Elsie’s Office Coffee Station (Office Tour–Part One!)

I’m SO EXCITED (sorry for yelling) because this is the first truly completed space in my home!!!!!! This is our first big reveal! Today, I’m partnering with Delta Faucet to show you how I gave this little coffee bar a fresh new look. You probably know but Delta is my go to faucet brand and we’ve had them in our past homes so we knew they’d be perfect in this space.

Before we dive in, though, I have to remind you how it looked just a few months back when we purchased the home.

This is kind of an interesting room setup. It’s a bedroom that has its own bathroom with a second small room attached. The second room is where this little wet bar is. It was pretty clearly meant to be an “in-law suite.” For our purposes, I knew immediately I wanted it as my office and I LOVED the idea of having my own little fridge for beverages and a place to make coffee while I am working. Immediately, I started thinking about how to make this little nook extra special!

Here’s the after!

I took this photo with my phone to get the same angle (all the rest of the photos in this post are by my photographer, Amber). The color above is also more accurate to real life in these photos, specifically the cabinet color, which is “Smoke Bush Rose” by Behr.

The first big change we made in this room was new flooring. As you can see from the before photos, this room was previously carpeted. Next, we removed the upper cabinets. I knew the storage beneath was sufficient and I wanted to be able to display my mug collection above the coffee stuff.

We ended up painting the existing bottom cabinets and swapping hardware (we do this often and it saves a lot of money). I picked my first statement tile (I have a whole post about the tile coming soon by the way). At the last minute, I was so nervous that I almost backed out and ordered white tile, but I went with my heart and got a matte peachy-toned star and cross-shaped tile.

As soon as it started going up, all my nerves were replaced with joy. I love it SO much.

We added a single shelf with hardware purchased from Etsy. Collin installed a butcher block counter for us and white washed it. He also installed an under mount sink.

I picked a retro style fridge that was surprisingly affordable. And, of course, we installed my beloved Delta faucet in Champagne Bronze—my dream faucet! I will probably use these in my whole house.

This faucet has Touch2O Technology, which means you can gently tap it on and off. It’s also really beautiful, like so pretty, right? I had a similar one in our last home for five years, so I can attest that they really last.

It looked as new and beautiful on the day we moved out as it did on the day it was first installed. The pull down feature is perfect for a kitchen or bar top, making it super simple to rinse or wash items.

I’m so happy with how this little nook came out! It’s functional and beautiful too. I am so excited to fill those drawers up with work snacks and move in. I’m excited for all the memories I will make in this room—career milestones, art projects with our girls, and endless DIY projects. You can see another DIY wet bar option here!

OK, who wants a coffee or a snack?? :))

Thanks so much for following along! I had so much fun working on this coffee nook. I will share more wide shots of my office as it’s completed. I am currently waiting on a wallpaper appointment … it’s going to be so cozy and most importantly, organized and functional as well!

Sending love to all of you! Check out my finished office tour now that’s it’s all together! Elsie

Source List: Faucet / Shelf Hardware (mine are the 7″) / Brass Cabinet Pulls / Fridge / Espresso Machine

My mugs are from here, here, and here.

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I love this! Your butcher block countertops are always the perfect finish. Do you use a whitewash on them to keep them super light?

  • Very pretty! I love how you displayed your mug collection. 🙂 I’m curious about the butcher block counter top. How does the whitewashing hold up to moisture, especially with the under mount sink? We recently installed an oak butcher block counter in our kitchen, and I’m a bit paranoid about water getting on it, even though we oiled it. Would be curious to hear about your experience. Enjoy your lovely space!

  • I’m a coffee station, coffee bar, coffee nook fanatic! Your coffee station is my most fave (Pinterest incl.) of 2020 and more! 2 yrs. ago, the hubs got back from his early morning run, grabbed his keys, jumped into the car, telling me he had to beat the garbage truck. Ten minutes later, I saw him unloading the most godawful, beat-up dresser. The thing was painted half muddy purple/half bright pink and all three drawers had lost their support. I stepped outside, looked at him and said, “WTF?!” Two weeks later, I had a gorgeous solid walnut, refurb’d hardwood floor topped coffee station with perfectly spaced shelves and a cool old wicker bicycle basket attached to the side to hold spent k-cups for recycling. The odd, “what should we put there” space in our kitchen was the perfect spot for our beautiful new piece. Love it more every day!

