Elsie’s Nashville BNB Kitchen Tour (Before + After)

Hello friends!! Today is FINALLY the day I get to share our completed bnb kitchen renovation with you!!!! I have been working on this since last spring and it’s been a prettyyyyy dramatic renovation (aren’t they all?). So needless to say, I am SO HAPPY that it’s complete! Today, I’m here to share all the details of our kitchen renovation with you.

But first … you know what time it is! Time for a walk down memory lane …

The before kitchen had good bones. I knew right away that we could repurpose the builder grade cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and I was excited to try a new, more contrasty, color scheme since I am usually drawn to all-white-everything. You can see all the before photos right here.

OK, there’s a LOT to cover in this renovation. I’ll start with the sink and faucet! This tour is sponsored by Delta Faucet and The Home Depot. Delta faucets are my favorite for kitchen and bath hardware. I have many in my own home (in Champagne Bronze), so I was excited to get the same faucet I love in Matte Black for this home! It ties together perfectly with the hardware we used in the BnB Bathroom, which you can see here. Delta sent the most amazing Trinsic Faucet with Touch2O Technology—when it is running you can touch anywhere on the spout or handle to stop and start the flow of water. This is amazing for washing dishes (which I have already done quite a bit of getting this house ready for our first guests!). I’ll be sure to share videos on Instagram stories of how it works—it’s pretty rad!

The counters are quartz, which has become my absolute go-to for kitchens. The color is Pearl Jasmine by Cosentino, available at The Home Depot. They have a pretty strong marble pattern, which I love! We worked with The Home Depot’s Home Services for our countertop installation; they had a certified fabricator come to the home to create the exact outline before construction of the custom countertop began, and made the entire installation process so easy! I lost my mind a bit the first time I saw them installed … they are SO pretty!

The stripe ceramic vase is from 31 Bits.

The light is from my go-to Lucent Lightshop. I have their brass lights all over my own home, so when I found out they could make any light in matte black I was SO happy! I love how it blends into the kitchen and makes a statement at the same time.

The appliances are from Kitchenaid and they are truly stunning. I love that we were able to continue the matte black theme with the black stainless appliances. Here are the product links: Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave and Range. These appliances are so sleek and beautiful. I will be sure to share more details on Instagram stories as well (hope you are following @abeautifulmess because I’ll be sharing a tour today on our stories).

Let me just say, for someone who has almost nothing black or high contrast in my own home, designing this space truly changed me! I am obsessed!

This Barista Express espresso machine is kind of bananas. It is one of my favorite birthday gifts of all time, so I am excited to have one in our bnb. I am planning to make a video tutorial of how to use it because THE FUTURE IS NOW.


I’m so happy to share the totally finished breakfast nook now that the floors are in (when we first shared this project there was still stick on tile on the floor). The wallpaper is from WallsNeedLove and the pendant is from Schoolhouse Electric. I have to say, out of all the things I was nervous about, the patterned tile was probably the thing I was more scared of. I worried it would be too busy. But it isn’t. And it turned out incredible!!!!

Speaking of the tile, I haven’t shared a link yet.

This tile is from The Home Depot and I’ve already gotten so many comments (both online and in person) that are shocked and excited that such an affordable tile can look so expensive. I’m honestly blown away by it. It’s even prettier in person!

On the nook tabletop I currently have a few server pieces and some cloth napkins. In the future, I would love to to put some board games here … how sweet would that be for guests?

Thank you so much for following our renovation! It has truly been a labor of love. I am so proud of this space and I cannot wait to host our first guests (which will be friends and family during the holidays).

One more floor shot—A. because I love this tile and B. because I forgot to tell you that underneath the stick on tile was rotten subfloor and mold that took a LOT of extra time and money to repair. This is just a part of renovating. It’s still worth it! But I have learned over the past three years that when Jeremy’s dad told us, “count on it costing twice as much and taking twice as long” that he was right SO much of the time. Renovations are frustrating and longer than you think and sometimes really expensive. But when you get to the end of it all, there is so much joy in your finished project! So thank you for sharing my joy today.

xx. Elsie

Other Sources: Paint/Thunderbolt by Valspar and and Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams, Hanging Planter/WayfairKitchen Towels, Cutting Boards, Soap Dispensers, Marble Tray, and Wooden Tray/Target, Utensil Holder and Honey Pot/ World Market, White Pot/HomeGoods, Rattan Tray/Amazon.

P.S. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Ulmer.
  • Hey lovely!
    I know I’m late to the party on this post but do you happen to know what color green that is? I am doing a similar color scheme to my kitchen and I cant find the right green for my cabinets. Thanks girl! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  • Lovely kitchen! What’s the paint color of the walls and trim in this? Thank you!

  • I’d also LOVE to know what grout was used with the kitchen floor tiles, if you’re able to share! What a gorgeous home!

