Doily Covered Lamp Shade Project

Doily lamp 1Have you ever found a perfect lamp with a damaged shade? If so, this next DIY is for you! Kinsey dreamed up a way to recycle your damamge vintage lamp. Enjoy! Doily lamp1. Find an old, beat up lamp shade. 2. Remove all the fabric or fiberglass surrounding the lamp shade so that all that’s left is the skeleton. 3. Lay the doilies out in the deminsions of your lamp shade (measure height and width) then stitch them together with white embroidery floss. 4. Once you have the desired pattern, begin attaching it onto the lamp by stitching them to the frame all the way around!Doily lamp 2Doily lamp 2There you have it… an instant dose of pretty for your space. Perfect for Spring. XO. elsie

P.S. Check out more doily craft ideas in this post!

  • Totally gorgeous. Which size of needle you are using with this lampshade DIY project ? Have to try this !

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  • This is just gorgeous, I love it. Just the thing I have been looking for.

  • Amazingly beautiful! I am a big fan of your blog (and your hair :)), too!!

  • Love it !
    Want to follow each other? :

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  • I have been wanting to do this for ever, but I can’t find relatively inexpensive doilies anywhere. It seems I’ll either have to shell out $2 for each one, or just crochet the little doilies myself :c

  • Congratulations!!! I love the rustic cream colors in a light fixture.
    There is a new DIY on my blog btw!!:)

  • This is amazing, what a novel idea! Might just make myself one for my lounge room.


  • So lovely- what a wonderful idea & so simple, thanks for sharing!

  • Oh very cool! Definitely have to try this one 🙂
    xo Heather

  • Excellent use of doilies to make an old product new again in a contemporary vintage kind of way!

  • So pretty! I’d love to see this shade lit up at night. I bet it looks magical!

  • Brilliant! I especially love the pictures where the doilies are back lit. Which is ideal for a lamp, no? I’m always buying old doilies because…they’re gorgeous! Now I know what to do with them. Thanks for such an inspiring project, Kinsey.

  • Pretty. I have an Etsy shop where I sell handmade crochet lampshades!

  • this DIY is amazingly perfect! I love the vintage prettiness. this would look adorable with colored doilies, too.


  • I love this idea!! I adore doilies and this would be the perfect project to show them off!!
    PS I LOVED making my stamped dress using your tutorial!!! You always have the best DIYs!!

  • I bet that’s even more beautiful when turned on. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a super cute idea! It probably looks really cool when the lights turned.

  • Hi Elsie, first off, let me say, you got my vote girl! I may be a 54 year old suburban mom with cool kids who live in Brooklyn, but I like to think I’m cool too! I also wanted to tell you that this project is AWESOME! hugs, Leslie

  • Absolutely beautiful!Thank you for this great crafty tips. I would love to have something like this with vintage inspired decor as well as dark wood. 🙂

  • Love! I love that they are sparsely placed–makes it look so modern and fresh!
    I think vintage hankies would be charming as well 🙂

  • I bought lots of doilies the other day from a thrift shop! I knew that was for a reason! Thanks for yet another great DIY girls! xxx

  • This is gorgeous! I’m thinking of being a copycat now…just beautiful! xo wendy

  • I had never thought of that! It’s so so so pretty! My granny used to make hundrends of doilies! An excellent way to put them in good use, Yey!

  • That looks gorgeous. Vintage inspired and super cute. I would love to give this a try myself. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Smart! What a great way to bring new life into an old shade! 🙂

  • This is so wonderful. I love doilies an I will be trying this great project!

  • Oh my goodness! I am so inspired to do this! Love it!


  • Cool DIY! I love the lamp base too, it reminds me of a seashell somehow :0)

  • this is sooo super cute! i wish i had room for a lamp shade like this haha 🙂

  • oh my goodness! I think this project is so cute. I am a big fan of doilies!


  • Welp- you have just given me my newest project idea! So excited to start it… thanks!

    And BEST DIY blog indeed!

  • Maize, I see the link you left for us and just wanted to assure you that the similarities of our projects are purely coincidental. These things sometimes happen in the blog world! I hope you don’t assume otherwise. We take crediting other designers and being original very seriously.
    Have a great day, Elsie

  • I met a new friend the other day. I told her she looked like Elsie from a beautiful mess and she said “omg I love her blog!” Turns out she went to school in Springfield and has been to Red Velvet! She was like a celebrity to us because she had actually been there. So Fun!

  • I am crazy about this idea! You are brilliant!

  • What a lovely and quaint lampshade, I bet it makes pretty patterns on the walls with the light shining through all the doilys too!

  • I love this! Especially since it’s with doilies. They add such a delicate sweet touch. This might even be pretty as a short curtain or valance too. Thanks for sharing!!!

    – Sarah

  • this is the cutest! I am going to have to find a lampshade now!

  • Oh SO PRETTY!!! I have the perfect place for this project in my home! Time to get to work!

  • I like that it’s actually sewn and not modpodged or something into shape – seems safer next to the lightbulb.. 😀

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