Emma + Trey’s Home Office

Home office I am so happy that we are finally getting to share our home office space with you! What I love most about this room is how this is the first full room that Trey and I completely decorated together. I bought our home a few years before Trey and I got married. So many of the rooms in our home were pretty much complete before he moved in. Of course we updated lots of things together and added touches that feel very us, but our home office is the space that feels completely different since Trey moved in. I remember talking about how we wanted to decorate and reorganize this space while we were on our honeymoon—and now it's a reality!Emma's home office evolutionHere's a little peek how the room has evolved over the past two and half years. 1.) My brother and my niece lived with me during the first year or so that I owned this house. This space used to be my niece's bedroom. It was filled with toys, clothes and kid furniture. I left the room the color it was when I bought it (a yellow tan), and Penny added a few crayola drawings and stickers during her time there. 2.) Once Penny moved out (and after I finished mourning her departure!), I had the old, somewhat stained carpet replaced with wood laminate (closely matching what was already in the hallways and living room). I also had the popcorn ceiling scrapped and retouched white. That's all I had finished by the time Trey moved in. For the first month or so, this room became kind of a catch-all for things: mismatched chairs, yoga mats, musical equipment, etc. 3.) We painted the walls and baseboards a creamy white, added a wrap around standing desk, a curtain for the closet and lots of touches that made the room feel very us.Emma and Trey's home office  Emma and Trey's home office   Emma and Trey's home office Emma's home office   The first thing we did when we started planning our home office was identify our needs and intended uses for the room. Trey plays and records music in his spare time. He has a band. And he needed space for all his music equipment, instruments and home recording studio. We built the standing desk for his studio. I guess I'm using the word "built" pretty loosely, as it was super easy to make.Home officeEmma and Trey's home office    Emma and Trey's home office     Home office  Well of course there's a crafting area. This is, after all, a blogger's home. In all seriousness, full disclosure here, I haven't made time to use my sewing machine yet. I know, it's terrible! My uncle gifted me this machine (my first) as a wedding gift. I really want to learn to do simple things this year, like hem jeans. I also really like our book shelves that we installed above the sewing area. This is a great place to store random supplies, books and my birthday card collection (so I hopefully don't miss a friends birthday this year simply because I don't have a card on hand).DIY macrame curtainAnd we can't forget our macrame curtain, which felt like the perfect solution for the closet space. Funny story I didn't share in the tutorial. We have a beagle puppy slowly getting out of her teething phase and Steve (we're pretty sure he's an American dingo) who will chew literally anything. Together they can be, hmm, I guess we'll call it destructively adventurous. Because of that, we're always super diligent to shut the doors to the bedrooms/office when we leave the house. Well, apparently one day we forgot to shut the door to the office, and our dogs seem to have a knack for finding the worst things to chew. We came home and found the whole curtain rod on the floor with the rope in a knotted pile. They went straight for the macrame curtain that we JUST finished. Luckily they just honed in on strand, so the damage was manageable. But if you look extra close, you can see one strand is quite a bit shorter than the rest. 🙂Emma's home office      Emma and Trey's home officeEmma's home office     Emma's home office    Emma's home office Diy standing deskThe last main area is this wrap around standing desk. This corner is communal but I think so far mostly I've been using it. I've done all manner of random activities here: personal finance stuff, wrap Christmas gifts, work on a writing a novel (personal project), edit our book (it's coming out this summer!), etc. I love having somewhere to work at home that isn't our dining room table or in bed with my laptop. I like having the option to sit or stand, sometimes you just don't feel like sitting. 

The decor in this room is pretty eclectic and personal. I really wanted this space to feel inspiring and feel like us more than making the colors work together or anything like that. Most of the art hanging on the walls has some personal meaning behind it, the rug was something we both fell for in a big way. And even though the space is used for about a million different purposes, we still fit it all together somehow. It's a metaphor for marriage.

No? Too far? It's getting kind of weird now. Ok, ok. I'll tone it down guys, geez.Emma's home office  Thanks for letting us share our home office with you! In case you missed it you can also see our livingroom, kitchen, bedroom and dining room too. Happy decorating! xo. Emma (and Trey)

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Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy

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