Should I Buy a Sectional?

Serious question: Should I get a sectional? If you follow my personal IG stories (@emmaredvelvet), then you may have seen that I am currently in the process of white washing the wood ceilings in our home, as well as having new floors installed (similar material, just a much lighter color). I’ll probably share more about that in another post sometime. But as you can probably guess, there’s a LOT of changes happening in our house, to say the least. And once the floors are done, I have dreams for many of the rooms in our house that I never really “finished” (if that’s even a thing). Our living room is high on the priority list and I’ve been contemplating getting a sectional for months and months now.

But, it’s a big decision. I mean, it’s a big piece of furniture and I’m nervous about how it will feel in the space, how practical it will be, and if it will hold up to our high traffic (we have two dogs we allow on the furniture) home. I am leaning toward something U-shaped and probably leather or faux leather (again, because of the dogs), but I also kind of hate how choosing a leather option seems to really limit your color choices. And will it feel too big, or perfectly cozy? I don’t know! Would love to hear your thoughts, especially if any of you have sectionals. And I’m beginning to realize there are SO many options. Here’s a few I’ve been browsing:

Sectionals: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16

Do you have a favorite? Thoughts on colors (keep in mind one of our dogs is blonde and sheds like crazy)? Thoughts on shapes? Would love to hear what you think as I silently debate the possibilities in my own head. πŸ™‚ xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photos from the sources linked.
  • Sectionals always remind me of my grandma’s house…she had a huge one that took up the entire living room o that the whole family cold sit on it. I was in love! My tiny townhome is too small for one now., but you bet I’m getting one as soon as I move out! I have my eye on number 4 and number 9. That green is amazing!

    • They kind of remind me of very adult homes too, like a grandma or someone’s parents house. If we take the plunge and get the sectional I think it’s also a sign of the times for me. πŸ˜‰ ha ha

  • YES, especially if you are going to be staying in your current house for a while (and it seems like that’s the case!) I ran into some issues with mine because we relocated and the chaise section is on the “wrong” side of the couch for the flow of the room. But I still vote 100% yes.

    • Yep. Totally! We are thinking we’re gonna stay in our current house for years and years to come (part of why we decided to go ahead with the new floors, we probably would not if we thought we’d move in the next few years). So feels OK to commit to one shape but I do like the kind where you can change what side the lounge part goes on. That seems nice, but maybe still not necessary for us. Idk

      • i def agree emma, about the ability to switch the chaise lounge side. i have a vintage red velvet sectional that i LOVE, however i don’t like being unable to switch which side the “corner” of the sectional is on. it’s a little limiting in that way, but the versatility of the sectional far out weighs that one detail.

  • I’m really loving those green ones! My parents have a sectional in their living room. It’s not a huge room, but it doesn’t feel too big for the space. It’s so nice to have the whole family cuddled up on one piece of furniture to watch the movie…and that includes the dog! They have a microsuede sectional that’s easy to clean and repels stains. Hope that helps!

  • Love all of these! I think my favorite is number 1, it’s like chic looking but still feels very comfortable and practical πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see more of the changes you’re making!

  • I prefer to have two sofas instead of a sectional, who sits in that little awkward corner anyways? You allow more room to walk and decorate and it doesn’t feel like you have a fortress in your house..

    • Oh man, we are thinking hard on if we should just do two couches instead. If we were thinking we’d move again I would def be leaning toward a couple couches, but I think we’re going to stay in our current home for many years (or that’s the plan anyway). I also kind of want the U shape, so then I’d need three couches. Which I don’t think is nuts but it does start to get a little crazy. Like it’s just too much furniture in one room (even though it would take up a similar amount of space).

      Ah!!!!! I don’t know!!!!!

