Costa Rica Snapshots

Costa RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta Rica xoCosta Rica xoCosta Rica xoCosta Rica xoCosta Rica xo        Costa Rica xo        Costa Rica xo        Costa Rica xo             Costa Rica xo             Costa RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaHi, friends! Here’s a random assortment of photos we took (mostly with our SLR cameras and a few GoPro shots too) during our stay in Costa Rica last week (you can see the video here). We had a wonderful trip full of hilarious moments, plenty of time to unwind, and the most colorful, beautiful places to take in. Oh—and frogs. Lots and lots of frogs. 

I’m not going to lie; traveling with other bloggers is niceee because everyone understands our crazy need to photograph everything. Even the husbands. God bless these husbands! 

Thanks for taking a peek at our trip. Jeremy is finishing up the video, so we’ll have that early next week, and we’ll be sharing swimsuit sources on here this weekend. xo! Elsie 

Credits // Photography: Elsie Larson, Laura Gummerman, Katie Shelton, and Trey George. All underwater photos taken with a GoPro. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • I love looking through all your posts, the photography is outstanding. My fave in this post is the black and white one with the three guys jumping 🙂
    H x

  • What a beautiful house! I´m so sad I won´t really get away this year…

  • Am I missing the post? I’ve looked all over and didn’t see a post on Saturday about the swim suits. I so want to know where they are from!

  • You should look into their classes. There are some classes they provide, like Blog Life, that might be helpful!

  • Thank you for sharing these photos…They are so beautiful, original and real!

  • Hi Luu!
    thank you so much. I’m so happy you are enjoying the course too!
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Nathalie,
    We use Canons (both the 60D and 5D Mark III) 😀
    The underwater shots are taken with a GoPro.
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Joanie,
    One is vintage and the other is from eBay.
    xx- Elsie

  • I went to Costa Rica a few summers ago, and I absolutely loved it! Although we traveled around a bit and did some more active/outdoorsy things like zip lining and river rafting. We had the chance to stay near the ocean, whereat was super hot and humid, but also higher in the mountains, where it was a lot colder and windier. There’s so much variation and beauty there! Pura Vida!

  • So many fun photos! And i understand your point about travelling with people who understand the importance of taking photos…i always have to ask my friends or family to wait for me while i take photos and i’m feeling like even though they want to protest sometimes, they still make the effort for me and that’s sweet…
    Beautiful photos guys, glad you had such a lovely time there, and i actually added Costa Rica to my travel wishlist (never had the idea before, weird…!)
    Much love

  • Wow! Amazing photos! Between the black and white photo of the horse in the water and the one with the storm coming over the mountains, I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite. It looks like a beautiful country and one that I never thought about traveling to before… until now!

  • ahhhhh… all the photos are so beautiful and creative. you guys seemed to had a lot of good time there. 🙂

  • Hi Carla! You can read about the rental house here: 🙂 – Jacki

  • Laura’s floral sundress with the pom-poms on the bottom… gonna need to know where that’s from. STAT!! It’s summer perfection.

  • Hello found your blog a few days a go and i LOVE IT. So colourfull and lovely DIY.
    I live in Portugal and now i am a big fun of your blog.

    Can i ask where i can found the name of that house that you stayed at Costa Rica so i book it? What a lovely pool and great view.

    Thanks so so much 🙂

  • your pics are so lovely – and loved the iPhone photo post too, costa rica is now top of my to visit list – looks gorgeous

  • __Hola. Me encantaron las fotos súper alegres, divertidas. Uds si que se la pasaron genial en costa rica eh! Es cierto yo a a veces incomodo a la gente cuando tomo fotos 🙁 No me entienden xD

    Saludos y que tenga un buen fin de semana.

  • Hi Dani!

    You can read more about the rental house here: 🙂 -Jacki

  • Is there any chance of getting any information about this apartment you stayed in? It looks absolutely stunning and would love to stay there with friends myself!


  • Love Love Love all of these amazing pics!!! You girls all look stunning! It’s winter here in Australia, but I’m now dreaming of going somewhere tropical 🙂

  • Ah man, this put a HUGE smile on my face. Can’t wait to go traveling again ASAP and shoot pictures!

  • Beautiful photos with so much personality! Looks like a super fun group!

