Elsie’s Front Porch (Before + After!)

Elsie's Front Porch www.abeautifulmess.comOur front porch is quickly becoming one of our favorite spaces in our home! It's a spot to hang out nightly and entertain friends. We even sometimes sit out there to use the internet during work. It's becoming a cozy favorite! 

Elsie's Front Porch (before+after) www.abeautifulmess.comBefore: This is how our front porch looked for the first eight months we lived here. It was fine, and didn't feel as horribly unfinished as some of the other rooms in our home but I knew it had more potential! As soon as we got our first hint of warm weather I started messing around with ideas out there. My goal was to make it a spot where we would want to sip a glass of wine in the evenings, or enjoy a morning cup of coffee. :) 

Here's the story of everything we've added (so far)… 

Elsie's Front Porch www.abeautifulmess.com Elsie's Front Porch www.abeautifulmess.com By the front door we added a thrifted plant stand, painted white with some plants. When we were buying the plants we specifically looked for things that could stay outside all summer. Fingers crossed they all survive! I love this little pop of color that greets everyone who comes to our home. 

2222222Adding green was a huge part of what made this space come alive. We made hanging planters and painted terra cotta pots white for flowers and extra plants. 

Easiest DIY pillows ever! www.abeautifulmess.comWe made some DIY pillows. It was a quick afternoon project that adds so much pattern and fun to the space! 

Elsie's Front Porch www.abeautifulmess.com  Source List: Rug/Target, Chairs/Thifted, Coffee Table/Flea Market Find, Pillows/DIY, Plant Stand/Flea Market Find. 

Thanks so much for taking a peek at our porch! I am excited to see how it evolves in future seasons. For now, my only goal was to make it an inviting space that we actually use and that's something I can check off the list. Yay! 

Happy Monday! xo. Elsie 

  • I’m so jealous. I’d love a house with a porch, especially this one! x

  • Your space turned out lovely! I especially love your pillows with the little pop of orange!! I too recently restyled my outdoor space. You can check it out here!


  • It would be great help if you give the details of the plants that you use in your greening projects!

  • I wonder if the type of paint matters n the terra cotta and other pots, in terms of affecting the health of the plant? I really like the idea of painting flower pots white, especially the terra cotta pots (which are cheap!!)


  • What a cozy looking space! I am hoping to create the same feel for our little balcony. Just to have a place to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a book.

  • So perfect! Makes me jealous I don’t even have a fire escape here in Brooklyn. Guess I’ll just live vicariously through you guys!!

  • It looks so lovely and cozy! When I see this I can’t wait to get a porch of my own 🙂


  • It looks so cozy! It must be nice to spend time out there.


  • I couldn’t stop gazing at all the details in these images! I can just imagine myself pottering around on the porch. It’s so inspirational how simple it all seemed, you just need a little bit of motivation to turn something bland into something wonderful. Lovely photographs as well!
    x eva

  • I absolutely love this porch! I live in the city, and wish that I could add such a vibrant vibe to our stoop! Maybe someday… c:

  • I live in Alaska, and the green + gorgeous porch is making me seriously jealous! WTF weather, be better!

  • What a GORGEOUS space! I love every single little detail and thought that went into designing this porch space, especially all of the plants! Can I live here, pretty please? 🙂

  • Looks great! Simple and stylish very true to your style as always! I am really lovin that plant stand!

  • Ah, STOP POSTING ABOUT YOUR PORCH!I have such bad porch envy it’s getting ridiculous! Really gorgeous and I’m suitably jealous!Rx


  • Hi! im from Uruguay, a little country in South America (between Brazil and Argentina) I just want to let u know that i love your blog and that is super inspiring! thanx for sharing your life with us!

  • Love your porch and hanging planters! What kind of rope is it that you used? Michael’s craft store did not have anything nor did the two hardware stores I tried.

  • Ohhh, so cozy!I also opened a season for breakfast outside in my balcony.

  • this just makes me more excited to eventually get a house!! we’re in an apartment so a front porch isn’t in our cards (no balcony either) I LOVE this!! Looks like an amazing place to drink coffee and read a book on the weekends <3


  • It looks super cozy and beautiful! Love the plants.


