5 ways I display photos in my home

Instagram in berry basketKeeping a home full of photos and memories is extremely important to me. Over the past few years I've noticed that I print out fewer and fewer digital photos. I'm making an effort to print our memories out now, rather than burying them on an old harddrive somewhere. Since I'm a busy lady, easy solutions work best for me. Today I want to share five simple ways I display photos in my home. I used Instagram photos provided by PostalPix, which you can order from your phone next time you're waiting in line at the grocery store. Nice! 

Instagram in berry basket 3Instagram in berry basket 21. My sister gifted me this adorable large ceramic farmer's market basket from Anthropologie for Christmas. I love it and just discovered that it's the perfect size for my 4 inch photo prints! I love this beautiful storage solution for my coffee table. 

Instagram in mason jars2. Have you ever tried "framing" photos in mason jars? It's super simple, just slip them inside so that the photo contours to the glass. They have a bit of a snowglobe effect, no? Plus, they're easy to swap out throughout the seasons. Love em! 

Instagram magnets by StickyGram3. I ordered mini magnets for my fridge from StickyGram. They're really tiny. I think these would make great gifts too! 

Instagram album from BlurbInstagram album from Blurb 24. I love the instagram photo albums available though Blurb.com. I posted about my first album here. It was easy to use and great quality! I need to make more books soon. 

Instagram wall display 25. Last, but not least, make a wall display with your photos! I posted about how I got this look here. I love seeing this large grouping of our memories in my living room each day. It reminds me how full and crazy our life really is. It's nice being reminded of the people, places and memories you love! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! If you have a creative photo solution for your home, leave me a link so I can take a peek. xo. elsie

  • * I was “Curious”…, as to how “I” would upload my very “Own” photographs to “This” website!? ( :

    * (Note)…, to view my “iPhoneography”……., “Please” feel “Comfortable” with following the link “Ahead”! (…, “https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=1117370467”)! ( ;

    * I “Sincerely”…, am “Appreciative” of the “Time” that you’ve “Invested” into “Reading” this. ( ;

  • * I was “Curious”…, as to how “I” would upload my very “Own” photographs to “This” website!? ( :

    * (Note)…, to view my “iPhoneography”……., “Please” feel “Comfortable” with following the link “Ahead”! (…, “https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=1117370467”)! ( ;

    * I “Sincerely”…, am “Appreciative” of the “Time” that you’ve “Invested” into “Reading” this. ( ;

  • * I was “Curious”…, as to how “I” would upload my very “Own” photographs to “This” website!? ( :

    * (Note)…, to view my “iPhoneography”……., “Please” feel “Comfortable” with following the link “Ahead”! (…, “https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=1117370467”)! ( ;

    * I “Sincerely”…, am “Appreciative” of the “Time” that you’ve “Invested” into “Reading” this. ( ;

  • LOVE these ideas. Thanks, Elsie. I’m a new blogger and new follower of A Beautiful Mess..keep your work up, guys! 🙂

  • These looks are wonderful! I’m really lovin’ the last one on the wall! 🙂

  • Fantastic ideas, thanks for sharing! I really love the idea of printing out a photo album, as well as posting a bunch of them up on a wall. Fabulous!

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  • The idea of photos in a jar is awesome! I mentioned it at my blog and ofcourse linked back to you!

  • Check out the photostrips and frame I made using regular photos – here is the link to photo and instructions 🙂 It is a super easy way to display a lot of photos for not very much money! Total cost of photos: $9.50 at FedEx Office, Frame – Less than $5 http://pinterest.com/pin/123989795960984082/

  • You just reminded me that I really need to start to take more photos more often. There are memories that I cherish yet I didn’t take the time to photo it like I used to.

  • Before I had the pleasure of using instagram I did this… http://faerysarah.blogspot.co.nz/2011/08/polaroid-photo-board-revamp.html and took ordinary digital photo files and adjusted and cropped in photoshop BUT now I’m thinking of displaying my IG photos with little pegs too 🙂

  • Utterly understand what your stance in this matter. Though Id disagree on some of the finer particulars, I think you did an superior job explaining it. Certain beats having to analysis it on my own. Thanks. Anyway, in my language, there arent a lot good supply like this.


  • Looks like Instagram pics. It’s really amazing collection of friend and your. Me too have these type of picture which are share over my facebook.

