Circle Chain Mirror DIY

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) While we still have a lot of “big picture” projects left to work on at our new house, there are a few spots where I can start to do the fun little filler projects. I had a big brass mirror that hung in the entryway of our last house, but it’s a little too big to fit next to the door at this location so I thought I’d make a smaller mirror to fill that spot instead. I really like having a mirror near the front door so you can do a double check for lipstick smears or food in your teeth before you head out for the day or answer the door when guests arrive. What? That’s never happened to you? Uh, me neither…

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Supplies:
-round pre-cut 15″ circle of wood
safety cup hooks
gold hanging chain (you can also have them cut it to your needed length in the store, but if you have to but it online you may need small bolt cutters to cut the chain as well)
-gold spray paint
12″ round mirror
-epoxy glue

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) First give the edges of your wooden board a quick coat of spray paint. Since the mirror will cover most of the middle, you just have to do the edges and the sides. Mark two locations for your cup hooks to be installed about 11″ apart from each other. You can try and screw the hooks in by hand if you don’t have a drill, but it’s much easier to pre drill a hole and then screw the hooks in. Make sure to rotate the hooks so they have the side that opens facing outward from the mirror so the chain can’t slip off.

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Use your epoxy glue to glue the mirror onto the center of the wooden circle and allow the glue to fully set.

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) In the meantime, cut your chain to whatever length looks best in your space and attach the chain ends to the cup hooks. Once the glue is set, you’re ready to hang your mirror!

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Pretty cute! And the other benefit is how fast you can make this mirror. I mean, the drying time for the paint and glue is much longer than the actual working time for the project, so that’s a plus as well! If you’re in need of other mirror DIYs, check out our gem mirror, delicate sunburst mirror, or starburst mirror—they’re all so cute, you just can’t go wrong! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection.

  • You can put a pretty design on the wood side, using Mod Podge and flip to hide your mirror, too- so you can last- minute apply your makeup by the front door.

  • I love this! It’s so simple, but looks fantastic!


  • This is so cool! I like the chain you guys used too.


  • I’m definitely saving this for when my husband and I move into our new home!

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  • Realmente impressionante esse DIY. Esse espelho ficou lindo!

  • this is so pretty, love the simplicity of it xx

  • I love the simplicity of this DIY! You guys have way too many amazing mirror DIYs that I’m finding it hard to choose. Oh well, I might just make all of them each for every room in the house. Haha!

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