15 Crafts You Can Do While Watching TV

Today, we’re rounding up our favorite crafts that can be made completely (or mostly) while sitting in one spot. Crafting while catching up on a show or podcast sounds like the perfect combination to us!

Ready for some “TV craft” ideas?

Keep your car smelling fresh the natural way—with essential oils. These wool ball diffusers are a fun, easy craft (and they make great gifts).

These agate coasters might look like they came from an Anthropologie catalog, but they can be made right in your living room. They’re so pretty!

Elsie spent a couple nights catching up on a podcast while she made this stitched floral purse. If we didn’t know better, we’d say it was a cool vintage find.

We love a good homemade wreath, and this floral hoop wreath is so inviting. Want more ideas? Here are our favorite wreath DIYs for any season.

If you’re new to weaving, Rachel is the best teacher we know. Click here to learn the basics and make your first one!

Make a simple, cute wooden ball photo holder. This craft can be made in 5 minutes, so you could make a bunch of these during an episode of your favorite show.

Can you believe this rainbow wall hanging is made with pool noodles? It’s perfectly adorable for a nursery or bedroom.

Let’s throw some jewelry in the mix with Laura’s DIY acrylic earrings. If you prefer gold jewelry, we have a DIY for geometric statement earrings, too.

Emma’s faux wall weaving DIY doesn’t require any weaving experience—just tassel-making experience (and they’re super easy to make).

Have you tried embroidering? We were so excited to have Sarah share her skills (and one of her patterns) with us.

We are true “garland people” and especially love making them for the holidays. This yarn pumpkin garland is so cute for Halloween (and Thanksgiving).

Make a necklace out of lava stones and essential oils so you can bring an energizing (or calming scent) with you wherever you go.

If you’re looking for an autumn-inspired project, these PSL pincushions are for you. They’re so cute and they don’t require any sewing skills.

Speaking of no-sew projects, you could make your own braided velvet headband.

And last but not least, dress up a pair of plain boots or flats with this easy mask + paint tutorial. How fun are these?!

We recommend adding snacks AND drinks to enhance the experience. Sharing a few ideas below:

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xo, -The ABM team

  • I love the archive posts! Sometimes they remind me of one I’ve loved in the past and wanted to try. And it’s nice to have them all right there, rather than searching. I’m a lazy researcher and the easier to get to all the things I want, the better!

  • Love all of these ideas! I’m a big fan of crafting while binge watching Netflix 🙂 I think weaving might need to be my next challenge. These wall hangings are beautiful!

  • As a longtime reader i’m getting a bit fed up of these rebranded posts without them saying they are? Where’s the new content?

    • Hi! I’d love to provide you with a bit of context here. 🙂 In almost 15 years of blogging we posted again and again on the same subjects (sometimes nearly identical posts year after year). We recently learned that editing (we always update the posts before re-sharing them) and reposting is more beneficial for the long term health of the site. We will continue doing this. There are so many posts in our archives that we can add more context to, better photos, better instructions etc.

      We still post a large amount of brand new content every month as well.

  • I do not know what you’re watching. I only watch interesting things like movies or documentaries. Such things can be done in spare time and not while watching tv.

  • Great ideas! I love to be able to work on a craft project while watching something on Netflix. Thanks!


  • I can’t choose my favourite craft, they all look so fun! One thing’s for sure, though – I couldn’t do them while watching TV, I’m inexperienced so I’ll need to be paying full attention to the DIY, haha!! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • But once you get some experience, you will be able to! I like to crochet while watching tv, once i’ve Got my pattern figured out. Simple hand sewing like hemming is easy while looking up intermittently, too.

  • What fun ideas! I’ve never done any weaving, but it looks so beautiful that I’m going to have to give it a try.

    Thanks for the gathering of all these ideas!

  • Love this! I only have time after the kids are in bed and my energy by that point is minimal – these are perfect!


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