  • I was literally just thinking about this yesterday, I’m so glad you posted and can’t wait to read more comments! Our friends recently bought a huge sectional and it’s insanely comfortable while still being stylish, so I’m very tempted. I was looking at that leather Article one (#1) as well. We have 2 dogs allowed on furniture, too. My husband used to say he finds leather uncomfortable and sticky, but I overrode and bought leather seats in a new car, and it’s so amazing with the dogs that I’m hoping I can insist on leather sofas when we do buy one. My car seats are very light and my dogs are both black, and the hair is so easy to clean!! Currently I have a microfiber sofa that’s fairly easy to vacuum off but it’s shown so much more wear with the dogs climbing over it, their nails leave marks that you can kind of buff out but still it’s wearing out the fabric. And then we also have a textured fabric sofa that someone gave us and it’s completely impossible with animals. I need to get rid of it.

    • Totally. I think we are on the same wave-length. I want something uber comfy and cozy, but I still want it to feel stylish and not like your parents basement if you know what I mean. πŸ™‚ So balancing that is already freaking me out. And then I’m leaning toward leather because I’ve seen how well Elsie’s leather couches have been with their dogs (hers are actually from Article too) and our current fabric couch has been great these last 3+ years but it already looks so worn because of the dogs I’m thinking we need to just get the leather. But, I’m not a huge leather (or faux leather) person so having that much in one room feels like a huge commitment. But, yeah, thinking it may be best with the dogs and I can always have soft, fabric throw blankets and pillows around to off set the leather texture feeling. Idk.

    • A comment on leather vs fabric
      Leather is more expensive initially but it will last MUCH longer, especially with animals. I would recommend it over upholstery. Leathers come in many colors these days too

    • Yes, if we get a fabric one (not leather or faux leather) we are leaning toward a grey or a grey-blue because of the dog hair. I would LOVE to get a pink or a green couch but its just not practical with our dogs. I keep telling myself I can always go crazy with the throw pillows though. πŸ™‚

  • YES. Couldn’t recommend one enough. We were nervous to make the switch to a sectional but we ended up getting one from West Elm and it has completely transformed the feel of the room. It has been SO much easier for seating more people as well

  • Yes! Love sectionals.
    You can buy ones where the long side can be switched to another side, or removed altogether, which gives you some flexibility if you decide to change up your room in the future.

    • True, I have been looking at a few of those. I do tend to change up rooms fairly often, but I don’t usually change the orientation of the furniture once I find a way that I like it. Our living room has some big windows on one side that I don’t want to block too much though so I’ve def been looking at what options can accommodate that but still offer maximum seating/laying down situations. πŸ™‚

  • Ha. That velvet antrhopologie couch is my dream couch!!! Honestly, I’ve lived with 3-4 cats for many years in my house and have worried about cat hair. The BEST couch I ever with my cats was a 60’s velvet couch. It was super long and it was SO easy to swipe off cat hair with a lint brush (fabric) or vacuum. Obviously, dogs aren’t exactly the same, but I TOTALLY recommend velvet.

    • Really?! I love the look of the velvet but that was my big hesitation, that too much dog hair would show up and it would be difficult to clean. I am very familiar with lent rollers, but wasn’t sure how well that would work. Good to hear it worked for you and your cats.

      Although now you’ve just open the possibilities even wider! Ah! So many choices.

      • We bought the velvet couch and chair for $50 at a garage sale. It’s lasted PERFECTLY for 6 years now. BEST $50 ever spent. Obviously I don’t know the quality of the velvet that you are looking into with the anthropologie couch, but I mean if a couch from the 60’s -70’s can hold up that well, the new one should as well. (I didn’t want leather for the same reasons you don’t: lack of color choice.)

  • I have a light green Ikea Karlstad sectional (you can still find the Karlstad sofa but the sectionals have been discontinued) and I love it. I put it in a corner in my apartment and it actually provides more seating while making use of what would be otherwise unused space. We can seat more guests in a small space, my husband and I can both fit and sleep comfortably, if Netflix and Chill is taken too far and we pass out after binging, and even though the material isn’t soft, it’s actually a quite comfortable sleep. I absolutely recommend sectionals when you want to make a room cozy. I would really choose a color that you will be able to work with, since it will be a huge focal point of the room and you will want to match it will pillows, blankets, and a gallery wall.