  • Love all of these ideas but especially the mason jars, magnets and loose photos in the ceramic…

  • the mason jar thing is a pretty great idea 🙂 especially since mason jars are SO easy to get…actually like 25 cents each at the goodwill

  • You’re blog is a beauty. I feel very refreshed and inspired from taking a peek!

    Thank you x

  • Elsie, what size farmers basket is it the small or large one from Anthro? I so want to do this??


    @ The Gotta Have It Girl

  • wooow, all the ideas are stunning! thank you thank you i now know how to store my photos better!

    xo katrina

  • Amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing. I’m gonig to have to get onto StickyGram next time I’m looking for a birthday present.

    The Dreamer x


  • this post is just making my iphone + instagram envy even worse. so many cute photos! i need to start printing out real photos too. i’ve gotten absolutely horrible with it.

  • Just copied your ideas! 😉

    (Pls check my new blog guys: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com )

  • A neat idea on the mason jars display is to take black and white photos and white photos, put them in the jar, then fill it with EVOO. It’s obviously a temporary display, and I do not recommend using the only copy of said picture. But it adds a certain visual appeal to your already beautiful pictures.

  • This was actually how I chose to display Christmas cards, but we’re thinking of redoing it with photos so we can keep it up all year! It’s a display inspired by the cute film “Up”


    I really like the jars idea! Your blog is so consistently full of inspiration 🙂

    Charlie x

  • I love all these ideas, especially the mason jars (gonna do that immediately). Oh, goodness, I just ordered prints from PostalPics to make Emma’s calendar. Now I want even more!

  • Love these ideas for displaying more photos! I’m always stuck in this rut that I have to frame all the photos I want to display, but I like the piano wall idea!

  • These ideas are awesome! I’m already thinking about gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow I found this post really interesting, thanks for sharing
    Love how varied your blog is
    Now following 🙂 xx

  • Such great ideas! I have a whole bunch of jars left over from a party as well and a bunch of photos from the same party! So perfect.

  • I would love to make an instagram wall just like this above my piano. It would be a nice reminder of our lives as I work on new music. Beautiful idea!

  • I LOVE them. I’m addicted to photos lately, especially instagram. I love this!

  • What creative ideas! Love the mini magnets(#3) and the wall display(#5). Especially I like the square shape of the photos.

  • Love the ideas, seriously so cute! If you want to check out my blog too, I’d be honored!!!


  • I know, I’m the same, printing less and less photos. My boyfriend actually got a photo of us printed to a jigsaw – very original, I loved it. I also got a picture printed to a key ring. Just for Christmas my boyfriend got a great photo off his dad of him doing a parachute jump – blown up, mounted and framed – its really gorgeous. Love getting creative with pictures. Thanks for sharing you ideas. I especially love the last display!


  • I really love all the ways that you use instagram. I want to try displaying some on a wall in my room to give it a little life.

    Thanks for sharing 😉


  • I simply adore the instagram photos, and the simple way of printing them! Any advice for those of us without iphones, who want a fun creative way to print the random digital goodies on our hardrive? I’ve found the quality of prints from places like Target and the drugstore to be an absolute bummer!


  • Thank you for the photo display tips. I’m inspired now to get those photos out of the computer where the memories can be enjoyed!

  • so creative! I can’t wait till I can move out and try all your amazing ideas.

    xo Angie


  • Wow ive really enjoyed venturing around your home and find your ideas and projects so inspiring. I have been following your blog fundley for nearly a year now and have recentley just started my own (its painfully basic at the momment!) but was wondering if youd be so kind as to just take a quick peek and give me any hints and tips. Today is the first day Ive even started commenting on peoples blogs! I have far to go before mine amounts to anything as cool as yours 🙁

    Thanks xx

  • I was JUST thinking to myself that I have a lot of digital prints and printing my photo’s has almost come to a complete stop …. I love your ideas (my little girl will go craaaazy over the mini-magnets). Thank you for the ideas!!!

  • Wow I love the magnets! My cousin gave me some coasters for Christmas and you put your own photos in..am looking forward to picking some out. We were also given a kitchen tray for our wedding with space to put our wedding pictures in, such a lovely idea! Hx

  • love it! I think I will try utilize all of those ideas! stat! I was just thinking about how in todays world most people just dont print photos anymore.. they just upload them onto facebook. but what happens when facebook is done-zo because we that will happen one day.. hmmf


  • I love photos!
    One of my projects for this year is to make a digital album… i will¿?