  • Absolutely adorable! I want to be sitting there right. now. ;D

    Kate x

  • Thanks so much for sharing this! There’s not a lot of porch inspiration out there, and the way you set up the furniture is the solution to my tiny porch furniture layout! I just couldn’t quite figure out how to do it. Thanks again!

  • Looks so cozy and inviting! really brightened the space! 🙂

  • Hanging baskets are so perfect! I love what you have done with your porch, great inspiration.

  • this is so cute elsie! we are moving into our first house on friday, and it has a cute little front porch. thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love this! The warm weather has me thinking of doing some outdoor space makeovers, myself. Great inspiration, as always!

  • It looks lovely, can’t wait to have an outside space to decorate myself 🙂

  • This space looks so beautiful with everything you’ve added to it 🙂 I wish in England we had porches, and made use of them in this way! Although our typically English weather wouldn’t make sitting outdoors much fun xx

  • Oh that’s so great !
    Summer is coming, you’ll enjoy it by night !
    Congrats Elsie! we love ths style !


  • i love it, soooo cozy! i’m thinking about building our own swinging bench… 🙂

  • I wish we had front porches here in the Netherlands, this is so adorable! xx


  • Love how it turned out! i would just love a porch, uk homes dont have them very often but i so wish they did.

    Zoe @GypsieSister

  • Those pillows are so much fun! And of course I love all the greenery.

  • Super adorable! You guys definitely have a thing for hanging planters at the moment. Inside & out. I saw these hanging planters inspired by 50’s jelly moulds and just had to share it with you. I can see them hanging whimsically about somewhere in your home.


  • Lovely! it looks like a great space to relax in. hopefully you have some nice neighbors to invite over for a glass of wine and some conversation in the evenings!

  • Nicely done. It looks great. I especially like the coffee table. Oh how wonderful it is to have some outdoor space. I practically live on our back porch all summer long.

  • Oh goodness I absolutely love how you have done this! So so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

    Juliette Laura

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  • i can’t wait to have my own house with a beautiful porch!

  • Coming from a little suburban house with a concrete porch (just big enough for three stairs to reach the door), I dream of one day having a pretty porch with room for chairs. Beautiful transformation! Enjoy that wine 😉

  • Your porch looks so cozy. That will definately be on my check off list when purchasing a home…a front porch.

  • Beautiful porch! I just wrote a post on my blog about my porch just last week. I love what you’ve done with it. Looks so peaceful and serene.


  • Lovely! I definitely wouldn’t mind spending a summer evening relaxing on that porch, drink in hand, chatting with friends. 🙂


  • Very cute! In fact I’m jealous – I’ve always wanted a comfy porch. 🙂


  • This is the cutest porch ever, with a rug outside! I’ve always wanted a wrap around porch since seeing them on US TV shows, porches look so fun!

  • I love this! Happy Monday!


  • What a charming and inviting space you’ve created! I love it!

  • It turned out so lovely! Really love the simple color palette, you let the greenery speak for itself. Wish I had a big ol’ porch like that! 🙂

  • Oh so beautiful! And just in time for spring!

    xo Lisa

  • Loooooove it !!

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • the front porch looks amazing!
    love the pillows and still want to try them out!

    – Janine

  • Awwww, this is so cute! I would seriously hang out on this porch all day and evening long. Can’t WAIT to move out of NYC and have an effing porch. I fully intend to be one of thooooose old ladies.

  • Lusting after that plant stand! Between that and the hanging planters, this just looks like a little garden oasis. Love it!

  • so cute! love that target rug. i’ve been slowly making over my balcony and a cute and affordable outdoor rug was the most difficult piece to find. fabulous makeover : )

  • I now want to make some home made tea (and some yummy pumpkin bread that was posted today), and chillax in your beautiful porch. We have a tiny one, but hmmmmm maybe it is TIME to revamp it!