  • I bought an apartment sized sectional before I left home, it’s now in our living room upstairs in the house we bought. Not overly big but just right, we can lay on it like a regular couch, or cuddle in the corner or stretch out on the lounge part. It’s big enough to hold both of us and our two dogs ( they’re 60 pounds). We’ve had it for over five years now, it does have some wear and tear as it’s not real leather. Best part is no dog hair ever sticks to it and the muddy paw prints wipe right off. that being said my mom has a gorgeous real leather couch that’s probably 15 years old or more now and it’s just starting to show some wear. It’s been through a lot with my huge family.

  • Yes to sectionals! I don’t think I will ever just buy a normal couch from now on. I have a brown cat that sheds like crazy and I have had no issues with my light gray sectionals. I probably could not vacuum it for weeks and still not see anything. I would recommend a woven textured material if you can!

  • I just bought a sectional (with a bumper) from Joybird and LOVE it. It is the coziest thing to sit on in the evening and greatly increased our seating capacity when we have people over. We’ve had it about two months so far and it’s holding up great.

    We have three cats and got the couch in velvet because it is the one material that their claws don’t seem to have an impact on (though we never tried leather because a- my husband is vegan and doesn’t like it, and b- I’m too afraid of the monumental and irreversible damage my cats could do to it).

    And for those with small spacesβ€” we have a small townhouse and got a sectional with a bumper (instead of the full couch on both sides), which actually makes the room feel bigger!

  • Do it! We used to have two couches that were in an L shape with space in between to walk. We ended up getting the West Elm Urban sectional with chaise on one side and the space feels bigger. We pulled it off the wall so you can walk around it (it’s in a kitchen living room space). We’ve had it for a year and have two small children and two dogs who climb all over it and it looks brand new! It is super comfortable and you can fit a lot of people on it. And honestly, I think people feel more open to sitting on it than when we had two couches.

  • My husband and I just purchased our first sectional! We are both 23 and I don’t think they an “old” piece of furniture in the least! It is really a great way to fill up a space and makes the room super cozy! It’s a dark blue fabric and u-shape. It really brings the entire room together!

    • You clearly have much better taste than I did as a 23 year old. I’m pretty sure I only owned an Ikea mat that year. Yes, just the mat, not even a frame. ha!

      Good to hear you don’t think it’s ‘old’ though. There’s nothing wrong with a more mature style anyway, goodness knows I am dying to be a cool grandma one day. ha! But I guess I just am feeling like I have to get the right one for our space or it could end up feeling kind of 80s or something, as I guess that’s when I saw a lot of sectionals. Clearly there are lots of stylish choices out there though and I’m loving hearing what all you gals (and guys) have.

  • I just bought #14 for my large family room! I have 3 cats and their hair definitely shows on the sofa. I have a small hand vacuum specifically for cat hair but its an added chore for sure. The fabric also shows pulls from their claws quickly. I do like the sectional – it is comfortable and roomy. It was a little challenging to put together (no instructions).

  • Beware of the faux leather! My in laws have a faux leather sofa and their two dogs (which are small and don’t scratch stuff on purpose) left a mess of ugly scratches.

  • I am a huge fan of sectionals. At first not so much, until we got ours. You must check out the Lovesac sectionals. They are the best thing I’ve ever come across while strolling through Costco. They had a display and a rep walked me through the entire functionality of their couches and I can’t tell you how impressed I was. We also have 3 dogs who are allowed on our couches. The beauty of this sectional is every cover is removable and washable, not to mention replaceable. The best part about this couch is the functionality of re positioning each piece giving you the ability to change the layout of the couch as often as you want. It’s like having a new couch every time! Love, love it! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  • OH Emma – you have such great taste! All of those sectionals are fantastic. I have worked in a furniture store for years, and many people ponder this same question. I always ask them how will they be using this space. TV watching? Socializing? Is it just for looks? The double couch adds a sophisticated formality to a room, which is always lovely for conversation and style. To me, the sectional can be an alternative sophisticated casual style, depending on fabric and style choice. I vote leather because of the pets, and it is season adaptable. That first couch is gorgeous!! All that said – trust your gut! And take the risk – every time I have gone with the safe/practical choice I wish I had gone bold. I can’t wait to see your room.

