Elsie’s Main Bedroom Tour

I am so, so excited to share our completed main bedroom with you today. This room came together surprisingly easy. If you’ve been reading a while, you know I am a fan of keeping the bedroom space simple, clean and serene. I don’t want anything loud in my space and I don’t want anything extra to clean or worry about besides the usual daily life stuff like laundry.

I realized in our previous home that keeping our bedroom super neutral is something I really love. That said, I did a few new things in this space—like an illustrated wallpaper. I am so, so excited to share the full tour with you today!

This post is sponsored by Blinds.com. This was my first experience with their affordable, custom made blinds—and wow, I am hooked! I use two pull down shades for our smaller windows and a motorized control for the extra large picture window. Here’s a link to the Premium Blackout Roller Shades in Interlude Birch I used for all my windows.

What I love about them is A. You can’t even tell they are there when they are pulled up and B. They really block out most of the light, even in full daylight when they are down. We used them in our children’s rooms as well, and they are perfect!

Do you want to see how dark it gets??? My photographer, Amber, took this photo to look exactly how it looks in real life (in the middle of the day—full sun, by the way).

WOOO! My husband is a light sleeper so these blinds are a game-changer. We’re so excited! And with such a big window, the motorized control option made a ton of sense!

You can even connect it to your Google Home and set it to open up at a certain time each morning (our children are our alarm clock, so unfortunately there is no sleeping in in our home at the moment).

I think what I love most about the blinds is that you really don’t even notice they are there when they are rolled up. Do you even see them in this photo??? Pretty amazing!

One last thing I wanted to mention about Blinds.com is that their support in helping me measure for my custom blinds was incredible. And if you make a mistake, they will remake your blinds for you without any additional costs, which is such a lifesaver!

OK! So let’s chat bedroom stuff. We brought our Serena & Lily bed frame with us along with these two side tables from Wayfair. The print is from our ABM print shop, which is launching soon. The wicker sconces are from Serena & Lily. The two small textured pillows are from Target.

The light is from Lucent Lightshop. They are able to do custom requests sometimes, and for our bedroom they made us a small version of this flush mount, with eight lights instead of 12.

We have a good-sized bedroom, but with eight-foot ceilings, I didn’t want to get too large with the fixture. This is perfect! Lucent is one of my number one favorite small businesses, so if you haven’t yet explored their handmade lights, take a look here. When we sold our previous home, the buyers purchased our dresser, so we ordered a new set right away. I am really into these pieces and can see us using them literally for the rest of our lives, which feels really good! We lived in boxes for about two months before they arrived, so it was one of the happiest treats to finally put all our clothing away … haha!

The hardware is a combination of silver and gold, which I really like. While we’re on the topic of Anthropologie, I stayed true to my pom pom curtains … I just cannot switch away. I had even ordered some colorful velvet curtains for this room, but ended up returning them and going back to my tried and true.

Let’s talk about the wallpaper! It’s from Hygge & West, one of our favorite wallpaper spots. It’s the Storyline pattern in the color white). It’s got a very big repeat with a ton of little details that are so funny.

I always wanted a swan wallpaper, so it has that but also butterflies, bunnies, florals and more. I really love it! It gives the room a cozy feel, while still staying neutral and bright.

The rug is soo pretty—even more beautiful in person, if that is possible. It’s the arches rug designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu + Georgia. It’s the perfect addition of texture! I’m obsessed.

I’ve had my eye on this mirror for what seems like forever and finally snagged it on sale. It is mounted to our wall, so it’s safe for little people (and me too—lol). It’s bigger than it looks in photos.

I also incorporated this wicker cabinet as my Super Secret Storage Cabinet for a bit of extra storage. I really love it and can see it being used in so many different ways through the years.

WOOO! Well that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this tour. I have a lot more coming up since pretty much ALL I did during quarantine (besides hang out with two tiny humans) was decorate. I am having SO MUCH FUN working on home projects 24/7. More to come soon! xx- Elsie

WAIT WAIT WAIT … Am I forgetting something important?

Here are a few before and after images of the room!

As you can see here, replacing the plantation shutters with modern blinds and curtains makes such a big difference. We also refinished our wood floors to be a light whitewash. We never use a fan in our bedroom, so I replaced it with a beautiful light that makes the whole space feel complete.

From the other side of the room you can see what a difference the wallpaper made. It’s so much brighter now!

Thanks so much for your support and for following our renovations. I’d love to hear what your favorite part of the room is! xx- Elsie

Sources: Premium Blackout Roller Shades in Interlude Birch/Blinds.com, Bed Frame/Serena & Lily, Wicker Sconces/Serena & Lily, Pillows/ Target, Curtains/Anthropologie, Dressers/Anthropologie (horizontal and vertical), Rug/Lulu & Georgia, Mirror/West Elm, Side Tables/Wayfair, Wicker Cabinet/Wayfair.

