Doily Covered Lamp Shade Project

Doily lamp 1Have you ever found a perfect lamp with a damaged shade? If so, this next DIY is for you! Kinsey dreamed up a way to recycle your damamge vintage lamp. Enjoy! Doily lamp1. Find an old, beat up lamp shade. 2. Remove all the fabric or fiberglass surrounding the lamp shade so that all that's left is the skeleton. 3. Lay the doilies out in the deminsions of your lamp shade (measure height and width) then stitch them together with white embroidery floss. 4. Once you have the desired pattern, begin attaching it onto the lamp by stitching them to the frame all the way around!Doily lamp 2Doily lamp 2There you have it… an instant dose of pretty for your space. Perfect for Spring. XO. elsie

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