Bedside Table DIY

Awesome DIY Side Table!  Awesome DIY Side Table!For some reason I was having the hardest time picking out bedside tables for our bedroom. Do you ever get a mental block about something? Why was finding the perfect bedside tables turning out to be so hard? I think part of the issue for me was that I really did want them to be cute and match the look of our room. But I also wanted them to be functional/useful, because we often sit in bed at night and watch a movie on our laptop, or I'll finish up a little work. Sometimes we read, and I like to keep nail polish and lotion by my side of the bed too. So our bedside tables tend to become a catch-all for lots of different items. Thankfully our friend Josh was in town and kindly volunteered to create the perfect bedside tables for us! Here's how he did it:How to build a bedside tableBed Side Table tools and supplies:

1.5" Kreg screws (fine thread) you won't have to pre-drill with these screws
.75" wood screws
3/4" hardwood sheet of hardwood plywood 4' by 8'
wood glue
sandpaper (50 and 220 grit)
straight edge
tape measure
skill saw

1. Cut (2) 18" by 8' strips from plywood sheet
2. From remaining piece, cut a a piece 3" by 8" and 3.75" by 8". sand and glue together (as pictured)
3. Cut (2) pieces 26.5" by 18"  (sand all edges)
4. Cut (2) pieces 17.75" by 18" (sand all edges)
5. Cut a 16.25" by 18" piece (sand all edges)
6. Cut 13.5" by 18" piece (sand all edges)Bedside diy by subtletakeover7. Glue and screw pieces A,B,C,D together (as pictured)
8. Glue E and F together (as pictured) let dry then install into the ABCD
9. Glue in G and H (optional)
10. Let table dry and flip, install casters (as pictured)
11. Sand all edges and surfaces
12. Optional (stain and seal)Bedside diy from subtletakeover-diagramJeremy and I absolutely LOVE how the tables turned out! We have been using every little nook, especially the pencil holders. 🙂 A big thank you to Josh for creating these beautiful tables and sharing his process with us. xo. Elsie

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