10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends! Emma here, and I’ve had these bats up in my house since September 18. Crazy or genius? Ha.

1 For real though, foam bats are one of my favorite high-impact, low-cost Halloween decor. I hang them with poster hangers, which works on almost any surface without damaging walls or windows. Love it.

2. Obsessed with this watercolor artist. So many pretty pieces!

3. Recently read this book by Robin Sloan. I think he may be one of my favorite writers. I hope he writes more!

4. I am currently traveling home from a week-long trip to Iceland with friends and my husband. I bought these socks before the trip and they made a big difference! If are in need of warm, moisture-wicking socks, I highly recommend anything made with Merino wool.

5. And since we’re on the subject of warm clothing, I also got this coat in gingham and loooooove it. It’s a more casual look but so warm, still lightweight and I think really cute.

6. I feel like no one has talked about this movie, but have you seen Vox Lux? It’s pretty sad/dark but such an interesting portrait of life after a traumatic event, plus the way they choose to do credits and break up the film is just really pretty.

7. Still love my white fireplace with bookshelf (pictured above). Can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas next month. 🙂

8. Dear HARRY POTTER FANS—I am working on a little HP-inspired project and I’d love to find more Etsy (or other small biz artists) who make great HP fan art. Let me know in the comments if you know of anyone/any place I should be looking?

9. A couple months ago, a did a mini refresh on our bedroom (not something I’m blogging, was really very minor stuff overall), but I did get a new light fixture and rug that I am still really digging.

10. I have a growing collection of handmade ceramic mugs that I love SO much. Here’s a few makers I’ve bought from in the past: Not Work Related and Freckled Pottery.

xo, Emma

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