DIY Latch Hook Rug

Handmade Latch Hook Rug via A Beautiful MessEvery so often my decorating and DIY sides meet up and give me the urge to take on a home project.  I've been shopping for rugs lately to make our house feel cozy and warm, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at hooking a rug for our place. Latch hook rug steps1. Supplies: blank latch hook canvas, latch hook, yarn (you can buy pre-cut latch hook yarn, but to save money I cut mine by hand) 2. Fold an edge over one or two times and whipstitch around the edge until secure.  Repeat on all for sides to bind the edges of the rug. 3. Push your hook through a square. The hook will need to go under and through. 4. Wrap the yarn around the base of the hook and pull the yarn around the top part of the hook. 4. Begin pulling down on the hook. The small arm will close around the hook and wrap around the yarn. 6-7. Continue pulling down through the hole. 7. Repeat in every square until you have a finished rug! Handmade latch hook rugThis rug took me several weeks to complete but was a very fun and relaxing project to do while watching movies and sitting by the fire.  I'm excited to have such a special piece for our new home! xo. Katie

P.S. As we worked on this and other home projects we couldn't help but think about all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. One reader, Candice, emailed this week and said she lost her home in the storm. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the storm. If you would like to make a donation to help those affected, you can do so (through the Red Cross) here.

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