    • Great advice. I bet you are great at our job because even just from your comment you’re making me feel more confident in my choices. πŸ™‚

  • I have a sectional and my favorite thing about it is that if you get a large one, you can break it up and make two smaller couches! These could be in the same room or, currently I have half of mine in my front living room and half in a back room in my house. Plus I love that it’s so easy to move around and change the shape depending on what’s going on!

  • I LOVE my sectional! It was the first piece of big furniture my boyfriend and I picked out together and we love it for lounging around together without being on top of each other. My only piece of advice would be to get one with a chaise lounge instead of doing regular couch seating all around. I used to be firmly in the corner seat fan club, but having a chaise lounge is just so much comfier. Plus, since the back/side stops before the end of the chaise, it keeps things visually lighter.

  • I love sectionals! We desperately wanted one for our basement living room, but when we were looking at them we (thankfully) realized that we would never be able to fit the ones we liked through our tiny 1940’s doorways and down the staircase. We ended up getting two couches-one regular and one sort of chaise-style. In the end, I’m glad we have the two couches because I like to refresh a room by moving things around. Eventually I’ll be adding in a couple of chairs to give guests more options on where to sit (just in case they don’t want to get cozy on a couch next to everyone else). πŸ™‚

    Also, we have two dogs who shed like crazy. I have no idea what the fabric is called that we had the couches upholstered in, but it’s like a cross between microfiber and velvet (does that even make sense?) and it is AWESOME. Very easy to clean compared to our other couch which is a weird scratchy woven material. So I would agree with the person who said the velvet material is easy to clean with pet hair!

    • I never would have guessed that about the fabric. So good to know! If I don’t go with a leather I’m now leaning toward something kind of velvet.

  • Having owned a version with the chaise on one end, if the seat cushion is not set up to be flipped around the part you sit in gets compressed with use (like all sofa cushions) but the feet part doesn’t. I hated this over time and ended up letting ours go in our last move. Just an FYI if you haven’t owned one before, others might not find this so annoying but it really bugged me.

  • No sectional advice here, except to go for it. If you’ve been thinking about it for months I say go for it!! I’d steer very far away from faux leather though. I made that mistake with my last couch and it was ruined really quickly. I have one little dog and three kiddos and that couch didn’t stand a chance against them. Especially dog toenails!

    • Hmm. Good points. Another commenter has said the same. Of course we clip our dogs’ nails but they can still be pretty rough at times. I’m just hesitant about leather because I don’t want it too feel too blah or woods-y but I am really looking for something that we’ll have for a long time so I do want great quality.


  • The biggest pro of sectionals for me are the lounger part of some of them. I’m not the biggest fan of couches whose parts slide around, but if it can pull double duty as a place to nap or even have a guest sleep sign me up.

  • I think sectionals are perfect when the room is big enough for a sectional! They are always cozier than regular couches in my opinion. I will say if you go with leather, to avoid faux leather. Usually they will peel and look really cheap over time. Especially as you mentioned you want to be in the house for a long time. Real leather will age beautifully and withstand the everyday wear of life!

    Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  • I love our sectional, but my only “issue” is that the furniture can no longer be moved around the room. So if you like to play around with seating arrangements it may not be for you. It’s a hard decision to make! I pondered over it for months and having lived with ours now for over a year, I’m still not sure I made the right decision!

  • I regret not buying a sectional. Two couches might look more stylish, but I feel sectionals are a lot more practical on a day-to-day basis. I also wanted to add that the corner seat is my favourite! Hehe, so I disagree with the comment about it being awkward.