  • That tile is such a brave choice, and one that has definitely paid off! It looks lovely. So nice to have a dedicated office space with kitchen in the home too, must really help when you need to switch off from work at the end of the day ♡

  • That tile is amazing, but honestly it all looks great. I am totally inspired for my future kitchen redo.

    xoKaelen | Darling Marcelle

  • Omg, I love it so much!!! Did you do anything to the counters? It’s hard to tell. If not, I’m amazed how well everything came together. Also, would you say the fridge is much smaller than the one in your kitchen?

  • Every time you do a room reveal, Elsie, I seriously stop what I’m doing to go check it out! I love everything you do and you’re inspiring me during my own current home renovation. Also I just want to say that interior design sparks so much joy for me, and it is one of my main pandemic hobbies (if you will) keeping me sane. Thank you for sharing your passion projects with the world!

  • I’ve been a reader probably around a decade and used to love how relatable everything was. I’m not saying this isn’t pretty, but man. All of these renovations are so out of touch with how “normal” people live. Especially during this pandemic. I get that you need content but this is kinda in poor taste right now. There’s a fine line between sharing something you’re proud of and bragging. Elsie’s room tours have been like this for a while, but something about it being done in a $1mil+ house really rubs me the wrong way. I think it’s time to give up on this website.

  • congratulations on finishing your work
    space, you are truly not only a passionate, but very talented interior designer! I wondered if you needed such a big fridge or if extending the butcher block countertop over the whole area and using a small unit to fit underneath was ever an option? Also, if the fridge was inexpensive it might not be very energy efficient.. did you look into that?

  • Hi Elsie,

    Been following you all for a long time. I do not usually leave comments nowadays as I am so super busy…but love all the content, and love this nook you have done! So pretty.

    Cannot wait to see the rest of the house as you share more xo

  • I have been rolling the idea of a pink kitchen around in my head for AGES, but I’m afraid to commit! ? we have room for a bar area in the rec room – this reveal has me thinking maybe I should do that pink instead to scratch my itch.

  • Gorgeous renovation of this wet bar! I am a little jealous this is part of your office space! 😉 Excited to see the rest of the office space.

  • Elsie, your room reveals never disappoint!! It looks fantastic, and I’m excited to check out the sources for your awesome mug collection! Excited to see the rest of the office! Also, amazed at how much you guys get done in such a short time! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a great space for your new office! So much more room than your last office. I bet having the separate bath and kitchenette areas will be great in there! Love the statement tile. It’s fun, yet seems neutral-ish at the same time.

    • Thank you so much!!! Yes, it feels more spacious for sure. I’m so excited to finish the whole room and have coffee in here every morning! 🙂

  • It is just super cute and I wish me one just like it for Christmas (knowing that it will never happen;-)). Our cottage house just has no more rooms available, after I used the last one for our wonderful walk-in….
    Everybody who work from home, ought to have a coffe station like this!!

  • Love this so much! It soo pretty and the mug collection looks great! I was wondering if there will be blogposts about your garden area and if so will it be restored in a nature friendly way? There are so many great ways to have a super pretty garden that can be a real boost for biodiversity too. Pinterest is a great inspiration to look for insect hotels, bird houses, hedgehog homes, low maintenance wildflower fields for bees etc. It would be soo fun to see that on here :)??

  • I love it!! Pink is the best! I have a quilt pattern I sell of this pattern, it a great classic motif. ?????

  • I love that tile!! and I also really like the one un-edited photo, to show what the colors are like in real life, looks amazing!!!

    • Thanks!!! I am going to work with my photographer on getting more accurate colors on certain things. It’s challenging when shooting in darker spaces and on darker days.

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