Autumn Reading List 2017

I love to read all year round, but there is certainly something to be said for the fall and winter months. Curling up with a good book and some hot cocoa is just about the best thing ever. And if that sounds like a great Friday night to you too, then we should probably be BFFs. Here’s a few things I’ve been reading and what’s on my list for the coming months. I would LOVE to hear what you all are reading too.

Emma in the Night – Confession, I won’t lie. I am partially interested because this book has my name in the title. You got me! But it also sounds like a really fun thriller/mystery and I LOVE that genre now and again. I cannot watch horror movies without having nightmares (yes, I am 31, your point?), but I love a good thriller when it comes to fiction.

The Nix – This was recommended to me based on things I’ve checked out from the library. It’s got an interesting premise, really cute cover, and it says it was a bestseller so it can’t be bad, right? I’m gonna give it try.

10% Happier – I’ve got a couple of non-fiction books on the list as I love to mix those in here and there. I usually lean toward self-improvement or business-type books but I also love memoirs from time to time. This one sounds really good and has been recommended by a few friends. I’ll probably check out the audio version as I love to listen to non-fiction when I’m on long drives (like to Nashville to work with Elsie).

Moonglow – This is a new-to-me author and honestly the cover of this book really caught my eye, but as I read more I was blown away by all the awards and mentions the author has received. So I’m putting this on my list as I am more than intrigued.

What Happened – This is the other non-fiction book on my list this season. Elsie recently listened to this and she was telling me about it and it sounded super interesting. Looking forward to this one, for sure!

Here I Am – I am a big fan of this author so I am SO excited he has a new novel out. I actually can’t believe I didn’t hear about it sooner. I must be out of the loop. I need to get my priorities straight and check this out soon. 🙂

Into the Water – Another thriller-type book, which as you can see, is by the same author as The Girl On the Train. Looking forward to trying to figure this one out.

Diamond Head – This one I actually already read last month, but I loved it so much I wanted to include it so I could make sure to recommend it to you. It’s a little heartbreaking but a really fun and beautiful read.

The Book of Dust Vol. 1 – One of my all-time favorite fantasy trilogies is the His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass) series. I wish the movies had been better received because I feel like this series is just SO good that I wish more people talked about it. It’s fun and totally thought provoking.

What are you all reading lately??? xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Images are the covers of the books linked throughout.
  • All these books sound interesting! I just finished listening to Big Magic (so inspiring!). Love listening to non-fiction on long drives too 🙂

  • I am sooooo looking forward to The Book of Dust! The original trilogy defined my childhood, and I’ve re-read them several times, and they only get better, as you grow up. I was so excited, when they were making the movie, and disappointed when they only made the one. But I couldn’t quite forgive them for leaving out that one major plot point… Apparently the BBC are making a tv series out of the book – can’t wait to see it!

  • Love your list! Thanks for sharing!!
    I’m reading The Nix now and it’s really good!
    Also, if you’ve never read or heard of Michael Chabon, I recommend The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Moonglow too will be great, I’m sure!

  • I know you make money through affiliate links with amazon, BUT as entrepreneurs yourselves it would be cool to encourage readers to support their local bookstores too! This article (which highlights Parnassus books in Nashville!!) made me think of this when I stumbled upon this roundup. Yay books! ‪‬

  • I LOVED a book I recently read called “Church of Marvels.” I have always been fascinated by circus and carnival history (it’s sordid and disastrous and glittery and emotional and mysterious… what could be more absorbing?!) and Church of Marvels sucked me in from the very first page. It literally took my breath away in the sense that I realized I was holding it when I got anxious for various characters, and I found myself gasping and hollering when things happened like I was watching a show with friends. I swear I’m not that batty normally. Surprises abound. Truly busted up some archetypal devices, I was not able to guess the ending, which was really refreshing.

    I also LOVED *loved* “If you’re reading this, I’m already dead” which is a mostly-true tale about another circus character who was king of Albania for about 10 minutes or 5 days depending on who you ask. Sweet and adventurous in a kind of Princess-Bride-y way, with the advantages of being historical events and again, very surprising turns of events.

    I love Fall and Winter so much because these seasons really bring out the “curl up and read” side of me. Already getting out down pillows and wool blankets, and starting to snuggle up with a page turner and my sweet pooch every night.