  • I personally hate my current U shaped sectional. It feels huge in any space and really limits your options when it comes to coffee tables depending on the size of the sectional. We have never been able to find a great coffee table option because you are forced into a square or round shaped table. And of course any table you find is never the right size!

  • Hello! So fun! For what it’s worth, I think it completely depends on how you want to use the space. Some of the options you show are sofas with a chaise component, and some are full sectionals. The former is great if you want to put your feet up while watching a movie, and then a bit of extra seating on occasion; the latter is great if you are thinking you will have many people in your home a lot of the time and are really looking for the piece to provide more seating than a standard sofa. A sofa with chaise is not nearly as visually dominant as a full sectional. I thought about a sectional/sofa with chaise as well, but eventually decided that it was not the right decision for us as it would have been too limiting for my taste in terms of the overall design of the room. We invested in a great sofa, and it will stay in place, but I just wanted more flexibility with other seating and styles of the room over time, but that decision is totally personal preference!

  • I don’t have a sectional, but I have a leather couch and matching big leather chair, and a 25-pound dog who is allowed on it all. I actually really hate leather now, but can’t afford to replace it. My dog has scratched it up quite a bit, so we constantly keep a blanket on it to cover it a bit. It is easier to clean in terms of just wiping it, but I hate it how I have to keep it covered or it will be ruined. Also, I don’t think it’s all that comfortable. I would have really preferred a fabric couch, but this leather set was a hand-me-down my from folks. Anyway, just my thoughts on having leather with a dog. I love the idea of a sectional though, and can’t wait to eventually get one of our own! Good luck with the reno!

  • Whatever you choose, get back AND seat cushions that are removable (recover-able a bonus). We have seat cushions that are attached to the frame of the sofa and in a few short years my husband’s “spot” is clearly visible. This could also be due to the quality of the fill but I suspect this will be evident no matter the quality (and the more money you spend, the sadder you will be!).

  • I love having a sectional! I inherited one from my mom who didn’t like it in her smallish house. But I have smallish apartment and it makes it feel so cozy. My advice if you get one is to get one that can be reconfigured as you wish as your design whims change. That has been important for me. Also, I moved about a year ago, and I noticed that one section had a lot more wear than the other two. So, I got rid of that section and now have a smaller sectional and it still looks great and cozy! Happy couch hunting πŸ™‚

  • I love sectionals! #4 looks lovely, I like that it’s leather but not bulky. and it will hold up with the dog hair πŸ™‚

  • Any suggestions for updated faux leather sectionals. I love the leather ones you posted and am in need of a new sofa but don’t buy leather (or feathers).

  • My husband had one when we got married. Also, my parents when I was growing up. Hmmm. Anyway, husband’s was annoying because the pieces would slide apart. Finally, we had a clever friend make a metal plate that we screwed to the underside of the middle pieces, to keep them in place.
    Something to consider. I think they slide more on hard wood floors.

  • We bought the Gus Modern “Jane Bi-Sectional” in Totem Storm 4 years ago and still LOVE it. I breastfed my daughter for a year on it and although I did wear a little bit of a butt groove into it (breastfeeding requires SO MUCH sitting) the upholstery held up AMAZINGLY to all the spit up that inevitably wound up on it. I DID wipe up messes diligently as they happened but I did the same thing for my rug and it looks like disgusting garbage.
    If I had not sat in the exact same 1 ft spot for the last 4 years I think it would still look brand new.
    Hope that’s helpful and not too stomach churning! πŸ˜‰

  • Also, we have a teeny tiny house and we have the sectional, a smaller sofa, AND a rocking chair in the living room. We just try and keep the clutter to a minimum and I think it feels cozy.