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  • Looks super-lovely and cosy!

    xx Kaisa


  • This is such wonderful inspiration for the tiny balcony we have in our new apartment! I especially love how many plants you incorporated. I started a balcony space Pinterest board for anyone who’s interested: http://pinterest.com/archanapram/balcony-space/

  • I love all of it! I also had the same crochet toms as you

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  • The place looks wonderful!


  • Love all your plants, so nice to have them hanging, sort of makes a bit of a partition to the outside

  • It looks like a lovely place to sit and just have a hot drink 🙂 You did an amazing job!

    Carina xx

  • I love t, its amazing to see all of the things you have thrifted!

    Natalie @ http://secretsofahappygirl.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Beautiful! I love those pillows, how cute. Whoa, your porch is huge. I love it.

  • Beautiful makeover!

    Jillian – http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  • Such a beautiful porch! Love the photos.


  • What a cute porch, I love it! You don’t see many porches in Miami where I live, it’s a shame.

  • SUPER CUTE! Looks like such a fun place to hang out!

  • Looks adorable for exactly what you said – sipping wine in the evenings or coffee in the mornings. So perfect! Can’t wait to see the rest of your house tour 🙂


  • You did such a great job with the porch!

    xo Jennifer


  • your home looks beautiful so far! congratulations yu lucky thing xo


  • I love how you guys get so much thrift stuff – we just don’t have good thrift stores in the UK… amazing job ladies!

  • The plant stand is my favorite part! I love it. What a great find.

  • Oh I love what you’ve done! I’d love to have a home that had a porch! Loving the plant shelf!! 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • Looks lovely Elsie 🙂 you make me crave the day I have a place of my own! Rosie x


  • The addition of potted plants is definitely a must!

  • I love this! Clean and inviting. Inspires me to do a bit of a makeover on my own porch. Its a small one but you’ve demonstrated what a few choice pieces can do for a space.

    {The Board and Wire}

  • Oh, it’s wonderful! I dream about having a porch. We don’t really have them here in England and i would so love one especially a porch swing as well! x


  • It looks great…so cozy. I can’t wait to get started on my deck and backyard. At the moment my 11 month old has other plans for how we spend the days. Soon…it will happen.

  • What a lovely place to read a book or enjoy this beautiful spring weather!!


  • It looks great. Such good use of the space and you’ve effectively made another room (can’t do that in London with our weather!) I also like that you added lots of plants, not just outdoor furniture. Love the hanging baskets! I’ve recently done a post about using recycled planters, which I use on my balcony http://www.apartmentapothecary.com/wordpress/?photo=recycled-planters

    Hope you enjoy your new porch!

    P.s. LOVE your new app – such a great idea 🙂

  • Your porch looks great! I love the collection of plants in the terracotta pottery and the greenery in general. It’s very warm and welcoming.


  • My biggest domestic dream in life is to have a covered (I live in Seattle) outdoor space. The touches you’ve added to your porch are perfect! I love the hanging planters!

  • love it! so simple and so cozy, sometimes sitting outside is the perfect start and finish to a day. well done!

  • I didn’t see any info about the cement planter-unless I missed it. Was that a DIY project?? Lovely porch!

  • Beautiful! I’ve just loved into a house with a front porch and I’d love if it looked like that. Perhaps re-decorating the porch will be next on the to do list


  • I would spend as much time as possible in a cozy place like that! I would love to hang a swinging bench someday.

  • Very charming spot that is very inviting. I see lots of use being made of this space!

  • I LOVE porches. I wish I had one. Can I come sit on yours? It looks aaaaamazing. I love the porch swing and the chairs. You did a great job with the makeover!

  • I’m dying to have a wide open front porch to lounge about on like this someday! I’d also love the warm summer evenings to go with it, but that part is just a dream here on the CA north coast. I love looking at how people transform their outdoor spaces, Denise Bovee’s back yard was one of my favorite posts on ABM. Thanks for sharing!

  • WOW! looks so great! I want a porch like this so bad! one day 🙂

    Lady à la Mode

  • This is so great! I can’t wait to have a real porch. For now, I’ll have to settle for a 6×6 patch of concrete by the back door, haha.

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