Super Cute (& Quick) DIY Porch Pillows

Easiest DIY pillows ever! www.abeautifulmess.comI knew our front porch needed some fun pillows. And after shopping around a little, I decided DIY was definitely going to be the best solution! This was one of those projects where I bought the supplies like 2 months ago and just could not figure out what kind of a pattern to print. In the end, I went with the quickest/easiest hand printed fabric I’ve EVER made, and I love the casual, graphic vibe. Win/win.

Easy Patterned Pillow InstructionsStep 1. Use the tip of a small foam brush and soft fabric paint to cover your fabric with lines. Each line is made by simply pressing the top of the foam brush directly down. I added more paint about every 3-5 lines. You can choose any size for your pillow. Mine started out as 20×20-inch squares of sturdy canvas fabric. Step 2. Allow the paint to dry completely before doing any sewing. Step 3. Cut a matching piece for the back of your pillow. With the “good” sides facing each other, stitch around three sides of your pillow with a straight stitch. Step 4. Stuff the pillow. Step 5. Hand stitch the open side shut, adding more stuffing at the very end if needed. Step 6. Add tassels (learn to make them here!) made with yarn or embroidery thread. Stitch them into each corner and ENJOY!

Easiest DIY pillows ever! Easiest DIY pillows ever! Happy crafting! xo. Elsie

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