Elsie’s Master Bathroom Tour (Before + After)

Hi there! Today, I am super excited to FINALLY share the full tour of our master bathroom. I’m embarrassed to admit that we just completed the final renovation element on this room, more than two years after it was pretty much gutted when we moved in. It wasn’t the quickest room, but it’s one I am very proud of!

Let’s jump in to a couple before and after photos, shall we?

As you can see here, this renovation was more involved than just paint and tile. We reconfigured the room a bit, opening up the vanity/closet area into the bathroom area. The original room felt kind of cool in person. It had fancy finishes, like chandeliers, but it also felt a bit worn. The layout was making it feel smaller, so we decided to open it up. We moved walls a bit, making room for a larger tub and a larger shower. We said goodbye to the fluorescent light soffit above the vanity and the double mirrors.

From this view it is completely different, from the opposite view of the closet it is still very much the same. We kept what we loved about the room and used it as a base for a new design.

Isn’t the difference insane?!

This isn’t the exact same angle, but it’s close enough to give you an idea. In the other bathrooms, we kept the tubs and worked around them, but in this bathroom we decided to go all in and add a dreamy clawfoot tub. The chandelier is a custom piece from Lucent Lightshop.

If you’ve done a bathroom renovation, you know the pure happiness I feel when I look at this photo. I finally have water that runs again (haha) AND it looks pretty.

Sources: Bathtub/Vintage Tub, Velvet Curtains/West Elm, Herringbone Tile/DIY, Bath Shelf/DIY, White Rug/Home Goods, Bath filler/Purchased a less expensive silver tub filler in a modern shape and had it metal plated.

In the other (more hidden) corner beside the tub, we added a hanging shelf (using this tutorial, except a clear acrylic circle is used in place of wood). I use it to store bath products on. I like that it’s high up (little hands), and doesn’t visually clutter our space like a side table could.

This view really makes my heart soar!

Sources: Vanity/Amazon (no longer available), Faucets/Rejuvenation, Mirrors/CB2, Knobs/Schoolhouse Electric, Sconces/Cedar & Moss, Vintage Rug/Apple & Oak (cutest home decor boutique in Nashville), African Baskets/Amazon.

We just recently had the shower door installed, completing this project. The striped penny tile was a fun detail. I’m glad we added it. In the first photo here, it’s easiest to see the crosshatch tile pattern we chose for this bathroom. I love the texture it adds to our space.

Above the toilet we added two customized Ikea shelves. I use this for a place to store my face mask collection and perfumes (so, stuff I use more occasionally). Inside the vanity is storage for makeup and toiletries … anything we use daily.

Directly behind the vanity is an l-shaped closet area. It has three closets and a built in-dresser. We converted one of the closets to have a full length mirror and added more storage to one of the walls.

My white jumper is from Big Bud Press and my yellow shoes are from Seychelles.

Sources/Macrame/Urban Outfitters (similar), Bag/Cult Gaia. I am one of those people who is far more likely to use things it I can see them—so in my closet space, I use my accessories as decor.

Here’s the DIY for the accessories wall we added.

One of the best “visual treats” in this space are my nail polish shelves (DIY here). I’ve always loved nail polish! These days I only collect Habit and Aila (because they contain less harmful ingredients).

Here’s a pulled-back shot where you can see the Ikea cart I use as well. It keeps some of my favorite skincare oils and mists, my essential oils (I add one drop of Frankincense or Rose Geranium to my face oil at night) and some towels.

Thank you so much for joining me on such a personal and special tour. I learned SO MUCH renovating this home … like, I am STILL processing all the lessons I learned. We hope to stay here and enjoy what we have created for a long time.

Let me know if you have any questions about a product, or renovating or anything in the comments! xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop Actions.
  • I realize this is an old post, but I hope maybe you will see and answer 🙂 did you install the tub yourself? I currently have a an alcove style tub with the wall mounted faucet and would love to get a deeper freestanding tub (and would have to add a shower). Id love to know if it’s feasible without a plumber or if you had to hire one

  • Great transformation! I wish our bathroom was like this. By the way, I have suggestion, you should add more lights to make it more cozy and elegant.

