DIY Alcohol Ink Ornaments

DIY-Alcohol-Ink-OrnamentsLast month, I played around with alcohol inks and made the prettiest pink pumpkins, so naturally I had to give alcohol ink ornaments a go. I will say that these ornaments were a bit tricker to do than the pumpkins, but after testing several methods for applying the ink to yield the best results, I am happy to say I found a simple way to make them yourself. The result is a tinted glass look reminiscent of blown glass ornaments with a subtle shine and transparent color. And I just love the saturated jewel tones that the alcohol inks created.


alcohol inks in several colors
clear glass ornaments
-rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
-rubber gloves
-plastic or foil sheet to protect your work surface

DIY-Alcohol-Ink-OrnamentsStep One: Remove the ornament cap, spray the ornament with rubbing alcohol, and rub it around the ornament to coat it.

Step Two: Tip the ornament upside down on your work surface and squirt the alcohol in a circular motion over the top of the ornament. You want to make sure that you use enough ink to completely cover the ornament all the way down the sides. The extra will pool up on the plastic or foil sheeting, so don’t worry about using too much.

DIY-Alcohol-Ink-OrnamentsDIY-Alcohol-Ink-OrnamentsIf the alcohol ink leaves blank spots, just give the top of the ornament another squirt of ink so that it again runs all the way down the sides to cover the ornament.

Step Three: Once the ink has dried overnight, replace the cap and they are ready to hang.

DIY-Alcohol-Ink-OrnamentsOnce you have experimented with a few solid color ornaments, go ahead and try a few multi-colored ones by using different inks on the same ornament. While the ones I made turned out okay, I personally preferred the solid color ones. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying your hand at them to see if they are something you like!



DIY-Alcohol-Ink-OrnamentsDon’t you just love the vintage blown glass look of them? Of course I went with all the colors for my tree, but they pop so nicely against the white tree. Feel free to choose your own color palate that is just perfect for you! xo. Kara

Credits//Author//Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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