Elsie’s Guest Room Tour

Today, I’m here to share our freshly decorated guest room with you! This room was simple to decorate and to the point. It’s a medium size bedroom—large enough to comfortably fit a king-size bed (side note: king-size guest beds are the ULTIMATE … do you agree?), bedside tables, and an 8×10 rug, but not large enough for any kind of dresser or other furniture. The room does have a nice sized walk-in closet where I was able to add a luggage rack, some snacks for our guests and essentials like extra towels and the Wi-Fi password.

Here’s the before + after:

When we first toured this home, this room was furnished with a bed and nightstands—not so different from how it is now. We loved that the guest bedroom is the only bedroom on the first floor. The room is situated in a really cool way because you can walk right out to our pool area (now protected by a safety fence). The guest bathroom also has an outdoor access which doubles as our pool bathroom during the summer months. Truly, it was the perfect guest room and I couldn’t wait to decorate it and host guests. After Covid, we plan to make up for lost time and host, host, host.

One thing we noticed that struck us as strange when we first viewed the home was that there were no curtains on these giant glass doors. And in fact, there were no curtains in any bedrooms. So I immediately set out to find some curtains that were stylish but also could fully blackout a room for quality sleep. More on that below.

OK, so step one—curtains! I chose my tried and true curtain rods. They are beautiful, simple and high quality. They are also really affordable. This was the first time I used these velvet blackout curtains. I was nervous because sometimes velvet curtains can look cheap, but these look really nice. Since my window is really a large sliding door, I ended up doubling up the curtains with two on each side. I recommend this to get even blackout coverage and fewer gaps on windows, specifically in bedrooms.

The cool rainbow-shaped rug we used here is Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu & Georgia. I also used it in my last bedroom.

Let’s talk wallpaper! I chose the Sierra print wallpaper from Kate Zaremba. She’s an incredible designer and has so many beautiful patterns in her shop. It wasn’t easy to choose the pattern, but I absolutely love how it came out! Her wallpaper is great quality, and because we used a test sample, we were able to see how easy it was to remove (in case anyone wants that option) and it removes like a dream! And, she’s offering a 20% discount to our readers—use the code THXABM20.

I feel like the wallpaper truly makes the room!!! Collin installed it and he said that it’s even easier to install than peel and stick, so if you have done peel and stick successfully in the past don’t be intimidated by this product.

The print is from Society6. I thought it would be fun to tie the pool theme in with the print and the sun hats.
I used a collection of sun hats in place of art and I really love the function and beauty it brings to the space.

I bought the lamps from West Elm. I really liked the shape, but not so much the blue, so we spray painted them. For the nightstands, I chose this set. They are really pretty and simple. I feel like we should hide fun presents in the night stand next time we have guests … like, you know how at hotels they always have The Book Of Mormon. Like that but not.

I’m really happy with the combination of all the different elements. Here’s a link to our cute little bedside carafes (similar here). They have a glass on top that acts as a lid. One of my friends had this when we stayed at their house once and I loved it so much I had to have them for our guests. I really love thoughtful little gestures like that. In our guest bathroom there are always extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, and things like that. And we still do the basket of treats after ALL these years. It’s a really fun tradition. If you’re an old school reader you know, but if not, look here to see the post that started the tradition.

OK! I think that is it for now! I am excited to continue evolving this room for years to come. There are two future changes that I am considering. One is adding wallpaper to (or painting) the ceiling. The other is replacing the fan with a chandelier. I am not 100% sure on either one. Later on this year, we are planning to remodel that guest bathroom and it is going to be EPIC and veryyyy 1970s. I will be sure to share more photos of the bedroom at that point too. It’s important to me that the rooms make a good set since, well, they are a set!

Before I go, here’s a full list of sources!!!!

Wallpaper: Kate Zaremba 
Rug: SSS by Lulu + Georgia
Bed: Serena + Lily
Comforter + Bedding: Target
Throw: CB2
Curtains and Rod: Amazon
Print: Society6 
Nightstands: West Elm
Lamps: West Elm
Carafe: Amazon (similar here)

Thank you so much for supporting me and cheering me on as we renovate this year. I appreciate you all! 🙂 xx Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Hi Elsie, another beautiful room, Thanks for sharing with us all. Would you mind telling me what spray paint color you used for your lamp? It’s so cool!

  • Love, Love, Love the guest room. Where can we get those comfy looking pillows?

  • Hi Elsie! Just wondering, how do you hang your curtains on your rod to get them to look like that? Also, where can I find those cute little wall hooks to gather the curtains? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi! I ended up getting the canopy bed from Room & Board (we had this bed before, just as a Queen). The scale of our new main bedroom really needed a canopy bed. I’ll be doing that room later on this year- can’t wait to share it!

  • Hi! It looks really nice. I’m always so scared to hang up curtain rods and curtains. How do you know what size to buy and where to place them? I can’t wait to see what else you do?

    • Hi! Just measure the height of your ceilings and the proper curtains will most likely be a standard size that is just a little shorter than the ceilings. I always mount my curtains between the window trim and the ceiling trim. I find it easier (and cheaper) to buy them online. Places like Target don’t carry long enough curtains for a lot of windows. 🙂 I hope that is helpful. I’m going to write an in-depth curtain post soon!!! 🙂

    • Hi! The beige trim was like that when we bought the house. We are likely going to paint it all bright white in the future. XX!

  • Love the vibe!! I keep thinking that every time I see your spaces and colors. 🙂 CANNOT wait for the guest bath update!! Sounds like it’ll be super fun!

  • I’d love to know how you put the hats on the wall (presumably in a easy on/off way so they can be used). My hats fall off my peg hooks with the slightest breeze. Such a small thing but I’m going bonkers.

      • Second command strip hooks! I use them for all sorts of things. So good.

        Elsie, I think this is my favorite before and after of late! I love everything about your space, including your outfit. Would you mind sharing where your outfit is from?

  • Those curtains ❤️ Hope they are back in stock soon because now I’m jonesing to hang some in my home office.

  • Where are the curtain holders from? (If that’s what they are called!)

  • I love the curtains, they really give the room a nice pop of color! Do you have a source for the curtain pullback thing? It looks like it matches the rod.

  • Love the room, what a win to spray paint the lamps. I never would have imagined they would look so good! I love sleeping during the summer with a ceiling fan on the lowest setting. It’s like a calm, light breeze lulling me to sleep!

  • I could see a small 3 drawer dresser on each side of the bed in lieu of the nightstands. Maybe like this one?

  • In the first picture it looks like the comforter is BLUE and i gasped and thought, no way…does Elsie like blue now??? Haha. But I think at closer look it’s actually green? Love the idea of the blue though, playing off of the color of the pool right next door 🙂

    • Right? I did put a soft blue/green in my color scheme for this home. Going off the rails! lol

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