  • I absolutely love curling up with a good book, and steaming cup of tea rather than cocoa (not really keen on it, i know weirdo right?!) I am dying to read the new phillip pullman book and am desperately trying to finish sweet little lies by Caz Frear before i buy it. ITS AMAZING! And i recommend it! I would love it if you came over to my inter webs home and said Hi 🙂
    Find me here at

  • I loved “Here I Am!” I enjoy Foer’s work and this one was still in his classic prose style, and sometimes the plot dragged, but but the subject was so relatable, I could feel the heaviness long after the last page. I borrowed it from the library and has to get my own copy to re-read!

    As far as current books, I just finished “The Tsar of Love and Techno”—it’s very fitting for a winter read!

  • Speaking of Michael Charon, his “Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” is sooooo good. Recommended if you end up enjoying Moonglow too!

  • ‘Moonglow’ is fantastic! Explore more Michael Chabon when you have the chance- his books are always a beautiful combination of intelligence, heartbreak, and humor.

  • Thank you for this list, you reminded me that I definitely have to read the books of Philip Pullman again!

  • I’ve heard so much of Into The Water that it’s making me want to buy it more and more, although I still have way too many books to finish before I reach out for another one 🙁
    Awesome picks! Also the one by Hilary Clinton caught my eye.
    Have a lovely weekend xo

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  • I need to read “into the water” because I loved “The girl on the train”!

  • Read ‘Sweetness in the Belly’ by Camilla Gibb. It can be harrowing at times but it is a story not often told and the richness of Gibb’s writing makes you feel like you are right there in the moment.

  • I am SUPER excited about The Book of Dust! I had completely forgotten about the His Dark Materials trilogy, but I loved them – now I’m looking forward to a re-read and the new series! I’m reading Uncommon Type, a collection of short stories written by Tom Hanks (who knew he was a writer too?!). His interview in the NYT from a few weeks ago was so interesting I bought his book on the spot.

  • I’m interested to know what you thought of Here I Am. I couldn’t finish it, as much as I love Foer’s previous books. It just wasn’t for me I guess! Some great recommendations in here though 😀

  • Might try Into The Water. I’ve heard so much about it and it’s my type of book, dark and thrilling!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Totally adding some of these to my reading list!


  • I’m reading A Wrinkle In Time. I know I enjoyed it as a kid, but barely remember it. I want to read it again before the movie comes out.

  • I read on someone’s blog that I love that they re-read Michael Chabon’s “Mysteries of Pittsburgh” every summer and that piqued my interested. I read it two summers ago and it IS a repeat reader. It’s humid and slow, exciting and tense and full of young love and passion and frustration and it is so, so good. Thanks for reminding me he has a new book out, it’s on my fall list now too.

  • As a local librarian, I am a total believer in seasonal reading! Finding the right book to fit the mood of a certain time of year makes me so happy. Right now I’m reading Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman — the recently published prequel to Practical Magic! I’ve also recently enjoyed Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy and Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown.

    • Oooh I just loved Practical Magic. I had no idea there was a prequel!? MUST READ!!

  • I read Moonglow earlier this year…it’s REALLY good but I am still confused about whether it’s fiction or non-fiction…

    • It’s fiction! But I heard an fantastic interview with him on City Arts and Lectures in which he talked about the real life story from his family that inspired it and how writing it became an exercise in what truth/memory really is. (Unfortunately, I don’t think that program is available as a podcast or online.)

  • Yes, I read “Into the Water” and loved it! And, if you like Paula Hawkins and/or thrillers, add “Since We Fell” by Dennis Lehane to your list. In my opinion, I actually liked Lehane’s novel better because it was a true thriller.

    xo, Sofia

  • just finished into the water in two days… i couldn’t put it down! SO good! emma in the night sounds great, too! love thrillers!

  • I’m glad that I’m not the only one who picks books partially based on the cuteness of their covers! 🙂 Enjoyed reading “Emma in the Night”. Animal lovers will enjoy “Lily and the Octopus”. It’s exactly how I feel about my cats!

  • I just finished Jacques Pepin’s autobiography (loved it!) and have started an older book from Chabon (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay). It’s my first time reading him too. I looooved the movie Wonder Boys which is based off a book of his so I decided to give him a shot. I’ve read mostly female authors for years now so this is a new season of literature for me, apparently.

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