Elsie’s Guide to Affordable Wall Art (By Room!)

I absolutely LOVE the details phase of decorating! I buy most of my art on Etsy and Society6 where it’s charming, unique, and budget-friendly! In this post, I will share a roundup of options, room by room. I hope it’s helpful for you as you decorate your spaces. Art is a great way to express your personality, interests, and passions in your home.

For the living room, I envision a large piece above a fireplace or a collection of personalized art displayed as a gallery wall.

I recently ordered a bunch of art for an empty wall in our movie room. So, all these prints are what I really have displayed in my home!


I love a print or two displayed in my kitchen. And, I love a gallery wall in the dining room!


For my kids’ room, most of the art is nostalgic and inspired by movies and music we love.

Bathrooms are a PRIMO spot for Etsy art. I almost always need a print (or four!) to go above our toilets, and I think it’s a great spot to put quirky and creative art!

Which prints are your favorites?? You can also turn your kid’s art into prints for your home if you want a personal touch to your artwork. If you have any Etsy shops you love that we didn’t mention, please leave them in the comments so we can check them out! xx. Elsie

  • Check out @editholiviadesigns on Instagram for beautiful custom storybook illustrations I just found her on CUPOFJO and ordered one of my son.

  • I’ve been forever searching for art (that’s more witty and interesting motivational than traditional motivational) for our small home gym. It’s so hard to find good stuff! Thanks for these links, more sites to have a look around ?

  • Also love Etsy and society 6, but Instagram is actually my new favorite place to find art- during the Pandemic I started searching the #isolationcreation hashtag while following Jamie Beck and found so a many talented artists that way- @jimandjuice, @melissa.lakey, @ambers.textiles are just a few that I’ve found and loved.

    • Hi! I just checked and it’s not available right now. It looks like the seller may have deleted their shop. Sorry about that!

  • Who was the artist of the Rosehill Cottage print? It looks like they don’t have an Etsy anymore but I would love to know the artist, the style is perfect!

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