Elsie’s Guest Room Refresh

I had been thinking of refreshing my guest room for the past few years. When you last saw it, it was bright as hell, and I loved our yellow room for years (and still do!). It was one of the most visually stunning rooms I have ever designed. And I never did get tired of the yellow because it was in the guest room, not a main room. So for the record, I still totally stand behind doing a big statement in your guest room.

That said …

As the years went by and I styled, restyled and styled some more our various rooms, I definitely felt that overall our more neutral rooms felt more timeless and more “me.” And as the time when we had planned to list our home approached, I decided to make a few small changes to help our home be ready to list. Now I am not saying you can’t list a house with statement wallpaper—you for sure can! However, many people I trust advised me that it wasn’t the best idea. And personally, I know that I would probably never keep someone else’s big statement wallpaper if I bought a house that came with it … because I truly enjoy the process of choosing my own big statements.

I say all of that to say I realized this refresh may be controversial to some, and that is fine with me. I really believe there is a solid case for either decision I could have made. And either way, you get to see the room one more way before we move, so that’s fun!

I’ll go more into what I chose and why below. But first, more photos …

I LOVE this wallpaper!

I chose this peonies wallpaper in grey. I knew I wanted a neutral floral print and I really love this one since it’s so graphic and modern. It is somewhat the opposite of the last paper we had in here, which made the swap all the more exciting. Most of the rest of the furniture is the same (I’ll link it all just below here) and I added a new comforter from Target. I was really feeling something warm that played off the colors of my new tapestry.

My sister is staying in the room this week and she said it felt bigger, which is cool!

Sources: Peonies Wallpaper from Chasing Paper, Bed/Anthropologie, Rectangular Pillow/CB2, (similar here) Side Tables/West Elm (painted), Lamps and bedding/Target, Curtains/Anthropologie, Light Fixture/Sazerac Stitches.

I found this woven piece at a flea market and it’s one of my favorite vintage finds in a long time.

Our guest book is getting so full. I just checked and the first entry is from 2014 … still going strong. And below we still do the guest snack cart. We keep it full of a variety of snacks … mainly junk food.

My rainbow weaving from Sunwoven is still going strong as well. I know I’ve said this a million times, but if you collect special pieces that all fit a certain vibe for your home you can mix and match from room to room anytime you need a refresh … it’s the best!

I hope you all had (and are having!) a lovely holiday. Thank you so much for following along. xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Oh Nooo!!! LOL I loved SO MUCH the yellow bedroom! My favourite room of your house!:-( Anyway, we will always have the photos and if you are selling… perhaps it’s for the best (when you actually sell it would be fun to ask the buyer which version they preferred)

  • This is the coolest bed I’ve ever seen! May I ask where you found such an amazing piece? Gorgeous transformation, by the way!

  • Wow, it looks so good. The pink and orange tones work really well. I think the addition of the guest book is a nice touch

  • I was also wondering about the rug. I remember a recent comment on YHL podcast about not using a rug when listing (or rather it was needed in a living room but not necessarily anywhere else), and I was wondering if there was a reason you chose not to include one. And… I love this room and the new wallpaper!

    • Hi! That’s interesting.

      I personally feel like a rug is essential in a living space, but optional in a bedroom. We sold the one we had in here at one point because it wasn’t perfect for the room and honestly I just forgot to replace it and eventually realize I wasn’t really missing it.

      I will have to listen to that episode!! 🙂

    • Hi! currently I am happy with no rug, but it would look nice with one too. XX

  • We have that same bedding on our daughter’s bed!


  • A lovely update! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Love it! That bed is so unique, never seen one like it before – but I’m obsessed!!!

    Georgia Rose | http://www.justgeorgiarose.com

  • and ps that bird wall hanging is just beyond, what a find! i’d want to design a room around that beauty too ????

  • i loved the yellow, so fresh so fun! but this is beautiful too, in a cozy calm way. you have such great taste. and i 100% agree on being able to shop your home and swap things when you want a little change. i have a question regarding the wallpaper. do you take the old wallpaper off or go right over the top of the last layer? thanks

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