  • This is so delightful! The transformation is huge. You have the best vision for transforming dated spaces into updated and beautiful ones:)

  • You sure did a lot of changes for this bathroom. Your bathtub is my dream and I love the openness. Your organization for all your daily supplies is also amazing- I need to get on that! Looks wonderful ❤️

  • The claw-foot tub, and the shower floor are both gorgeous! I also am obsessed with your nail polish collection & display! Wish my bathroom had enough wall space to do something similar! Our house is from the 60’s, and our bathroom has tile a little over half-way up the walls, and it would be too high up for my short self! ha 😉

  • Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! I just picked up the West Elm curtains for my dining room. They’re lovely!

  • Gorgeous! Love all the detaiIs. I also love the white although I don’t think color is out of style on walls. Just think white is having a moment.

  • I seriously love how everything looks. It couldn’t BE more perfect. The colours, the accessorizing…but I can’t help but wonder, how do you keep everything so dust free! I have to dust almost DAILY to ensure my open shelves don’t some how accumulate dog hair or dust on them. It drives me mental!

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say that the ads on this post are super distracting – why are there so many?!

  • Wow it’s so beautiful! I love the curtains- it’s remarkable how much they add to a room that’s already amazing.

  • Beautiful room
    New post:http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com/2017/09/nyfw-day-4.html

  • Such a beautiful reveal!
    I was just wondering if the shelf brackets were Ikea ones that you spray painted or had re-plated?
    Thanks! Love reading all your home posts, as we are renovating our home it’s fun to get ideas and see what other people are doing too!

  • That bathroom is a dream! I love how airy it is and all the gold hardware accents. I know you have mentioned that you spend a lot of time in your home and this space looks like a great place to prep for the day and unwind in the evening. 🙂

  • This is the bathroom of my dreams! And that jumper! Oh my! Do you think it’s worth the price point ($145)? I’ve been looking for one just like this and it seems like perfection.

  • Hello Leahlani and Tata Harper! Use both of them too!! Excited to see them on your shelves. Looks like you have the ENTIRE Leahlani range!

  • I really love your jewelry situation. I hate just storing mine in little box containers because jewelry is so pretty. Do you own only the jewelry shown or do you store the rest of yours somewhere else? Would love to know!

  • This is so beautiful! I love the plant on the tub shelf. It looks almost iridescent! What kind is it?

  • Your bathroom is so pretty!! I love that black & white penny tile! Also, I think you’ve inspired me to get my closet more organized. Definitely checking out that accessories wall DIY. I would love to renovate the bathrooms in my 1972 house. Currently it has those scalloped, seashell-shaped sinks that it looks like you also had in the before photos, and a buttercream yellow bathtub. It’s original, but not really my style!

  • Beautiful beautiful! A couple questions 1. Where do you keep the toothbrushes? 2. No washrag or sponge in the shower? 3. Where did you get the cool round white bag?

  • It’s so gorgeous! I love how bright it is, and the colors you used! Especially those curtains look perfect in there!

  • This room is SO dreamy! ^_^ Practical question: where do you put your dirty laundry? Do you have any cute hamper suggestions?

  • Love it! I was wondering where you got the shower door pull? We recently decided to go with brass metal fixtures and the last thing I’m looking for is a good shower door pull. Thank you!

    • The shower door company ordered it to match our other hardware. I was really scared it would be ugly, but they did an awesome job! (not sure where it’s from, but if you live in Nashville and need a glass shower door email me!) xx

      • I am obsessed with your bathroom!! We are currently in search of a frameless see door for our bathroom remodel! Any suggestions?!

  • I can’t believe how beautiful white walls have become in home design. When I was a kid I couldn’t stand white walls, and when I went to college and lived in a dorm I felt the same way. But now that I’m an adult I love this white wall trend and can’t believe I ever felt differently. I look back on the colors I painted my room and I ultimately got sick of every color SO fast! White home decor just doesn’t go out of style.

    • Me too! My first house had SO MUCH COLOR. I still love color and I actually really want it to come back into style, but in my own home white does feel so airy and clean (even though my rooms are usually kind of messy) xx!

  • I almost never comment, despite reading every day for the last nine years ?

    But this bathroom is just so so divine ?? a beautiful bathroom is easily my favourite room in the house!

    I’m commiting every detail to memory for my own bathroom in a year or two!!

    • Thank you Ally!!!

      And thank you so much for reading for nine years- that is seriously impressive and the best compliment! xx

  • Gorgeous!! I want to move into this house! Those curtains are divine. I love the colors in this bathroom. I feel like waking up and getting ready in there would instantly put you in a good mood. 🙂

  • How amazing are you? The bathroom, of course, looks gorgeous. I especially love the new standalone bathtub.

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