  • Amazing ideas!
    I especially love the magnets <3 they look superb!


  • Thanks for the ideas (I was in dire need of inspiration). I’m a bit sad that postalpix doesn’t do outside US deliveries 🙁 but I think they’re working on it (hopefully soon). The magnet idea is great (I’m gonna have to order me some).

  • This looks beautiful!
    Congrats for the great work!


  • The jar option is very unusual and cool! Like it!!


  • This is such an amazing source of inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes 🙂
    Macarons and Pearls

  • Me encanta la idea de meter fotos en frascos de cristal!! quizás no sean tan visibles.. pero si mas vistosas!!

  • Photos in a mason jar. LOVE IT. Am off to do it now.

    Maria xx

  • These are such great ideas! I’ve been looking for something great for the big wall in our living room, and I think I might have just found it!
    Thanks! Happy 2012!

  • LOVE the tip on PostalPix, I just got my first iPhone and placed my first PP order. So excited, as I have been very bad about printing out many pix myself.

  • Great ideas 🙂 I really need to get my Instagram pics printed!

    This is how I display my Instax pictures…. it looks cool and it is easy to change around often… Check it out! 🙂

  • I hang prints on the inside of cabinet doors in my kitchen, sort of like a school locker. Every time I open a cabinet, I smile at the little surprises inside.

  • LOVE!
    I am so so so so doing the wall of photos idea in my dorm!

  • nice! i hang those polaroid films on my wall too. making it my Wall of Fame haha

  • Love all these ideas…and I was also gifted the anthro berry basket…so…I know what I’ll be doing with it now!! Thanks!

  • how did you tack all the instagram photos on your wall? did you use double sided tape?

  • I can’t wait to order some magnets for my fridge. I love pictures. xo, rv


  • I have my instagram photos hanging on baker’s twine in my living room wall! It almost has a waterfall sort of feel and I find that it’s one of the first things that my guests notice when they come by!

    You can see mine about half way through this post: http://jeezejulia.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/home-tour-part-1-living-room/

    Maybe I’ll do a DIY tutorial on mine soon!


  • I’m loving all of the photo inspiration of late;)

    Stephanie May*


  • Hey Elsie, what were the dimensions on the pictures you put in the mason jars? Were they 4×6 or 4x4s like the Postalpix pictures?

  • Love this! The farmers market basket is darling. And I also love the idea of the mason jars.


  • I love the photos displayed in the little blue basket. That is such an incredibly cute idea. I just may have to copy it!

  • That ceramic farmer’s market basket is gorgeous! I’ve never seen something like that and now I’m kind of obsessed. The wall of photos is complete inspiration. It looks so happy 🙂


  • OMG that’s brilliant!
    I love how you put the pictures in jars and the magnets! I want to do it to!

  • so gorgeous!! i love that wall display!! you did such a great job on it!! i also am obsessing over the magnets!! going to have to make some and maybe feature on my blog as well! i’m always looking for new ways to share photos without doing the same thing over and over again! great post!

    Lee Anne

  • Amazing such good ideas. I love having memories printed to see all the time not just on the computer. Thanks for posting!!

  • I’m planning on putting photos on the wall on my room as well! I’m also thinking of putting pictures inside my closet that’ll serve as my guide in creating an outfit.

  • Love those baskets from anthropologie…almost bought some before xmas…now I’m going back…love the idea of keeping photos in them. It will look perfect on my desk…pics for inspiration!

    Happy 2012!

  • I posted my DIY Instagram magnets only yesterday 🙂

  • I love photography just as you. I think I will use some of your ideas 🙂


  • I think I’m going to take the plunge and order some prints! The ceramic basket is so good.

  • do photo books, too (http://byov.blogspot.com/2011/08/photobooks-are-in.html) although I use Shutterfly and/or Picaboo. They both allow a lot of customization, which I’m a fan of. …although I typically only make photo books of trips I’ve been on.

  • These are fantastic ways to display photos. Love it!


    xo Emma

  • I just LOVE all of these ideas Elsie, thanks so much for sharing.I was wondering though, do you know of any other places that develop instagram pics? The one you recommended isn’t available to us here in Australia? Would love any other suggestions you might have too.
    Thanks for your constant inspiration
    xx Janelle

  • I love these ideas, but I don’t have an iPhone. I use the RetroCamera app on the Droid. Does anyone know of a good online printing service for none-iPhone retro-style (either done on a Droid or in Photoshop) photos?

