5 Ways to Make a Boring Pegboard on Fleek!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more If you have a craft space in your house (or a work room of any sort), chances are that you are making use of a good old fashioned pegboard to keep your supplies organized. Pegboards can be so helpful, right? The only downside to a pegboard is that sometimes they can feel a little unfinished or industrial, and that might not be the vibe you are going for in your carefully curated space. I know I have been hesitant to put one into my new craft room for fear it would mess up my girly pink and white vibe I have going on… Fear not! Here are 5 ways to take a simple pegboard from boring to babe:

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more 1. Frame it! One of the things that bothered me the most about the classic pegboard setup is that it looks a little unfinished when it’s just hung on the wall as is. Building a frame is a great way to give a finished look to the edges so your pegboard looks more polished. If you aren’t into building your own, you can also have a custom frame built for it at a framing shop or buy as large a frame as you can find and then cut your pegboard to that size.

To build my frame, I basically used this DIY frame method but also cut a thinner set of boards the same length as the boards for my main frame. When I lined up the smaller boards on the outside edge of the back of the frame, it created a little inside lip for my pegboard to sit in nice and cozy!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more Once I had my pegboard cut to the inside frame width (they can do that for you at the store), I placed it into the back of the frame and used a staple gun to attach it to the lip of the frame that sits under the pegboard. Add some hangers and you’re ready to hang!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more 2. Paint it! Don’t forget that just because pegboards come in brown, that doesn’t mean they have to stay brown! A few coats of paint in a color that compliments your room will also really help integrate it into your space and decor. I would paint the frame and pegboard before putting them together – it will make the job a lot easier (especially if you aren’t painting them the same color). I chose a pale pink for my board that I’ve used a lot in this house called Baby Blush by Valspar. So much cuter!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more 3. Add some pattern! While you could definitely paint a large scale pattern on the pegboard to give it some new life, try adding removable wallpaper to a few items for a pop of print! I love hanging my big cutting mats on a pegboard, and I added this Chasing Paper design to the back of one of them – I love it!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more 4. Accessorize it (with your color theme)! So obviously if you have this giant pegboard, you want to use the giant pegboard, right? Since all the items are going to basically be displayed on the board, it’s a great idea to choose tools that will help carry on your color scheme! Don’t forget the Internet is a big place – if you don’t see the perfect color of scissors and what not at your craft store, take your shopping to the world wide web!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more 5. Go a little green! If this is all about making your pegboard as cute as possible, then I just have to add some tiny plants into the mix! Most pegboard accessory kits will come with cup-like containers, and they are perfect for holding little succulents or air plants. If you are worried about watering them, then get some faux plants, put them up high, and no one will ever know, but you’ll still get that pop of fresh green!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more 5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more All in all, adding this pegboard has helped so much organizationally (especially for items like cutting mats and rulers that are kind of awkward to store). And of course I love that it both allows me to keep essential items accessible while still matching the overall feel of the room. So banish those thoughts of dingy pegboards gathering dust in a dark basement or garage, this pegboard is cute enough to be in any room of the house! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • They are just target bins covered in another Chasing Paper pattern 🙂


  • I’ve painted them before and never had a problem. Maybe that pegboard material was a weird batch? If there’s a more matte side, paint that one instead


  • Just light coats of paint with a roller should do it! Too much paint will get drippy

    Laura 🙂

  • I used used a crop-a-dile to punch the holes and the mat is strong enough that they won’t rip 🙂


  • I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve literally never thought of painting a peg board. What a great idea! I can’t wait to update my craft area with this. Now to decide what color… Thanks!!

  • A pegboard is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to get for my creative space. I don’t know why, but it seems to be stuck in the “maybe later” category. Now, it’s definitely on my priority list for when I move into my new space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I second Marloes’ question – how did you get the cutting mat to hang, and hang FLAT. Mine always curl…

    • How did you hang the cutting mat? Is there a way to see your reply to these questions?

  • Love this! Also your cute black & white storage bins. Are those a DIY also? Or did you buy them somewhere? Help a sister out! ?

  • I do not have a pegboard… too bad 🙁 But even though I badly want one (or make one myself for that matter), I don’t think I have space. And where I do, I’m sure my boyfriend won’t appreciate it. But nice job of restyling! 🙂

  • The idea with the plants is wonderful!

  • This came at a great time, I just bought a peg board from Target for $5! I love everything in this post, you’ve kept me so inspired!

  • I was JUST thinking I wish leg boards were less of a sore sight!!

  • Love it! I used a galvanized metal pegboard (I painted it white) so I can stick things to it with magnets 🙂

  • This is absolutely pretty! I’ll have to do this for my work station. The colors make the mood bright and cheery. So so so good!


  • Ok two things: 1. Really like the paint you chose for the pegboard, its so subdued but it adds a feminine touch to an area where you display tools…2. such cute nail polish!!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  • Nice! I once painted pegboards to dress them up however found that the paint didn’t really adhere very well. There were a lot of nicks and scratches–not so cool! Did you find this was the case or did you prime or seal? Or both?

  • I recently rediscovered the glory that is pegboards and I REALLY want to give it a try. Thank you so much for this post! It’s made me more determined than ever to make my own pegboard wall.

  • stupid question, BUT, how do you paint it without the paint leaking through the little holes?
    (and also, awesome job! i love this!)

  • It looks so cute! How do you hang the cutting mats? It looks like there are 2 holes in them? Is that right? Won’t those holes rip after a while?
    Xx Marloes

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