DIY Bedside Bench

6U8A9262 6U8A9283I am still completely obsessed with our home office kilim rugs. They are just so pretty. I really wanted to incorporate a similar pattern into our bedroom. I decided to add a small, foot-of-the-bed bench to our space, and I wanted one that included some kind of kilim rug design (actual or inspired, I'm not that picky). There are a number of different kinds sold online, ranging anywhere from $500-$2000+. 

I decided to go ahead and make my own since the project seemed fairly simple. I could then choose my own rug/colors more easily, and the project could be more affordable. I'm so happy I did! I really love this new addition to our bedroom. In case you are curious, here's how I made my bench:

Supplies for building a benchSupplies:
-3/4" plywood sheet (mine is 44" x 18")
-rug (be sure it is at least 2"-3" inches wider and longer than the bench top—I bought mine on eBay)
-bench legs (I bought two white combination hairpin legs from here)
-1" foam batting (sometimes sold by the yard or more; see what's available at your craft store)
-eight 1/2" wood screws

-power saw (or you can get the plywood cut at the lumber yard)
-power drill
-staple gun

Cost: $195 (this can vary greatly depending on the type of legs you use or the rug you buy)

Step One: Cut your plywood to the size you need. Again, you can totally have the lumber yard (Home Depot, Lowes, Meek's, etc.) cut the wood for you if you don't have a power saw.

How to make a benchStep Two: Cut the foam batting to fit your plywood bench top. I found that it is best if the foam is about 1/4" smaller on all sides. This helps the rug to fit over the foam and wood a little easier.

Step Three: Begin stapling the rug to the edge of the plywood. It's best to really take your time and plan out the corners and make sure the rug and top design are going to fit your bench exactly how you like it. I chose to staple down the two longer sides first. Think of this process sort of like wrapping a present. I found it was MUCH easier to hold the rug in place and staple if I had help (thanks, Jacki!).

How to quickly build a benchStep Four: Once you have the first two sides stapled, it's time to fold the end edges and staple those sides as well. If you have to cut part of the rug to fit your bench size, you can use Fray Check or a little glue to help the ends to keep from fraying.

Step Five: Screw the legs of the bench into place. Be sure to measure to get them centered properly.

6U8A92886U8A9305I love how our new bench added a little more color and pattern into our bedroom. Plus this project turned out to be so simple! Once I had all my supplies, it took less than an hour to complete. I also love that you could easily use a slightly stained or damaged rug for the bench top. Great way to use the part of a rug (or thick blanket) that may have some blemishes. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

P.S. My bench is mostly decorative. If you plan to use your bench for seating, I would recommend bracing the bottom of the bench or possibly using thicker plywood.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Project Assistant: Jacki Moseley. Photography: Sarah Rhodes and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with Petal from the Fresh Collection.

  • Cool idea for bedroom, not just a bedside bench, it can be a decorated stuff. Thanks

  • Hi Jen! Typepad was down for a few minutes but it should work for you now. 🙂 – Jacki

  • I love this! I came over from Craftgawker. I keep trying to pin it but I keep getting an error message. 🙁

  • Hi there! I’m back from holidays and I have lots of your posts to read! 🙂 This project looks amazing! I’ve been looking for a bench to place in my entryway and I think something like that could look amazing to welcome us after a long day of work! Specially after holidays, sigh!

  • I’m impressed. Really great work. And that kilim rug looks really nice in that space. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty I see! I took the easy way out with my bench and covered it with contact paper. I’m just so terrible with tools! Anyway, yours puts mine to shame!

  • I love coming up with DIY’s for my bedroom when it’s feeling a little drab. What a fabulous idea for adding a pop!

  • This is so beautiful! I love the patterned fabric you have used 😀 xx

  • What a great way to get what you want for cheaper. And the results turned out amazing! If I ever find a fabric with a pattern as gorgeous as the one you used, I want to make this DIY! 🙂

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  • Are tabere different “genres” /”traditions” of kelim rugs ? I can’t seem to find those simular to yours

  • I was walking one day and noticed someone had left their chair out on the sidewalk to be taken away and it looked exactly like that woven chair above….it was in perfect condition too! I kick myself now for not having tried to take it home!

