Emma’s (2017) Bedroom Tour

Emma Chapman Emma's bedroom tour

Parachute care instructionsI am SO excited to share a little tour of our bedroom with you all today! So first, I have a confession. We’ve lived in our home for about two years now and for at least the first six months we had a few moving boxes that just stayed in the bedroom, almost becoming side tables by the time I finally got around to them. Compared to my very talented sister, Elsie (who is currently on track to decorate at least one house every year or something … do they have Guinness World Records for that kind of thing?), I am a slow decorator. I think I just like to live in a space for a little while before I change too much. Plus, you can ask my husband, Trey, but I tend to go through spurts of decorating. Like, I’ll update all the light fixtures in the house, but still manage to not complete any one room in the process. Oh yes, it’s clearly a very efficient process. I do LOVE decorating, it’s really so fun, but I just tend to be a bit slower to get around to it. But one of my goals for this summer was to finally work on our bedroom. We’ve made some progress over the past few years, like I did finally unpack those final few boxes, so I’ll share more on that below. However, I finally feel like our bedroom is in a place that we both really really like. It’s a great feeling.

I also got to work with Parachute on this tour. All of our bedding items are from Parachute, and I’ll link each item specially. One thing I love about their bedding, which you can read in the card above, is they don’t artificially soften (with harsh chemicals) their fabrics, but they are still plenty soft. As soon as I put our new sheets on the bed, that was the first thing Trey commented on—how soft they were. And I had already become a fan of their bedding because it is what Elsie has in her guest bedroom, which I stay in from time to time when I visit her in Nashville. They also just launched a baby collection with crib sheets, which I realize I have no need for at this stage in my life, but it’s SO cute on their site so I’m mentioning it anyway. 😉

So before I inundate you with way too many photos of my bedroom (ha!), let me just share a few “before” pictures that are not all great quality, but at least you can kind of see the process.

Bedroom before Bedroom decor beforeWhen we first moved in, I took photos of the house completely empty (top left), but this bedroom picture turned out a little blurry because it’s a VERY dark room (which is great for sleeping, but not so much waking up—ha ha) and I didn’t use a tripod that day, which I should have. Live and learn. But you can see it pretty well in the empty home tour video I shared a little while ago; just skip ahead to the 5:50 mark if you want to see just our bedroom.

For a while, we put my macrame wall hanging above the bed, and although I love that piece, I read in bed a lot. So I always felt like I was tugging on it when I’d sit against the wall. Therefore, we moved it. We also recently got new floors through the house (see here for more on that), so that’s probably been one of the biggest changes to the space from when we moved in (other than like, actually putting stuff in the space).

I really love this bedroom. It’s a great size and although I miss our vaulted ceilings from our last house, it feels so spacious and has a much larger bathroom and closet, so I can’t complain. But the space really lacked perspective, and it didn’t really have a vibe or really much to say. So that needed to change. Our aim was to create a space that felt cozy but still spacious while also keeping it simple (not too much color and overly stimulating features), yet add some textural touches plus a little life. I kept thinking that I wanted it to feel a little bit minimal mixed with 1970s—so a minimal hippie, I guess. Let me show you a few different areas in the room so you can see what I mean.

Bedside lamp

I opted to add simple bedside shelves instead of side tables, plus we each have our own bedside sconce. I read in bed pretty often, I think it can help prepare your mind for sleep better than scrolling on IG (although I must admit I do that sometimes, too). But I love having my own light on my side of the bed so I can still read, even if Trey is going to sleep. Although it’s often the other way around, as he’s more of a night owl than me.

Pink dress Modern bedroom decor

Above our bed we’ve hung a painting my mother made for us a few years ago. It’s a pretty special painting to me because my mom is a very talented abstract artist, but she mostly works in a lot of color. However, she made me a special (mostly black and white) painting upon request because I tend to decorate with a lot of black and white. I also really just love having abstract paintings in decor because I feel like they start to take on new shapes or meaning over time. I had moved this from our living room into the bedroom as I was working on that space, and I told my mom that during that process I started to think the painting kind of looked like a figure is punching up into the air, which I had never noticed or thought before. Do you see it?

Reading books Favorite pillow

These are our linen pillowcases, and I love having multiple shams and pillows on our bed. This lumbar one is so pretty! It’s Trey’s favorite, too. And even though we have quite a few pillows on the bed, it takes seconds to remove them and put them back the next day, and makes the space feel so much more luxurious, like a hotel room. Totally worth the extra few seconds, if you ask me!

Emma's bedroom Iceland photo series Gyser photo seriesTo the side of the bed I added a small shelf for pictures to hang. Currently, I have a series of a geyser erupting that I took while we visited Iceland two years ago. Trey and I both really, really loved Iceland, so I love having photos from that trip around. If you ever get a chance to visit that magical country, you totally should—it’s just SO unique looking there.

We also added a few little plant babies to this side of the room, to add a little life. One of them I’ve had for a few years and the other is new, so fingers crossed I can keep them alive and thriving. I love plants, but plants don’t always seem to love me. Ha!

DIY rope chandelier Both the dresser and the lamp are projects I shared on the blog as DIY’s, and they’re still going strong! The comfy throw on the bed is from Parachute, the copper planter is from Target, and the chair is from Amazon.

