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Palm Springs HomePhoto via Apartment Therapy

Hey, friends! I just realized that even though I’ve been sharing a lot of home stuff, I completely forgot to share my inspirations with you for our new home! Sorry about that! “Moving brain” is a real thing—I have forgotten a lot of important things lately. (face palm x10)

Anyway! I’m really excited to share this with you. My style has evolved a lot since we bought our previous home three years ago. It’s funny though, because a lot of things stayed exactly the same! I still love gold. I still love yellow. And for the second time, I chose to start out with a lot of fresh white walls. So I think there will be some similarities as well as choices I intentionally repeat because I was so happy with them. On the other hand, three years later I have a lot of new inspiration, and I have a better idea of what I want to do in each room, floor to ceiling, from the very beginning this time!

If you need a refresher on our before home, click here. We made a video on the day we got the keys, sharing almost all the rooms. It already looks COMPLETELY different (mostly because there is zero carpet now).

Colors—I stuck with my old method of choosing one base color story for the entire home.

Color storyI am excited about this color scheme because it’s light and airy. I really wanted something with a bright/neutral base so that I could change up the details season by season. I want to focus on a lot of texture for the permanent pieces, instead of color.

We won’t limit ourselves strictly to these colors. It’s more of just a general direction to help me get started!

Elsie's color storyMuses—

Palm Springs Palm Springs + Jonathan Adler (photo via DesignLoveFest

Read more about this obsession here

Dorothy DraperDorothy Draper 

If I could be 1% this confident, I think that would be amazing. 

The Surf LodgeThat floor inspiration, you guys. 

The Surf LodgeThe Surf Lodge

I sometimes describe myself as “zero percent bohemian”, but I make an exception for wicker and rattan, which I am obsessed with! 

As you can see, I am embracing a lot of retro inspiration. I want to have bits of that, but also an overall cozy vibe. I don’t want my home to be too fancy. I guess if I had to describe my big-picture goal with the decor, it would be to make it really photogenic (an obvious necessity for a blogger and Instagram addict like myself), but then I would also hope it would feel really comfortable and easygoing in person. Because I don’t want to live in a white box…. hmm… unless maybe that white box had lots of pillows and a cozy fireplace. Haha! 

Outdoor spacevia Fresh Home and The Beverly Hills Hotel. 

I  have both short-term and long-term goals. We’ve committed to staying in this home for seven years (till I’m forty, gulp!), so I feel like I have time to do anything and everything, but it has to happen one day at a time. 

Above is a bit of my outdoor inspiration. Painted brick, an epic wrap around porch, an outdoor fireplace and some concrete block walls. We’re doing zero outdoor projects this year, but hopefully we’ll get started later next year. In the meantime, I’m enjoying collecting inspiration! 

Pink tablevia SFgirlbybay

I have a big project ahead of me! I’m excited to share it with you a little bit at a time. Hopefully this inspiration post will give you an idea of the styles that are inspiring me right now and what direction I’m going for. What’s cool is that even though I feel like I have a crystal clear vision of what our house will end up looking like, I know it will change and evolve as we go. That’s just how it works! 

On a side note, I am curious to see if and how living in Nashville will influence me. You know I’m a hardcore Dolly Parton lover (have a giant Dolly art project planned already), and I’m definitely going to buy my fair share of brass horseshoe things from eBay, but beyond that, I don’t know. Only time will tell! 

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