  • I was never sure if I wanted a sectional, but honestly… I love ours. It’s SO cozy to cuddle up in the winter and lay down together and watch movies. We bring out the pillows from our bed, and layer up in blankets. It’s seriously my favorite. We also have a pup who lives on the sofa (especially the arm-rests) and it’s held up really well. πŸ™‚

  • We took the plunge last year and got a sectional. It fills up a space but can also be very opening if you’re getting rid of a large coffee table or had lots of chairs and couches spread around to accommodate. I ditched the coffee table and got one that has a center drink console. We obviously went more for practical and purposeful than chic.

    The first important question is, are you playing with the idea because you and Trey wanna hangout and be the comfiest loungers in the universe or because you want to fit a bunch of people for gatherings? If it’s mostly for you two, get one that works for both of you.

    If I didn’t get one that had power recline, I’d default to a double chaise type so that multiple people can lounge/and or two people can spend the night on it without it being awkward.

    If you want to fit a bunch of people on it, the longer the better because there is more space between the awkward corners where nobody wants to stick their bum!

    I’m really digging 2, 3, and 7 for you guys! Also, 9 is not my favorite but it reminds me of conversation pit living rooms in mid century homes!

  • Omg, I love the color of number two!
    But the smarter choice would probably be a more natural color like number seven:)

    We used to have a sectional, but after annoying the crap out of my husband he finally agreed to buy a couch and two chairs instead. And I must say…..I miss our sectional! (don’t tell my husband)

  • We’ve had an L-shaped velvet sectional for 8 years. We currently have 2 cats. The fabric has REALLY held up and is washable. Only one time for a major spill I’ve had to actually unzip the fabric and wash it from the pillows. For some reason, velvet holds up really great, or at leas our has!

    Two more things:
    1) Our designer recommended a single pillow for the seats. You can see this in the anthro ones. It seems silly but it’s great — when you have three seat cushions, only three people sit there. When it’s one long one, people feel less weird about squeezing on the couch. Plus it’s so much more comfortable.

    2) Ours is custom for our space. You might think about it — sometimes getting a sofa made is a similar price to buying one. It was more around the Anthro prices though — not the IKEA!

  • My husband and I have had three distinct sofa setups so far. Sofa+sofa/futon, sofa+wingbacks, sectional. By far our favorite is our sectional! We have a standard L, no chaise, so fit hasn’t been an issue yet really. It’s awesome because we can both stretch out and still be relatively close or snuggle. My husband is a big guy, so big comfy couches are mandates for us. We’ll have to replace our current sectional soon and I definitely think we’ll get another.

    We also have 6 animals (crazy, I know) and the medium/cocoa brown micro suede has held up like a champ! We have a few pulls from baby kittens or big dog claws, but overall it’s been great and shows very little animal hair. My only real suggestion would be to make the the cushion covers are machine washable.

  • They are all beautiful, but would definitely go for number 1. Such a beautiful colour and it is everywhere at the moment

  • I definitely would veer away from the faux leather- if it gets exposed to too much sunlight through the windows, it will start to crack and peel away!

  • Have you looked into SACtionals (by Lovesac)?? Mine is amazing! You can rearrange the pieces whenever you want, so if you hate the L or Z, you can turn it into two couches. If you move, you can split it into chaise chairs. I just pulled mine apart bc my kids were fighting over the corner so I removed it!

    The clamp and foot system holds the pieces together really firmly (my initial reservation) but are also easy to work w when you change it up. Covers are removable and some machine washable. (I have a crazy purple paint splotch newspaper collage print) The quality is ok – for reference, I think it’s a step up from Joybird (got a series of those at work).

    Good luck! Happy shopping!

  • From our experience faux leather is quite sweaty. It looks all nice but actually lounging on it was not nice because it was hot and sweaty. Even if it wasn’t hot out. So if you want to go that route I would sit on a couch made of the actual material you are looking at for a good 30 min before buying.

