10 Things I Love Sunday

This past week, I’ve spent a lot of time working on our home. It feels *SO* good to be close to completion and to start using our rooms normally again.

It’s cool how exciting regular life is after six months of renovation tarps and drywall dust. We’ve been painting with the kids, playing endless games of tic-tac-toe and having dinner in our dining room again. Magical!

arched doorway looking into dining room

1. Are you all into these bust vases? I love them!

2. This cardigan is my favorite Target find in YEARS. It’s my perfect dream cardigan!

3. I got one of these tiny primrose mirrors for my bathroom and it’s adorable! Also, did you see the adorable frame version?

4. I love a gold ring stack.

5. I got this same swimsuit last year (in a different color) and it’s my favorite classic one piece. Love the fit!

6. This is my favorite and the best smelling face mask of all time.

7. I ordered this home gel nail kit and I am so excited to try it out. The reviews are really good.

8. This one is for my Halloween-year-round team.

9. I don’t get super into Easter decor, but this wreath is cute!

10. Did you know you can get frame TV art on Etsy. I love this one!

xo, Elsie

P.S Here’s last week’s 10 Things Sunday if you missed it!

  • Hey there! You all are doing great! I love the 10 things posts on Sundays. I rarely purchase anything but it is fun to see what your staff is interested in. I listen to your podcast and read you blog and have learned a lot about what it means to be a working person in the “influencer/blogger” world. Linking products for purchase is one way you all make money. I am happy to support your business and I know I always get to decide if I want to buy something or not. Thanks for always being authentically you.

  • Else
    I always look forward to the Sunday post.
    The other comments are so Bah Humbug.
    keep up the good work.’
    I always listen to the podcast as well, and find you and Emma a ray of sunshine vs Covid and Russia.
    I think your home is awesome and love the changes you made. Your use of space is ingenious.
    Keep doing what you are doing!!!
    Hope E.

  • Understandably you want to sustain your most popular posts for business purposes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t (nor shouldn’t) evolve to consider responsibility, ethics, and integrity regardless of what is most popular, especially when you have such a big platform.

  • I also am trying to buy/consume less but I still enjoy these posts for the window shopping

  • Hey ABM,
    How about a “Ten Things I Love Sunday” that is all about activities at home or in your neighborhood? Free things. I hate to sound like a grump but these posts feel too materialistic. Our favorite things could be a walk outdoors, looking for birds, or calling a friend. Watching a favorite movie for the 100th time. Thanks.

    • Agreed. The focus on perpetual consumption in a world that needs anything but is discouraging.

    • I feel the same, I am trying to be low waste and don’t own a home, 90% of the time I thrift my clothes and other items to save money. I also wonder if some of these items were listed twice to get more clicks? Could just be a mistake though.

    • Hi! Ok- so two things.
      1. If you don’t like shopping links (I understand) I would skip over these “10 things” posts. They are one of our most popular posts- so a lot of people do enjoy them and we are going to keep doing them. I will definitely try to include more “free” things- that’s a good note! I usually do include more things like movies we’ve watched or albums or things like that.

      2. We’re always open to post ideas so if there are topics you WOULD like to read or see please let us know. We genuinely do try and provide a good balance of content and we’re always looking for new topics to add.

      Thanks and happy Sunday!

    • Seems like so many bloggers/instagramers are all “swipe ups” now. I’m sure it is the easy $$. And I’m sure financially they are all in a different spot than the rest of us (and because of us!) BUT I’m not sure the best resolution. They speak their truth because that is what they do…they spend money to make money. What bothers me is when they fake Walmart shopping for the clicks! 😂

    • hi sarah! agreed/it sounds like you would enjoy my blog. i was frustrated w/all of the blogs ‘buy buy buy ‘content so i finally started my own – i focus on a happy, sustainable life. sometimes when a blog doesn’t evolve w/you it’s nice to have options and i hope you’ll pay a visit 🙂 https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/
      i also only shop secondhand but do enjoy window shopping for inspiration. that wreath is super sweet and seems like a very simple upcycle of those plastic eggs that get thrown around for easter – the creative inspiration that comes from not buying new is unrivaled!

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