Elsie’s Bnb Living Room Tour with Modsy

I’m so excited to share my first bnb tour with you today! My Nashville bnb has a cute little living room nook on the second floor at the top of the stairs, between two bedrooms. It’s a really nice layout for the size (1,711 square feet), as this home does a lot including three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, laundry and two open living areas. My goal was to keep it airy, while still fully furnishing the home and making the space feel a bit more cozy.

For today’s post, I partnered with Modsy to show you how their design software helped me create a cozy living room in our open floorplan. Modsy is a tool that you can use to design your space, either using existing furniture or working with a designer to pick out new pieces. One of the things I thought was super useful was that since we were using a mix of old and new furniture, you can use a 3D tool to move things around and swap out the images. Our first rendering looked great, but from it we knew there were a few changes to make to get to our final layout. If you have a challenging room or space it is so helpful to have a chance to have someone help you with it! Modsy also just launched their Minna Home line of sofas and chairs and you should probably check out our Instagram post to and see a fun giveaway we have going on! 🙂

These were the first set of renderings that helped me see what I wanted to change and re-arrange in the room. It was fun to see how they could be updated to get to a final design in place and then bring it to life by moving furniture around. Below is the same set just updated with where the design landed. I really liked using the tool as we were mixing and matching old with new pieces and the layout of this room wasn’t a standard size, especially coming from the stairs.

As soon as we purchased this property, I knew I wanted to add some shiplap to two areas of the home to add some detail. The home was builder grade in every sense. We got lucky and loved the tile and bathroom countertops they selected, but overall the home was lacking in personality and it was up to us to create some charm. I chose DIY shiplap because it’s uber affordable and makes a room feel more cozy without a ton of color or pattern. I like how it just adds a bit of texture … exactly what we needed!

The next step was selecting furniture. We used as much furniture as we could from our previous bnb space, and mixed it with a few new pieces. The biggest addition was the new sofa from Modsy’s team! They just launched their Minna Home Sofas and I love the Taylor sofa in Oyster we picked because it’s oversized but still beautiful, easy to clean (since it’s a bnb we will be using scotch guard to help extend its life) and most importantly—super comfortable!

We chose to keep the white rug and marble coffee table from our previous living room and we added these new wicker chairs and white TV table.

In a bnb space I think thoughtful details are super important. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely stayed in a few bnbs where you could tell the owners never stayed there, and maybe had never even been there. It’s SUCH a bummer when you stay in a bnb that technically has the amenities of a home (kitchen, multiple bathrooms, living spaces, etc.), but lacks common sense details like salt and pepper or a way to make coffee. This is something we try to be really conscious of.

I also try to leave little easter eggs in each room—like these Wes Anderson coffee table books … just little details that show we love this home and care about our guests having a memorable experience.

I always “shop my house” for last minute details and this time I ended up taking over this amazing weaving my friend Erin made. This large cactus also made a perfect little accent for the corner at the top of the stairs.

Sigh! This sofa is so comfy!

If you’re working on designing your space and need a little help, Modsy is a great tool. You can work with designers using existing furniture or you can use it to shop for new pieces. If you’d like to try Modsy you can get 20% off any package with the code, ABM20.

Thank you so much for reading! I can’t wait to share the completed property with you soon. 🙂 xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Unique plant stand for that large cactus! It makes a great deal in that precise spot.


  • What’s the length of the couch? I’ve been eyeing the coffee table but can’t decide if it’s too small for our couch. Thanks!

  • Hi Elsie! Where are those lovely pillows from? They would match my comforter perfectly!

  • Sharing this post on the weekend edit over at everyday edits dot co! Love it! Hope to make a girls trip to Nashville soon! xo laura in Colorado

  • One last thing- leave a guest book & pen! I love hearing the stories of how families, bridal parties, friends and sports teams enjoyed themselves in our space.

  • Looks great! Advice to anyone outfitting an Airbnb- get the Dri-soft towels in white from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Reasons- I’ve purchased “designer” sets from TJ Maxx & similar places and they’re wonderful- until they get wrecked & stained one at a time. Suddenly you have incomplete sets & it looks kind of…ratty…and it’s not like you can just go & pick up a replacement. The Dri-softs are economical, durable (I wash them on the sanitary cycle with bleach every time) and easily replaceable. I learned this lesson the hard way- and definitely no colored towels! They fade & someone will bleach them out with toxic acne products. Of course I fold the washcloths fancy & roll the towels!

    I also provide a Keurig (pods…I know…) as well as a drip coffee maker, french press & teapot with honey & sugar & the True lemon packets. The Mini-moo coffee creamers are shelf-stable & appreciated by weary & occasionally hung-over travelers. Hope this helps anyone looking to share their homes with travelers.

  • We recently stayed at an airbnb that felt like it was decorated by a woman but outfitted by a man. Lots of cute decorations and furniture but for example: no full length mirrors, no way to make ice, no wine glasses, no chairs to enjoy the beautiful mountain overlook on the huge wrap around porch.

    • You can definitely tell when the hosts have never stayed in the property. It makes a BIG difference. We’re staying in ours this weekend. And now you’ve reminded me to try to ice maker. 🙂

  • What a beautiful space! I love how comfortable and natural it looks. The touch of greenery is great! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • OOO, I love this so much! I have been thinking of coming to Nashville sometime soon as well – maybe I will roadtrip it with a couple of girlfriends from KC for a fun early fall weekend!

  • Did I miss something -Did you sell the other bnb?! I know you and Emma bought sister houses, but I thought you still had the other Nashville craftsman house too.

  • Love the room. My suggestion though – add a Kuerig. If I was staying there it would be A great spot to have a morning cup of coffee without having to go downstairs. Or an evening cup while watching a movie.

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