  • I agree with the comments regarding avoiding faux leather – or even bonded leather. We bought a bonded leather couch (which was falsely advertised as real leather) and it started peeling less than two years later and looked utterly terrible. We had the sectional vs. couch dilemma when we moved into our current apartment and opted for the latter, primarily because I was worried about a sectional fitting if we moved (which we will, in fact, be doing later this year). However, I bought a large matching ottoman for the lounge that makes it look like a sectional when pushed up against it, which is how we pretty much always leave it and means that we basically use the couch like a sectional, especially when watching telly. This effect only works for certain kinds of lounges, but is an option to consider if you don’t want to fully commit to a sectional, but want the effect of one.

  • Emma – If you are concerned about the size of a sectional, do some mock-ups. It sounds like a lot of work, but once you get started it’s not that difficult and it lets you see how a piece will feel in your space. When I was contemplating a sectional for my living room, I used coffee tables, boxes, pillows and chairs to fill in the space where the sectional would go. I could move things around, add tables , and walk around the space. I decided that the sectional I loved was was just too big for the room. I was so happy I did this before buying a very expensive piece of furniture. Now I do this ever time I’m considering adding something new.

  • I got the Henry sectional sofa from West Elm about a year+ ago. I also have a light colored dog that is allowed on the furniture. I chose the heather gray in their new version of microfiber and it’s held up well and you can’t see the light colored fur very much. I love how easy microfiber is to clean, especially when you have dogs. I’m not a huge fan of big pieces of leather furniture, but that’s just me. I liked the Henry because I wanted something with a back instead of a chaise because our house is tiny and I needed to delineate space with the couch

  • I’m also in the same boat right now looking at sectionals. We just had a baby and I think a sectional would be great for all of our upcoming movie nights and book reading and the occasional sick day. We have a projector and only one good wall for it, so deciding on a sectional layout for the room should (should!) be easy. Good luck!

  • We bought our sectional two years ago and I still love it. It’s super comfortable and you can flip all (except the chaise) cushions. They are also removable if you need to wash them. The pieces attach together. The nice thing is you can customize the couch with the pieces you want to make it work for your room. We got it in grey and also got the storage ottoman. I would totally buy it again I love it so much. I would definately recommend getting something that you know is good quality. I personally wouldn’t get a sofa from Ikea. They look great but aren’t necessarily going to hold up. I recommend my couch to everyone lol because I am so happy with it. Also it’s pretty cool that I could still order more pieces to change the size if needed.

  • YES GET A SECTIONAL! Everyone LOVES to be comfortable, and especially if it’s U-Shaped, then that means multiple people get the opportunity of having the coveted leg up spot. Given, I like to run my house to be super comfy (put your feet up! Who needs shoes?!) and I also love to get comfy in my friends’ places, and I love when they have a sectional. My place isn’t big enough for it, but if it were, it’d be Sectional City, Population: Me.

  • Yes to sectionals! I am on my second Friheten sofa from IKEA and I love it! They come in a few different colors and fabrics and you can put the chaise part on either side depending which way you want the “L” to go. One part pulls out to make a bed and the chaise opens up to store blankets, pillows, etc. Its great for my small space because it can seat more people without 2 couches.

  • I always have a hard time driving on expensive furniture. We were very close to spending a lot of money on a new couch when we decided to just get a large IKEA sectional. We spent like 1200, its a large configuration, it’s way more comfortable than the past 2 west elm sofas I have had. ANDD, there are so many sites that make luxe covers for them…. if we decide to change it up, they have SO many options. I think this is a really good route to go if you aren’t sure you want to make the monetary commitment.

  • Have you heard of LoveSac? Might be worth looking into if you’re afraid of committing to a sectional!

  • First, I’ve had sectional sofa, was Hunter green Microfiber (Very pet friendly durable, easy to clean). Had 2 recliners with fold down table on left side, then a big like pie shape in center (which very hard to move through doors etc. Very awkward) the the right side was a queen hide a bed. Very heavy all pieces and with out a huge great room then really just too big. Was very comfortable and cozy specially on date night. If you choose a sectional I would get one that you could put together or can set them apart by themselves and still work. If you know what I mean. But best of luck. Hope you have fun shopping. Miss those days.
    Bless you and your home,

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