  • Amazing place, this photos show how stunning and peaceful the place was.

  • This all looks breathtaking. I love the idea of a rented house vice a hotel! It is definitely much more fun and affordable when traveling in large groups!
    You should all do a post on what types of clothes to pack for summer/winter vacations. Let that be light or heavy traveling 🙂
    xo. Carola

  • I’m super jelous! I want a colourful vacation with friends!!
    And that white dress is awesome!!

  • Hey Elsie, looks like you had a wonderful trip! The pictures are so nice and you all look so happy and have so much fun!
    I bought your course Blog Life some days ago and I love it! I started it right away. Best, Luu 🙂

  • Such lovely photos, it really looks like you all had a gorgeous time in Costa Rica 🙂

  • I love you photo ! Full of personality !
    Thanks for sharing.
    XO from France

  • I love the pictures! Glad you guys had a blast and I can’t wait to see more!


  • Costa Rica looks beautiful! I love all of those underwater photos.

  • Amazing!

    You may want to try Dominican Republic next year–another piece of heaven on earth!

    I bet you’d agree though, that it’s always nice to come home!

    Thanks for sharing, Mary

  • Every single one of you must be a photographic genius…these pics are incredible!! You capture the mood of each moment so perfectly…the silliness in the pool and the camaraderie of your group, as well as the quiet “couple” times and the natural beauty of your surroundings. I’m sure that Costa Rica stole a little piece of your hearts during this vacation!!

  • Looks SO fun! Am dying to know more about the black and white checkered bikini in the third photo – please tell!

  • Gorgeous photos! Looks like such a beautiful part of the world!

  • Such beautiful pictures! I love the oncoming storm photo on the beach. I also appreciate how you keep your blog fun by including some goofy pics! Some of my faves are the underwater ones.
    Two summers ago I had a weird need to take underwater pics, but didn’t have a good camera. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head though, so I eventually just got a disposable underwater camera. SO FUN. Besides the awesomeness of underwater pics, there’s just something about a disposable film camera. The poor quality gives a cool vibe, too!

  • These snapshots are lovely!

    Janine Maral from

  • What a beautiful trip. I’m oh-so jealous.
    And I adore all of your suits!


  • I love Lauras Dresses! Where is the black/pink one from??

    Love Love!

  • Oh WOW. This looks amazing. I love love all of your outfits. Stunning setting.

  • As someone who likes getting her hair wet about as much as a house cat, I am dying for one of those fun swim caps for this summer! And I love Elsie’s two piece floral outfit!

  • AHHHH. we just went last month and had the most amazing time and this makes me want to go back soooo bad.

  • Laura’s shoes, Katie’s dress, the ripples in the water.. my gosh these photos are great 🙂 I’m due for a vacation!!!

  • Yay! I have been hoping you would share where you got your swimsuits and outfits ever since I saw your pics on Instagram!!

  • Lovely photos…i wanna go to costa rica now.. but i am going to FL so i can live 😉 Great that you all had such a relaxed and fun trip.. you all look great… loved the beach.


  • Such great photos! I went to Costa Rica in September but that makes me want to go back soon.

  • Your trip looks amazing! I hope to plan a trip like this right after my graduation! I’m inviting all my friends to it might be a good idea to rent a house too. Taking a picture like you did in the first photo is definitely on my to do list! 🙂

  • We have been using our underwater camera a ton lately. Aren’t they awesome!!

  • wow those picture are so beautiful! What camera do you use? 🙂 xo

  • I love the pictures! They make me want to take a trip to Costa Rica as well!

  • Ahhh, so excited for the swimsuit sources! Haha, I laughed at the last part because I get so self conscious taking tons of pictures, everyone except my husband looks at me like I’m crazy!

  • Looks like such a fun holiday!! And I love those flower covered swim caps – gorgeous!

  • Love the retro swim caps! can’t wait for my holiday later this year!

  • awesome… i wanna pack my husband, some friends and go there right away 😀

  • these photo’s are absolutely stunning! you all look like you’re having a great time, so fun to see 🙂 and it bumped up costa rica on my must-visit list!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I want to go, it looks wonderful! You guys should travel more often. You know, for your readers. 😉 Ha.


