The Cutest Sofas Under $1,000

Sofa shopping. It can be fun (who doesn’t love window shopping?), but with so many styles, colors, and prices to choose from, it can be overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the internet to find you cute sofa options that are under $1,000 so you can get your dream room and stay on budget too!

Finding your ideal color is easier than ever these days, whether you’re looking for something bold like this pretty orange sofa or something classic, yet versatile like this tufted velvet option (the pink one is similar to my sofa above!).

Some of our favorite budget-friendly places to find cute styles are Wayfair, Amazon and Urban Outfitters—just to name a few. Hope you found something that suits you perfectly. Let us know your favorites below!

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  • These all look cute, but I’d love to hear how comfy they are and how they hold up! We have friends who returned an Article couch after about 2 weeks because it was not very comfortable and had already started to pill.

  • Ohh, these couches look so pretty! Wish I needed a couch, I definitely would love one of these.

  • #2 is to die for, (except not sure about that yellow), but really depends on the rooms decor that it goes with

  • Absolutely loved them all! I’ve been dying for a new sofa but am still doubting which way to go, this kiiiinda helps me 😉

  • That puts me into the mood to buy a new sofa! Love number 5 and number 11!

  • Was this post drafted a while ago? I tried 3 links and 2 of them were dead…..

  • Awww, makes me wish I had my own place! Love how glam these sofas look! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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