DIY rope light Hanging plants Arielle Vey prints The beautiful flamingo print is from Arielle Vey, and I LOVE every single thing in her print shop.

Fiddle leaf plantsThe other side of the bed is even more exciting. So first, you can see that I moved the macrame hanging over there, plus it got a trim sometime last year. Originally, it was a curtain I used for a closet in our last house, but since then it’s become more of a wall hanging. So I decided to cut the bottom edge so it would feel more like a decor piece rather than a curtain. And speaking of ropes, can you spot them all in these photos? Yes, I guess our bedroom has a little bit of rope/macrame theme to it. I created the hanging light fixture that is above our bed, and we also have a small hanging shelf with plants in the corner. I bought mine but you can also learn to make your own here. The tree stump side table is also a DIY project.

And the giant green and cream weaving is something I commissioned Rachel Denbow to make us. Originally, I had planned to hang it above our fireplace, but after having it there for a few months it just didn’t feel right. So it now has a new home in the bedroom where I get to see and enjoy it even more, so that works out!

Emma Chapman and Elise RandolphElise helped me photograph this space, so of course I made her cheese it up with me for a photo. 🙂 Thanks for letting me share our bedroom with you all! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Project assistant: Ethan Randolph. Photography: Elise Abigail and Emma Chapman.
  • I love the little details; the shelf for the pictures, the hanging plants – it’s all very crisp and clean. But it’s also got a lot of personality, too. Lovely work.

  • I love your bedroom! Any chance you’d sell those Iceland geyser as prints? 🙂

  • Your bedroom looks gorgeous. I just love the transformation, it’s awesome.

  • Wow! Your room is that perfect combo of simple and artistic! My favorite is the painting your mother did for you that’s abstract in black and white. I would love something like that in my room! I thought it was genius of you to use shelves as beside tables since I’ve never seen that before and would prefer that myself. Thanks for this awesome post!

  • Hey ladies. Your room looks great! I’ve got a question – it’s a kinda related… I’m looking for the post where you describe your trick for super clean lines when using painters tape – something about painting the base color first, but I can’t exactly remember and I can’t figure if that is before you put on the tape or after or what… Can you send me the link to that post?

  • Wow! I absolutely LOVE your mum’s painting, what a talented artist she is! So special and unique, love what you’ve done with the space 🙂

  • I’m so in love with that dresser, it looks gorgeous!

  • I totally enjoyed the little green details. That bedroom looks so great! Great job you guys. 🙂


  • so cute! I would love to know where that dress is from– I cant believe no one has asked yet, its so cute!

  • Have you thought about putting those geyser shots in a print shop? I would love to get my hands on the series for above my couch. I don’t see a lot of print shops that sell multiple shots that go together.

  • That dresser is life!! I love how unexpected it is. Also love the dark wood of the door vs the mirror. It just makes it pop!

    Nicolette | www.nicolette.co

  • what a lovely bedroom!
    we visited iceland this summer to celebrate our 15 year (yikes!) anniversary, and i agree. it is a stunningly beautiful and unique country and i already want to go back! i love the geyser series. it must bring back amazing memories! <3

  • What a great room makeover! Love the photos you took of the geysers on vacation. Such a great way to display them too. If you don’t mind my asking…where did you get that dress you are wearing? Looks so cute! Congrats on the cook book too! 🙂

  • I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 at work and lost access to view any photos on your site. Your blog is my favorite, so I’m still really sad about it. I rarely ever access the internet at home. However, I can see the photos in this post! If you guys changed hosts for the photos, I will be so happy!

  • I’m always blown away by what you guys do with spaces. This room is fantastic, bright, sunny, and whimsical. I’m in love.


  • So pretty and soothing. Your comments about the moving boxes in bedroom is refreshing & relatable! Thanks for the tour.

  • Wow, those drawers are to die for!
    – Emily from http://www.emilyunderworld.co.uk ♡

  • I love that you and Elsie have similar tastes in things (like the prints, textile wall art, etc) but you both translate them so differently in decorating! I feel like my taste is less mid century modern and more eclectic modern so while I think both your and Elsie’s homes are lovely, your style is more what I see a future home of mine looking like.

    I love all the beautiful details in your bedroom and those floating shelves and his and her lights are absolutely perfect!

  • Such a cute room, you’ve given me lots of ideas for my own. My boyfriend and I have a TON of work to do on our room, but we’ve put it on the back burner while we’ve been focusing on the rest of the house. I really love the idea of bedside shelves instead of tables, our room is so small that I wouldn’t hesitate to instal something a little more permanent as we’re pretty limited with layout options.

    P.S. your light fixture totally reminds me of the giant macrame piece at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

    • Thank you so much! That was actually the inspiration behind the light fixture—so that means a lot!

  • I love how clean and fresh it feels while the tapestries and chandelier add a very cozy vibe as well. We’re getting ready to work on our master bedroom too (which has always been an afterthought at our last homes) and definitely want to have that “hotel vibe” you mentioned!


  • Wowzerz. Love the decor, love your hair, love the updated macrame and love the cute photo at the end 🙂

  • NO WAY! I want that exact same print from Arielle Vey! It’s so beautiful and would fit perfectly into any space. And that dresser is so eclectic, I love it!


    • It’s a good one. I love ALL her prints though. She’s talented. 🙂

  • The bedroom transformation is amazing – truly well done, Emma!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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