    Those rugs and textile designs are so beautiful, I wish they were more affordable 🙂

  • In love with this bench – especially the fabric!


  • This is amazing! I’ve been wanting something like this for the end of my bed, and now I know how to make it!

  • this is such a great idea!! and so simple too!


  • I love the way the bench adds a bold pop of color to your room! I bet David wouldn’t mind it if it kept the cats off the bed at night. 😉


  • I love this idea, but where did you get that chair?!!! I AM IN LOVE! I must find one.

  • I love this!!! Im going to try it with a quilt my grandma gave me. Ill probable put white material underneath. What do you think I could use instead of those legs? Something more budget friendly.

  • Very colorful. I need to get started on some of my home deco projects. I want to make more antique looking pieces though, hopefully I can find some nice carved wood at the hardware store. Need to make some time to shop around.

  • What a good idea !!! And so simple !
    I think I’m gonna try this.
    I love your room !


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  • Looks great. Will keep the kilim clean and in good shape. Love the dog model photobomb.

  • what an awesome bench! love the rug pattern and colors and you sure made this project look easy. After seeing this I think my bedroom might need a little more color!

  • This is such a great idea. I suffer from M.E. and find getting dressed incredibly exhausting. Having a beautiful bench to perch on like this would definitely brighten up the whole experience for me!
    Faye |

  • What a wonderful idea!
    It looks so preety.
    Thanks a lot for this nice inspiration (less than a hour – WOW).

    Greetings & Love

  • DIY till I die. Love the customization capacity to this and all diy projects. Great!

  • What a great idea. Sometimes the simplest idea can be the best, and the most affordable.

  • What a great little project, thanks for sharing. I found out that the hairpin legs are being shipped even internationally!

  • I absolutely love this idea. I have been looking for bottom of bed benches and now I am definitely going to make myself one. Thanks peeps love your blog x

  • So cute! It adds such a fun pop of colour to the room. Your dog is the cutest!

  • Wow, this looks so simple and i love the pattern! Definitely going to try to make this for my dorm!

  • Beautiful! What a gorgeous bench! It looks so lovely in that room!

  • Just what I need. I love all your DIY’s!! I wonder how I can pull this DIY off! 🙂 Thanks for wonderful ideas.

  • soooooooooooooo in love with this!!! definitely going to make one! thank you!

  • That is the height of cuteness! (The bench and the dog!) Pretty bedroom too!


  • Hey Emma, love the bench idea. I noticed in your pictures that you have the Threshold organic blanket. I’m contemplating getting it for my master bed, but some of the reviews say it snags like crazy. How have you liked yours? Does it wash well? Thanks!!

  • this is awesome, I love the colour and patterns with the neutral room. Looks great!

  • This is such a great idea for using an old rug! i’m sure thrift shops and garage sales have TONS of old rugs. The pup looks like he’s enjoying the bench just as much! 🙂

  • I love this whole room. It reminds me of a relaxing cabin. 🙂

  • That bench is gorgeous. I wish I had the room for it. It is a great idea! That is the best picture of Love Love. Too cute!


  • Simple, but great tutorial! i love the fabric you used, totally made me want to find a copycat and make my own 🙂

  • This is such a cute and simple diy project..i totally see me making this in the future 🙂


  • So cute! Your dog gives it the stamp of approval. I totally want one in my (currently non-existent) bedroom!

  • It should work when you click on the link: – Jacki

  • This is amazing! You never cease to amaze me with your creative projects.

  • Are the edges sharp? With the foam not reaching the edges of the wood, i’d be worried about knocking my shins against it…is this an issue for you?

  • This is awesome! I love how you guys have been doing bigger and better DIYs. Keep it up.

  • I didn’t realize how easy it was to make this bench. You made it look so simple! I love it and the colors that you chose are pretty awesome!

  • Emma, this turned out wonderful and you look very much at ease 🙂 ! I also like the bed cover a lot, may I ask where it is from?

  • Amazing DIY Emma! Must try this, the result looks so pretty!
    x Eveline from

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