10 Things I Love Sunday.

Lola and Nova are now accepting applications for their DIY blog. πŸ˜‰

We’re having a beautiful weekend. I hope you are too. Here are ten things I’m currently obsessing over.

1. Our next matching pjs. So excited to add an extra pair to the mix.

2. Does anyone else have a Zillow obsession? What’s your guilty pleasure?

3. My favorite trend of the season.

4. This for Nova. Very happy the weather is warming up!

5. I’m still on my used-clothing-only challenge (and loving it!) but if I wasn’t, I’d be buying this.

6. Childhood magic.

7. Planning a cowboy theme for our bnb playroom.

8. Love this headband.

9. Love following this renovation.

10. A guide to Disney with toddlers.

Thanks so much for reading! xx. Elsie

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