  • Hi there! lovely kitchen, what grout color did you use? Also do you think this would look off in a bright white kitchen? Your green cabinets picks up the green from the tile well. The tile themselves look like they have an antiqued hue to them so i’m afraid it would like dirty next to the bright white. Thank you for sharing this reno, beautiful!

  • Elsie, I have followed you since your CK and Red Velvet days and am a native Missourian myself. 🙂 My best friend and I are planning a birthday girls’ trip to Nashville, and I was wondering if your BnB was available yet, and if so, where can I find more info? Thank you, it looks darling!

    Ann Marie

  • Hi there ! Would also love to know what grout color you chose for this tile ☺️

  • Green looks fantastic. Great work guys, but maybe the top counters could have been some darker white or beige

  • I am obsessed with this tile (you may have helped me solve my decision paralysis that has been going on for two years). Can you share the grout color you used?

  • I just love the colors, tile, wallpaper, and fixtures in this space! Especially knowing how different it is for you. SO pretty. My family stayed in a giant airbnb this summer where all four of my siblings (and my and my sister’s kids) and parents could fit. It’s such an awesome way to spend time together rather than all having separate hotel rooms. There were some funny things we found missing though, which the owner actually ended up bringing by during our stay! The kitchen didn’t have a fire extinguisher. Not a single one in the whole house. We realized this because the dishwasher had a weird electrical smell and we wanted to get one out just in case! And we were cooking most of our meals together, and the knives were useless. Basically if anyone expects to cook at all, you would expect an airbnb to have a normally stocked kitchen! I’m sure it depends on area – maybe in Nashville guests would expect to eat out the majority of the time, rather than a thrifty family who happened to gather in a random city 😉 We just kept laughing throughout the week, and left them a lighthearted list of the things we thought would be helpful to add. I just wanted to share; not expecting to see a fire extinguisher on the wall, haha (mine is hidden!). I know this isn’t necessarily guest-ready down to those boring things yet.

  • Did you use anything before painting so the wood grain did not show through? Or just primer? Also did you paint the inside of the cabinets/drawers too?

    It looks so beautiful!

  • This kitchen is beautiful! It turned out amazing!


  • I’m probably the gazillionth person to tell you I love the floor tile, but it’s just really lovely. I hope it’s still around when the day comes that I buy a home. I love the green cupboards and the appliances too. Well done!

  • Love everything about this kitchen! What paint color did you use on the walls?

  • I love this new kitchen

  • The stick-on tile looks incredible! Can I ask what other options you considered before going this route?


    • Do you mean the floor tile? It’s not stick on. It’s ceramic. The previous tile was stick on, but it wasn’t in good condition. xx!!

  • Man this space is perfection. I want to curl up in that nook with some delicious coffee!

  • Wow! What an incredible transformation. I love that you were able to use and refresh the preexisting cabinets. The dark green and white paint together is incredible. The decor and design elements you’ve chosen for this house are so cozy and stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  • Came over from Instagram for the link as you suggested Elsie, but I am greeted with the potential of a tutorial, too!? Sweet deal! I’m glad to hear it was one of your favorite birthday presents, I’m assuming that means it’s great. I was so heartbroken when my espresso machine died last week. I’m kiiiiiind of a mess at the moment, lol. The kitchen is absolutely amazing, too. I love the green two-tone. I have wanted those black stainless steel pieces since they’ve come out, hopefully when we redo our kitchen the budget allows!! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work (and the espresso machine info, whew!) !!! <3

  • Stunning! I love everything! Please tell me where yo7 got the soap dispenser and holder next to the sink. I’ve been looking for something like that for ages.

  • The results are beautiful! I would love to hear more about the process of painting the cupboards. My cupboards are very dark with a strong wood grain, and painting them looks like an enormous job!! I feel like I don’t like where to start.
    Also, is that a sedum plant in the hanging planter?

  • OMG. I never ever comment, but this is my dream house! It’s really amazing what you can do. Love it!

  • I love this – what a transformation! Would love to visit there some day 🙂

    I’m at the starting point of thinking about my own kitchen reno next year, and wonder if you would ever consider doing a post on what kind of costs would be involved on some of your larger scale projects? I’m working my way through renovating my whole house, and getting so inspired by your before & after’s, but I’ve found the budget side of things pretty difficult to nail down on the projects I’ve carried out so far and all have gone WAY over budget as I usually forget to count in for something or other so would be great to get some sort of guideline before I start. Just an idea 🙂

    Also, would love a DIY post for your table in the kitchen nook as it’s beautiful!

