ABM Book Club Selection: November

Not that kind of girl book Guys, I am stoked to announce what the ABM Book Club will be reading in November. Drum roll, please. Hurry up and pick up your copy of Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. I have heard so many good things about this book and I cannot wait to dive into it next month with you! Also, I (Emma) will be back moderating.

Don’t forget that on Oct 31st we will be discussing this month’s book, The Great Gatsby, with Elise from Enjoy It. Whether you read the book with us this month or read it years ago, feel free to chime in on the discussion. xo. Emma

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  • Haha, of course. This is perfect, since I’m sure many of us will be reading this! I love how you’re switching the book club between more modern books and classics, fiction and memoirs.


  • Yes! I just started this so I am pumped to be able to discuss it with other people!

  • I am excited for this book! I can’t wait to see what people think about it. Of course, The Great Gatsby is a classic. You can’t go wrong with re-reading that book.

  • I PROMISE not to ruin anything, BUT will say this book is awesome, amazingly written and is like, the fastest read ever. great choice ladies!

  • I’ve been curious about this book. I both love and hate Lena Dunham’s characters on girls. Being almost a generation younger than me, I want to scream at them and tell them how entitled and bratty they are. But that’s part of the point right? I totally get sucked in by it. It’s a love-hate thing. But I think she’s brilliant, and I’m looking forward to this one.

  • You will love it! I pretty much read it in one sitting. Hilarious, witty, clever, everything that you’d expect from Ms. Dunham!

  • Just finished this and it’s so good. I had a bit of mixed emotions about girls, but this has totally made me a fan of Lena.

    Also, for those listening on tape: I highly suggest that you buy a physical copy of the book because it’s filled with cute little illustrations!

  • Yay, I’ve already started reading this – can’t wait to hear what others think of it!

  • Well, now I’m excited! I ordered it a few days ago. Let’s see if it gets here on time. Can’t wait to read it!

  • This book is on everyone’s instagram feeds. I must be the only person not interested in her. I’ll be interested to see what you guys think of the book tho!

  • Wonderful news! I got my copy yesterday to read on my own, but this will be even better! Can’t wait!
    Leah Faye
    the clover field

  • Great choice, really looking forward to reading this. I’ve got tickets to see her talk when she’s in London at the end of the month – can’t wait!

  • Just finished reading this. (Amazingly, I picked it up from the local library the day after it came out!) I really look forward to hearing others’ thoughts on it!

  • YES!!!! I am so stoked that this is our next read!!! I already had it in my cart on my amazon but I wanted to wait and see what the next book was gonna be:) really looking forward too this!!

  • I’m smack in the middle of reading this book. I’m not sure how I feel about Lena Dunham – from the little I’d seen of Girls she kind of rubbed me up the wrong way. I decided to give her book and a go, and am excited to find that she’s really insightful and open (although a little too open at times). I’ve read critical reviews about her being super privileged and can see this as I read along, but I’m interested to read the rest of the book and find out what others think of it!

  • Im so happppppppyyyy!!!!!!. Such a coincidence, yesterday i bought myself a copy and today checked what are we reading for November and I am so over the moon.
    Looking forward to it

  • Just started this last night. I was planning to read it on my own, but I am excited to have a discussion about it!

  • I cannot wait to read this! I’ve been wanting to pick it up for quite some time now. I wonder if its one of those books where you can pick it up, open to any essay and just start reading? Like High Tide in Tuscan? I love those kind of books!

  • I’ve seen so many people reading this book and I might have to check it out although Gone Girl took me about 6 months to finish! LOL…


  • Yay!! I just bought this and got it gifted (SIGNED!) for my birthday!! can’t wait to read and then discuss!! Eeps!!

  • Ahh, I just picked up my copy yesterday before even knowing it was the ABM Book Club pick. I’m so excited to discuss it with all you lovely ladies at the end of this month! xo

  • *gets book starts reading it like a crazily lady* this has been on my list for a couple of days and although I have purchased it I haven’t read it so I’m thinking this weekend will be the perfect excuse to pick up my copy and get my reading skates on!

  • HéHé, I got my copy too. I’ve started this morning not really what I’ve expected… Don’t know if I will go throught it all

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