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree.
  • Did you use Interlude BEACH for your blinds or BIRCH? Maybe they just don’t carry that color any longer at blinds.com….

  • I am late to this post, but absolutely love that you are supporting blinds.com! I randomly bought new shades for a new house (and new baby) from them five years ago. I had very low expectations. However, the quality for even their cheapest (they have tons of deals) blinds is great. More importantly, their customer service is incredible. They have replaced parts and entire blinds that have malfunctinoed, and they always respond quickly. We just moved to a new house, and I am not even considering other vendors. I try to let people know about them, but my network is small so I love seeing this!

  • Hi Elsie,
    Loved this post. Just wondered what you did with your old DIY wall hanging.? I made it too (the only DIY i have ever done) and still ahve it up in my bedroom but its very dusty and gross now. haha.

  • I liked seeing you use the roller shades. I prefer those to blinds and don’t often see people talk about them and I don’t know why! I’m in the market for some new ones and assumed that buying custom ones would be more than I wanted to spend. I checked out your links and there are definitely affordable options.

  • This is beautiful, Elsie! It inspires me to perhaps declutter the walls in our bedroom.

  • The bedroom is beautiful! I love how it looks out onto the woods. And I think our realtor just sent us a listing (?!) for your house? Or something crazy similar, which would be awesome bc we just got outbid on another mid century in Brentwood and as you know they are hard to find!

    • Hi! Yes, we haven’t shared the news that we decided to move yet but I am sharing the full (very long) story of what happened and why in a podcast in two weeks. XX!

  • What a gorgeous bedroom! I love how calm it feels, and the main light fitting is fab

  • Elsie, this home reminds me so much of my grandparents’ home where my mom and her 7 siblings were raised and where I spent so much time growing up. Seeing you make it yours reminds me of all the love and personality in my family’s home that we had to sell years ago and I can only predict that your family will have many years of happy memories here. <3

  • OMG Elsie, the picture windows are to die for! Waking up to that view is so peaceful 🙂 Your bedroom looks beautiful!

  • Oh my…! This is so awesome. Great iea with the wallpaper – love it!

  • Hi Elsie! The room is beautiful. I am also in the market for new blinds. Did you install these blinds yourself and what is that process like? Is it fairly simple? That’s one thing I am worried about!

    • Hi! Yes- Collin did it based on instructions from their website. It was super quick. And if you have any issues their support is A+.

  • I LOVE the white pom pom blanket on the bed. Where is it from?

  • Those blackout shades – perfect! I have been having trouble sleeping since COVID, and the last few blackout shades I had, I cut myself, but was unsatisfied with the result. Anyway, thanks again!

  • Well I want the chair! Can’t believe no one has asked about it yet. Source?

    • Hi! I got it from Shop Candelabra about five years ago. :)) I’ve seen similar chairs both vintage and new around the web. XX

  • So beautiful and peaceful. I look forward to seeing the rest of your beautiful new home.

    • Hi! They are Umbra brand they are super affordable and come in every size (I usually order them on Amazon).

  • When I first saw this wallpaper it reminded me the old one you had in your hallway and dining room in your previous home after you moved in. But in colour.

    This bedroom looks amazing!

  • What are the dimensions of the room? I’m trying to get a sense of whether I could pull something like this off 🙂 Also, how much of the dresser is filled with your stuff v. Jeremy’s? (just moved in with my boyfriend and storing both of our stuff has been a challenge) 🙂

    • Hi! The long dresser is all Jeremy’s and the tall dresser is all mine (they hold about the same amount of stuff). The bedroom is 19×12 feet.

  • It looks great, Elsie! Very inspiring! I feel like there are a lot of negative feelings around having matching furniture but I think having the dressers match makes it feel more calming (plus you have enough different furniture that it’s not too matchy matchy.

    Any chance blinds.com would give your followers a discount? Thanks!

  • Gorgeous! Can you share where your bed blanket is from? I’m hunting for a chenille bedspread!

  • The blanket at the bottom of the bed reminds me of a piano and makes me smile given the story you just shared in your podcast about your new piano!

  • Hi, I may have missed it in the post (sorry!) but where is the dotted/pom white comforter from? It is exactly what I am looking for!

    • Haha! Yeah I am SO HAPPY about the new sound machine/fan. It’s a game changer!!!

  • It’s absolutely gorgeous! Can you tell me where you got your sheets/bedding? Thank you!!

