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  • cute bag…. have you had pretzel m&ms?! um best combo ever- pretzel & chocolate! YUM!

    I have a hard time finding them though 🙁

  • I am so glad that you and Emma are together again! Yum love me some peanut M&Ms!!

  • My favorite new M&M’s are the ones with the pretzel center. 🙂 Enjoy working with your sister!

  • After seeing you mention them here a few weeks ago, I finally tried the coconut m&ms – LOVE!

  • hee! hee! love it! and i used to have that EXACT same suitcase when i was a kid!!! geez! i am SO aging myself!

  • WHAT???? I have never, ever seen coconut M&M’s!!!! hmmm Canada is missing out.

  • AWwwwww I know that wonderful feeling! My sister will be here today from Nashville I’m so excited! I can’t wait 🙂

  • i’m totally loving the coconut m&m’s. so so good.

    you guys are so adorable! i miss my sister too.

  • you can get coconut m&m’s!!!!!!!

    oh my…i need to come to the states just for that!! lol

  • cocnut m&ms???!!! is that new, I’ve lived outside the states for three years and have never heard of these! OMG I wish i was home!

  • I think I have the same suitcase, except my set’s handles & trim are aqua!

    yay for sister time!

  • so cute!
    ever since you last mentioned the coconut m+ms, i’ve wanted to try them, but i can’t find them anywhere! the pretzel ones were a disappointment. 🙁


  • Those coconut m&m’s are delicious!!! I tried them when we went down to the states. I wish we had them up here…

  • Yummy, yummy! We don’t have the coconuts here in Argentina, but I’ve been told they’re delicious. I wish I weren’t on a diet, grrr.



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