  • You have some beautiful memories there 🙂 I love Emma’s dress in the last group shot!

  • The pictures came out absolutely stellar! Yeah, my kids get annoyed with me because I turn every event or hang-out into a photo shoot too, he he he 🙂 That’s good you are all bloggers because I bet collectively, you have a huge assortment of different tastes and angles to choose from now. Well done!


    Laurali Star

  • What wonderful photos, looks like an absolutely amazing trip. xxx

  • Tremendous shots. It truly looks like paradise. I wanna go!! :] //☼

  • LOVE! These photos are spectacular and so colorful! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Yes, agreed! Outfit details please! I love all the underwater pictures and jumping pictures are a must:)

  • gorgeous photos!! all of you ladies are stunning!


  • awesome vacation! which were the GoPro shots? i’ve been curious about that little gadget.

  • I also want to hear where Elsie’s two-piece pink floral outfit with a bit of mid-drift showing is from! It’s very flattering.

  • Such a beautiful group of photos! So many beautiful colors and beautiful backdrops! Love it!

  • I adore all those swimsuits, they’re gorgeous!


  • Oh my gosh, it looks like such a gorgeous place! Also, those are really cool underwater snap shots! 😀

  • You guys look like you had a blast! These pictures are so cool, I love the underwater shots.

    Haha I was thinking that – how nice you guys all understand the need for photos for the blog. Maybe I should have my husband read this haha.

  • You can tell from the pics you guys had fun. We’re also planning fun holiday but in a different place… in Sweden:)

  • Hello ABM! This is slightly off topic but I know you guys write about blogging and business management every so often and I find those posts VERY helpful and insightful! I am getting into social media management for another company and having a hard time figuring out the best way to plan, organize, and schedule my content. Since I’m not working alone on this it has been tricky getting our methods figured out. Would you consider writing a post on how you guys plan your content and manage your schedule? Or if you already have a post on this could you point me in the right direction? Thank you again for all the super helpful info you post, I always look forward to your business tips!

  • Ah…these photographs are so cool and adorable..

  • Hi Emily! You can find out more about the rental house that they stayed in here: 🙂 – Jacki

  • These photos are all so gorgeous that I can’t even stand it! You guys are amazing. The posts about your trip all make me want to fly there ASAP and rent a house, as per your advice. I’m definitely putting it on my Bucket List since I’m still in college and don’t necessarily have the time/money right now. Can’t wait until I do (: Thanks for sharing!!

  • I love that there were so many pictures that we didn’t see on instagram! A fresh new look! :o)
    How did you all decide who was going on the trip and who needed to stay behind to work on the blog?

  • Where in Costa Rica did you stay? Nicoya peninsula?

    Maybe you have written it somewhere on the blog, I haven´t found it though.

    Cheers from Stockholm, Sweden!

  • WOW Gorgeous Shots!!! Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves a lot!!

  • Could you guys bring back the makeover stories or the fashion mixology? I really miss those and with the new staff I feel like it’ll become even more interesting to see the different outfit ideas. Think about it!

  • The white maxi dress is gorgeous
    Love Alana xxx

  • I saw #omgcostarica photos popping up on Instagram the past few weeks and thought, “I can’t WAIT until they get back and post all about the trip!” Then it occurred to me there might not be photos, that this could have been private time away from the blog. SO glad that wasn’t the case, haha. It’s generous of you to share even your time away. The photos are lovely and left me feeling refreshed, even though I viewed them from my normal computer. Your comment today about vacationing with other bloggers summed up what I was thinking after seeing the photos: I need more photographer friends, and then we should take a vacation, stat! 🙂 What a lovely way to document the stages of your life.

  • It seems like you guys had the most amazing time x

  • OMG that green embroidered dress!!! Where is it from?! I love it! This trip looked heavenly!

  • Hi Christa! We will be posting about swimsuits this Saturday 🙂 – Jacki

  • I love that black and white gingham bathing suit top in the 3rd picture, can you tell me where it’s from??


  • Ha – so glad you’ll be sharing swimsuit sources. I love them all but especially Laura’s black & white gingham two-piece. So glad you all had a great break!

  • These are all so good! I love the one of the coming storm and the backlit horse. Plus, Katie looks like a goddess in her suit cover.

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