  • This is amazing Elsie, indeed a perfect way to make sure memories are on display. Thank you for being such an inspiration in 2011. We are currently furnishing our new home and we have borrowed many an idea from ‘A Beautiful Mess’. Wishing the Larson family and the extended Red Velvet team an amazing 2012.
    Toni xo

  • I wish I had enough time and patience to follow through with this! But maybe I’ll have to try the mason jar one soon. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  • These are such great ideas to keep memories around you at all times! I too don’t print photos as much as I should, but your tips have inspired me to start printing photos for all to see in my home!
    The Mason Jar idea is adorable.
    thanks for sharing!

  • Ohh I can’t wait for postalpix to ship to Australia!

    Love all your ideas! I’ve always wanted to try turning my instagrams into coasters…maybe that’s a DIY you can share with us in the future? 😉 xx

  • Love these ideas! I’m going to order some stickygrams today … 😀

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  • I am always looking for fun ways to display pictures! I LOVE the mason jar idea, so cute! I also love the shadow boxes that open in the front, it makes it so easy to swap out pictures-they are great!

  • I love this project! It’s like the grown up version of when we all taped photos to our bedroom walls, so sweet.



  • Ahh! I JUST registered for my wedding and those farmers market baskets from Anthro are definitely on it! Love…

  • I’m so sad that I don’t have ANY photos of my family in my new place. i’m def going to try sticky gram and postal pix!

  • This is so great! I love all your neat ideas. You should try Shutterfly.com! It’s a great way to turn your photos into a picture book. My sister uses it for her son’s birthday and special family outings. You can also make greeting cards, stationary, and calendars. There is a price tag, but it’s worth it. 🙂

  • I love all of these ideas, especially the mason jar one. I’m redecorating my room soon and so I think I’ll probably use one of these ideas to put up more pictures.

  • Such adorable ideas! I have the same ceramic dish, and I plan on using it for photos too now! Here’s a link to one of my favorite photo displays: http://copygr.am/emmyk/502035140/

    So easy to swap out pics + other stuff too!

  • I am obsessed with the mason jar idea. It looks so cute! I really should start printing my photos more! I guess that’s one of the things I really miss about film!

  • Perfection! I seriously need to print pictures out soon! I would love to try absolutely every one of these display ideas! <3

  • All very clever ideas!

    A blog about jewelry.

  • Lovely! I have also seen some DIYs where you can modge podge your photos on to a tile and make it into a coaster!

    Hoping for instagram to come on android soon!


  • I really need to make more of an effort in this department! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I absolutely love your blog!! It is one of my very favs, and I only discovered it last week on stumble upon! I love it so much!


    p.s: can u check out mine?

  • I would love to do some of these things! I only wish that I had super fun and unique pictures to display like you do. How fun for your houseguests!

  • @elsie Does postagram ever tell you the instagram picture quality isn’t okay to print? I’ve gotten it on pictures before and don’t know if I should print anyway or there’s a way to fix it.

  • Love the large wall grouping! Now, if only Instagram would play with the few of us that didn’t go the iPhone route! {gasp} ;> :>

  • displaying photographs in jars is such a pretty idea! i love it, elsie!


  • Such wonderful ideas, I love them! Thanks for sharing 😉


  • You are so creative! Whenever I visit A Beautiful Mess I just smile and get so inspired. Living in a small flat with three other girls– space is limited, so it’s the little projects that really perk up the place.

    🙂 You’re lovely.

  • This is so fun! I don’t have Instagram but I really want to use some of these ideas for regular photographs.

  • Love the photos in the container and the magnets!! Wanna try that!! Awesome wall display!!

  • These are such great ideas! I have so many instagram photos that I need to find ways to display, and this has given me some great inspiration! Definitely loving the mason jar photos 🙂



  • I love the ceramic container for your coffee table! Such a good way to let guests quickly flip through photos without a big album!

  • Great ideas! That Anthro dish is beautiful, such a cute idea to hold your photos.

  • I love the StickyGram idea. I’m always looking for more personalized magnets anyway!

  • I just got my first iphone and definitely plan to do this! I looove it! Hearts, janna lynn

  • That mason jar framing is adorable! I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I get back into my apartment living =]

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