    • I do get a lot of requests for this, but I hesitate to do so because every project is different. Although I will say as a *general* rule…. if your budget is under $1000- just stick with paint and small accent purchases, if your budget is under $5000 think about replacing old appliances or maybe doing some tile or a new counter. If you want a completely new kitchen top to bottom I feel like it’s important to save more like $10,000 and up. The size makes a big difference in things like counter top and tile costs. Appliance costs can vary greatly. And it’s important to always be prepared to a “disaster” if you remove a floor or wall or gut a room… there’s almost always something wrong that the contractors find that costs more than you expected to fix!
      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks so much for replying! I always tend to think I don’t want to start unless I can do everything at once, and that’s not always possible so changing my mindset to your general guideline is very helpful to me! But I can definitely say we are well attuned to the ‘disaster’ side of the things already (thanks to previous owners terrible / dangerous DIY skills!) 🙂

  • Really LOVE this, I would never have thought of painting the lower units a different colour to the upper units & it works so well! We are about to redo our utility room & I think this could be the perfect way to make it a really interesting space. As always thank you for the inspiration.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  • This is just crazy gorgeous, I LOVE it! I love that it’s modern but cozy, and also natural and not to feminine (pink is awesome and all but it is too much of a statement for me maybe). It might be the kitchen of my dreams!

  • That kitchen looks so wonderful, I love how bright everything is!

  • I live in a tiny city townhouse and am about to replace my aged gas stove. Because it’s located in front of a window, I will be replacing it with a newer down draft range, of which there were literally only two stoves at all to choose from, no matter what appliance store I visited. Have been brooding over this purchase and sinking a ton of money into something I wasn’t that jazzed about until I saw your post and thought what a smart looking stove you put in your place- lo and behold it’s the same stove!! I’ll now write that check with a lot less regret- thank you so much!!!

    • That’s so good! Yeah, I really love this stove. It’s the prettiest electric stove I’ve ever seen! xx

  • What color is your trim? I want to repaint my kitchen walks in marshmallow, but my trim is more of a creamy white and my windows are cream as well. I’m scared they’ll look dingy. Any suggestions?

      • Can you give the link/item number name of the knobs. I’ve looked online on The Home Depot and gone into a few local stores and they can not find them to order? Everything else is linked in the post excepts the knobs can you please help with this! Thanks!!

  • What are the dimensions of the room? We will have a similar layout but I’m worried it’ll look cramped in our space.

  • When doing the cabinet painting. Did you do a primer at all? The wood grain Doesn’t seem to show through! Also, where are the cabinet pulls from. Thanks! I wish I had the guts to do the green bottoms!

  • Love it! One question: I see you left the sink off center with the window, but seem to have opted to have the faucet offset from the sink- so it ends up centered to the window.

    Was this purposeful? I’m currently planning a reno and want to center the sink to the window. But my husband wants to center it to wall. Thx!

    • Yes- it wasn’t possible to center the sink on the window, so we decided to center the faucet because at most angles that is more important. I tried everything to reconfigure the cabinets, but this was the best solution I could find…. it’s a pretty small space. Not teeny, but I didn’t want to give up cabinet space, you know?

  • Bravo. It looks fantastic. I’ve been looking at changing my faucet to the Delta Trinsic and now my old faucet is leaking. I ran out to my Home Depot and they don’t have in the store, but if I can find one in my area my plumber says he can install it next week. Fingers crossed this will be my Thanksgiving wish. I love seeing it installed and also loved the champagne one in your house. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Exciting! I hope it all works out for you… we’ve been having a LOT of plumber appointments lately, so I can sympathize. xx!!

  • That floor is great! I thought you were sharing the last tile shot to be all matchy with your rain boots because they are a perfect match to the accent color!

    I definitely was inspired to add in an accent color to my home. A light purple that is now in the living + dining rooms plus my office. it really does make a huge difference in tying in the rooms together. So thanks for the idea Elsie!

  • Hello! Just wondering if you have an estimate as to how much it will cost to stay here once it is ready?

    • I don’t have exact prices yet, but we’re planning to do market value which may fluctuate & it will be less on weekdays and more on weekends like most bnb homes. xx!

  • It turned out amazing! I love everything you did, and that tile is so stunning.

  • I love this kitchen. We are looking to buy a new home beginning of next year and this kitchen is going on my dream board for the house. So beautiful and homey!!

    • How exciting Sharon!!! It’s definitely a long but SUPER fulfilling process to renovate a home. xx!

  • I’m going to America next July, and I’m so so tempted to make a little detour to come stay here!!

    It looks so peaceful!

  • Love the idea of boardgames! When we get away as family we ALWAYS take boardgames, and I buy one good one each Christmas for our family – it’s an investment in our relationships I think! The European games are excellent (Carcasonne, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride), do you have any go-to’s?

  • Beautiful! I love the attention to detail! Where is the hanging plant by the sink from?

  • Where is the adorable soap dispenser/ dish scrubber set on the sink from? I love it!

  • Your interior design posts are my favourites. They always give me so much inspiration. Thank you. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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