.

I’ve been living in leggings since we’ve had a million snow and sick days. I have three colors of the same style and love them! I also wore them while I was pregnant (the whole way through) and they fit now, as well. They are magic.

Trey got me a puzzle table for my birthday and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I like to sit on the floor and work on puzzles while we watch TV. Just makes me feel like I’m doing more than just sitting (although I am still sitting, lol).

We sometimes work on puzzles together too. I already completed this David Bowie puzzle and just started this The Office puzzle this week.

Reading is the best escape, no? I just finished this YA thriller, this more adult thriller, and I’m currently reading this fantasy/romance which is part of a series I’m really excited about.

Nail polish powder dip kit! I already talked one friend into buying this, too (I am an influencer both on and off the Internet, lol).

I don’t have the space in my life right now for nail appointments but I LOVE nail art so much. This is the next best thing to a salon shellac manicure. It lasts!

I will always be obsessed with Milk Bar truffles (as a mail order gift), but my brother and SIL got me these Killer Brownies last month for my birthday, and WOW they were so good.

Got this coat recently and love the fit and color! If you see me walking in my neighborhood lately, I am wearing this.

The painting above is from my mom (a gift) because I kept admiring it at her house. 🙂

Wearing beanies constantly right now—I love this one and bought the same one in five different colors. When I love something, I tend to buy it in multiple colors now, just like my grandma does.

My Nancy Meyers sweater is from our charity shop. We have mugs too! xo. Emma

P.S. Here’s a link to last week’s 10 Things Sunday in case you missed it!

  • I’ve been reading this blog for years but never commented on anything. Until now. I bought The Court of Thorns and Roses per your recommendation and have become obsessed with the series! I’m almost done with book two. If I have five extra minutes in my day, my nose is in that book. Thank you so much for making me aware of this super fun series.

  • as an equatorial baby i struggle with SAD too. i try to go on walks even when it is chilly. literally it can be just a block square – it’s so invigorating. currently reading: station eleven which feels so eerie given it’s about a pandemic. also love seasonal lists, here’s mine if anyone would like some ideas 🙂 https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2022/02/0068-to-do-winter.html

  • I am usually not super into fantasy, and had never read a book about fairies before, but I really liked the court of thorns and roses series. The 2nd book is a whole new level, though the 1st is exciting and engaging too. Enjoy!

  • Ugh, I get the blues this time of year too. You look nice in your sweatshirt and beanie.

  • You don’t have to feel guilty for struggling–this time of year is tough–show yourself some compassion! A gratitude practice helps me and identifying what I’m looking forward to once the weather gets sunnier. This too shall pass…

  • What a fun post, thanks for all of the inspiration! All three of those books are on my TBR so glad to know that you enjoyed/are enjoying them all! 🙂

  • I love the fireplace! Pink tile looks sooo good! You probably have shown photos of it before, but I remember hearing about it on the podcast & wondering how it turned out.
    I will be the obnoxious one and say that I actually love this time of year. But one of our secrets is embracing the cold! We go for crisp winter walks in the evening-the moon is so bright! If it’s icy the kids are thrilled to “boot skate.” Every time it snows even a few inches we get the kids out in it to play. We go to a little park nearby with a little sledding hill. We go ice-skating at the outdoor park district rink almost every weekend. We even try to go skiing/snowboarding out West every other year/as our budget works that year.
    I think you might love these coats—-as a way to snuggle up & walk with Oscar when it’s chilly!
    I also like Seraphine for good baby wearing options to keep cozy.

    • She is! I have a three large paintings of hers in my home, and couple of mid to smaller ones too. I LOVE the bright pops of color and movement they add to my spaces.

  • Emma, I feel the same way about this season. It’s been hard to see COVID spike again during this time too — makes things feel so bleak. I can’t wait until the warmer days are here — hopefully just a few short weeks, Sending love!

  • Emma – I always love your 10 Favorite Things posts. I relate to you A LOT about being down this time of year. The stretch between Jan – March in the Midwest is the worst, especially when you are ready for sunny days and warm weather! I’d be interested in a post (or even an IG story?) about how you use the powder dip kit on your nails. I am a lifelong nail biter and I recall you used to be one too. Anyway, I have finally stopped (for good!!) this past month and have never done my nails before so feel like I’m starting from scratch over here at age 31 and I have zero clue what to do with them.
    Love the podcast too and thanks for the amazing content!

    • Maybe I’ll show the powder dip kit in a reel or a post sometime. I wasn’t sure how interesting that would be, lol. Plus, although I am way better at not biting my nails these days I am no nail artists or hand model…. so it’s always a bit nerve racking to put content like that up.

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