    • Hi! They are from Anthropologie (older, I don’t think they carry this one anymore)

    • I love seeing your room makeovers/tours but it is so disappointing to see how expensive everything you buy is. Obviously people can buy whatever they want, but there’s a fine line between sharing to be an Influencer with affiliate links, and lowkey bragging (whether intentional or not).

      I know everyone wants to get to some form of normalcy since the pandemic restrictions have been going on for months now, but it’s kind of in poor taste to blatantly flaunt your wealth like this while so many people, myself included, have lost their jobs and livelihoods due to COVID. Please recognize your privledge. The majority of the things you buy and post about are not even attainable to “normal” people.

      • Hi Natasha,
        You are right, this is such a difficult time for so many people. I do recognize how awkward it is to share normal things (normal being a relative term, of course). I definitely don’t want my room tours to come off as bragging. At the same time, decorating my home was the main thing I was able to accomplish during quarantine, and in 2020 so far, so a lot of the posts I have been writing do revolve around decorating and completing rooms. Anyway- I will keep your feedback in mind moving forward and look for ways to share ideas that are attainable at all budgets. Thanks so much for reading! xx

        • As someone who’s using quarantine to also decorate my apartment – I understand where the other commenters are coming from but just wanted to voice that I’ve been really appreciating the content! And an escape from reality.

      • Hi Natasha – I understand where you’re coming from, but we have to realize that this is a home decor blog, where they work with sponsors to get free home products. We don’t know their wealth or their financial circumstance anymore than they know ours. I doubt home decor bloggers pay full price (or even pay at all) for a lot of items, the same way makeup bloggers don’t pay for their products.

      • Hey Natasha, I completely agree. I used to visit this blog for accessible DIY tutorials to upgrade my own home, but other than Laura’s posts, it often feels like wealth porn. It’s rubbing salt in the wounds during a pandemic.

        I also want to see this blog honour their commitment to including BIPOC content creators. It’s been a couple weeks, and there hasn’t yet been one post from a non-white person. Black owned affiliated links in your Sunday posts would be appreciated as well.

      • This is absolutely ridiculous! Elsie, don’t listen to these people! I can’t afford the majority of the things you post but I have been a reader since 2009. Yes, you used to post more affordable or even free DIY projects and now it is a lot of affiliate links but you know what I think when I see that? Good for you! You’ve worked long and hard for this! Seeing this gives me hope that if I put in the work that I can get on your level one day! It’s inspiring!
        It’s not as if Covid hit and all of a sudden she started posting expensive products; she is just supposed to quit doing her job, running her business that she built ALL BY HERSELF for financial security in times like this, to avoid hurt feelings? She has children to feed, a mortgage to pay..

      • Natasha. While I know we’re all trying to do the best we can, to call someone out for being able to afford relatively, not even high end, items, is unfair. Does she not have a right to be successful or to like nice things? These are not even super high end finishes. You have the right, and ability, to frequent blogs that specialize in budget makeovers as well.

  • Love that you’re calling this the main bedroom, not master! Thank you for showing up and making little changes like that, you’re the best!

    • Thank you Karissa for addressing this! I didn’t know the origin of the term although it should be easy enough to figure out. I just read up on it and will be changing my language from now. Know better, do better. <3

  • Gorgeous. Are you still a fan of Keesta mattresses? You had me sold when you wrote about them years ago and now we’re finally ready for a new mattress. Just wondering if it’s still love. You’re so generous with your time in comments. Thank you!

    • Hi! Yes- we still have and love our Keetsa mattress. Our kids have them too.

  • I’ve been your follower for years now and I can’t stop falling in love every time you share a new part of your house! hahaha I wish you could just come over to Brasil and do it on my house too!!

  • Please reconsider purchasing from and publicly supporting Anthropologie. I used to love that store as well but a quick search online should convince you that this company does not deserve your dollars.

    • Hi! I have seen some stuff recently as well and I hope that they will take responsibility to make BIG changes.

    • I’ve been really disappointed (but unfortunately not surprised) by the outright racism endorsed by their stores. While I love Anthropologie’s aesthetics I will sadly not be shopping there unless real change is made.

    • Wayfair too. I don’t understand why people keep giving them their money ?

      • Many people that work at Anthropologie explained that the code name was used for all shoplifters, regardless of race. I saw other retail employees echo that it’s a common nickname.

  • This is a completely different room from the before! I am in LOVE with the wallpaper, the wicker cabinet, and that view of the trees. I’m with you, I love a neutral feel to my bedroom, it just feels very serene. We’re working on our bedroom decor now and I’m taking some inspiration from this. Thanks for sharing!

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