Easy Thanksgiving Recipes & Decor Ideas

Before we get too immersed in the holiday season, let’s focus on Thanksgiving plans. Our goal? Eat (or serve, if you’re hosting) recipes that aren’t only delicious, but easy to prepare, too.

We’ve hosted several Friendsgivings with you along the years, so we’re going to share some simple craft ideas that you can create to make your decor extra festive, as well.

So, grab a cozy drink (like gingerbread hot chocolate) and keep scrolling!

The saying “save the best for last” usually rings true, but we’re starting with desserts because … why not? This no-baked pumpkin pie is a crowd favorite and it can be made the night before.

If you’re a chocolate fanatic like we are and love an easy no-bake option, you have to make our chocolate silk pie.

Cranberry pie bars are the perfect mix of sweet and tart, and the crumbly topping is out of this world. We also have a recipe for easy apple pie bars that is equally amazing.

If you’re a sweet potato fan, you will love this sweet potato pie with boozy marshmallows. The bourbon is totally optional, but it’s a fun twist.

You could make a batch of pecan pie sticky buns or a small batch of cinnamon rolls the night before Thanksgiving and pop them in oven for a sweet morning treat.

If you’re making a turkey this year, click here to read Emma’s tips for baking a foolproof turkey and her turkey brine recipe.

Prefer a vegetarian option? Emma’s lentil meatballs with cranberry sauce are amazing. Make an extra batch—these went fast when we had them for Friendsgiving a few years ago!

Or, you could make stuffing meatballs. All the flavors of Thanksgiving in one bite? Yes, please.

Let’s talk about salads. This Brussels, kale and cranberry salad is topped with the the most amazing homemade dressing. Trust us on this one!

It’s hard not to put fresh cranberries on everything because they’re so good.

This autumn-inspired salad is topped with stuffing croutons. That’s right—homemade stuffing croutons.

Here’s another option that is both unique and full of flavor—red quinoa, kale, and grapefruit salad. It’s filled with good-for-you ingredients and the grapefruit brings the perfect amount of tangy goodness.

Is it really a Thanksgiving roundup without green bean casserole? This green bean macaroni casserole is extra special. Who doesn’t love macaroni?

This recipe has everything you love about a classic green bean casserole, with the addition of pepper jack cheese. Mmm …

Another must-have? Mashed potatoes. This slow cooker mashed potato recipe is incredibly easy to make and incredibly good. We like to add plenty of chives and cheddar cheese on top!

If you like beets (and their pretty color), you can combine them with potatoes to make mashed beets and potatoes topped with goat cheese.

Brussels sprouts (especially when they’re extra crispy) are a staple on our Thanksgiving table. Here are three recipes we love:

So, we have the green bean casserole covered. If you’re looking for one more option that’s decadent and crazy good, you have to make this stuffing topped baked mac & cheese. You have to!

Cheers to seasonal cocktails! We love a good hot toddy—especially this cranberry spiced hot toddy and apple cinnamon version.

Try to think of something cuter than a spiced pumpkin pie martini with a tiny pie garnish. We dare you … 😉

We love this festive orange cranberry margarita and Prosecco cranberry mimosa (perfect for a brunch-themed Thanksgiving).

Another crowd pleaser? Cranberry Jello shots with rosemary garnish.

Moving on to decor and hosting, Emma’s Friendsgiving hosting tips are a must if you’re having guests over this year.

This cardstock leaf garland is so cute and easy to make. It’s even more special when you write what you’re thankful for on each leaf.

Mandarins aren’t just for snacking. They’re so pretty when you incorporate them into your decor like we did with this fresh mandarine wreath and edible centerpiece.

These tin-punched votives give off the prettiest glow.

If you haven’t made a stove simmer before, you have to try these “recipes” this season. They make your home smell amazing.

We love this placeholder idea! Add pumpkins to your table and use a paint pen to add the names of your guests.

Or, you could make a set of pumpkin pie place cards. The “whipped cream” cotton ball is too cute.

This pretty white and gold holiday wreath can be made with a few supplies from your local craft store (and it can be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas).

How fun are these splatter napkin rings?

When you’re at the craft store getting supplies for a DIY wreath, pick up some fluffy yarn and faux flowers to make your own fall floral garland. So pretty!

And just for fun, we thought we’d include a hostess gift guide and home cook gift guide. A nice bottle of wine makes a great gift, but the more the merrier!

Sending lots of love your way this Thanksgiving 🧡 -The ABM Team

  • So many cute ideas!!! LOVE the cheese platter and the personalized pumpkins are such a creative touch!

  • Your all ideas Are Perfect and unique but Cauliflower is just lovely an i want it on my table on the day of thanksgiving <3

  • I’m not from the USA so, your blog has kind of introduced me to a few things that I don’t know of the American culture. Friendsgiving is one of the posts I LOOOOOVE reading about! They are an inspiration to me! Thank you for your hard work. xx

  • Can i toot my own horn and suggest an item that would make a GREAT THANKSGIVING HOSTESS GIFT?
    It’s a set of 6 Cute Ceramic Owl Planters! Available on AMazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JVPTGTR

    I am the artist/plant lover who created these owls. I decided to combine my passion of art + gardening. 🙂

    You can buy a set and personalize them by planting some cute plants! Succulents, Herbs, Cactus… etc…

    Thank you for everything you ladies do here. I’ve been a longtime fan reading this blog during my lunch hour. 🙂


  • I just need to bookmark everything on here for the holidays!!! Especially those lentil meatballs & the turkey cheese tray 🙂 🙂 SWOON

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson

  • Yesssss, awesome roundup, thank you! I feel like everyone is just skipping straight to Christmas and I’m not ready for that yet!

  • yes! thank you! i will need this to plan thanksgiving – one of the items on my “19 by 2019”

  • All these delicious recipes are making me drool! I really wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Hong Kong. Your celebrations sound super fun! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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