Episode #46: Book Report Episode!

Hi! This week, we’ve got a book report episode for you. We’re each sharing three books we’ve read recently!

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Show Notes: This week, we are each sharing several books!

Me And White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad 

This book is truly transformative! If you’re going to read it, definitely get a journal and do the journaling prompts.

Shout out to Layla’s podcast, Good Ancestor Podcast.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

If you want an introduction, listen to Glennon’s interview on Unlocking Us.

Shout out to Emma’s friend Madison Morrigan and her new podcast Everything Belongs.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

This book scared me into completing my book proposal. So if you need some motivation to complete a project, I highly recommend Big Magic.

Shout out to the Libby App where you can listen to library books for free. 🙂

On Writing by Stephen King 

We love the idea of looking at writing as uncovering a fossil.

Shout out to The Martha Rules, which Martha wrote from prison. It’s definitely worth a revisit.

The Danish Way Of Parenting by Jessica Joelle Alexander and Iben Sandahl 

Here’s a link to my hygge blog post which has links to the three books about hygge I read last year.

Reframing is such a powerful practice—try it and see!

Holistic Wealth by Keisha Blair 

This is a personal finance book, but it also talks about other things that contribute to a wealthy life. If you’ve shied away from personal finance because it’s intimidating, we recommend this book.

Honorable mentions (we always have more than three) 

Work Optional by Tanja Hester. I learned so much about forming a long-term plan and investing from this book. I heard about Tanja on Young House Love Has A Podcast. 

You’re Wrong About Podcast. Listen to the episodes about Open Book by Jessica Simpson. It’s like being in a book club with friends and you don’t have to read the book first to enjoy these episodes.

Woman Of Color by LaTonya Yvette

Here are the links to LaTonya’s posts she wrote for ABM and here’s a link to LaTonya’s blog. Also be sure to follow her on Instagram.

We’d love to hear your recommendations for books we should add to our reading lists. xx!

  • Love your podcast and blog! Elsie, you mentioned the parenting book talking about growth and fixed mindsets. This book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (by Dr. Dweck), goes in detail about those differences, I highly recommend it!

  • Your conversation about Elizabeth Gilbert and Stephen King immediately reminded me of a Michelangelo quote I like to share with my creative writing students on the first day of class: “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.” Thanks for another great episode!

  • Sometimes I think Emma and I are the same person. I am also writing my first novel and second the recommendations for Untamed and On Writing. For a good fiction novel, Where The Crawdads Sing was the best book I’ve read in a really long time- I was about ready to write a thesis about it by the time I was done reading, ha. So many layers and the way the author uses language is gorgeous.

    Also, I can vouch for reframing being a very powerful tool to live a life with less fear. After five years of pregnancy losses and refusing to entertain IVF due to fear of needles, I decided to start thinking about IVF as something I get to do instead of something I have to do. I’m a good candidate for it, we can pay for it without it destroying our future and what better time to do IVF than when you can’t see other people whose heads you might tear off in a hormone-induced rage? A few months of reframing in this way has significantly reduced my fear of the injections and retrieval. It’s a kind of magic.

  • Big Magic was SO impactful for me! It helped me realize that while my job is creative (architect), I was inadvertently treating ‘hobby’ creativity as something not worthy of my time, even though there are so many things I love doing besides architecture (scrapbooking, sewing, writing). I’d put architecture on this pedestal of ‘worthwhile’ creativity, when in reality it can be incredibly draining, because it’s still work! Working on something that can be completed in a day, or a week, vs my work projects that take years – it was so refreshing, and made it so clear to me that I have time and space for creative pursuits big and small.

  • I just finished reading Big Magic based on your rec and have already written 2/3 of a personal essay I have been thinking about for months! It’s also encouraged me to finish the manuscript I have been contracted to turn in to the publisher that’s been overdue for ages, haha. It really scares you in a good way! Last summer after my dad died I badly needed pleasant distractions and picked up Gilbert’s “City of Girls” on a whim. It was exactly what I needed and I am so, so grateful to Gilbert for helping me through those difficult weeks. I think you gals would like it too <3.

  • I loved the openness from Elsie on educating her daughters at home.
    The struggle is real.
    I wanted to know if the thought of what I have heard of recently, of “teaching pods” or “education pods” is something to consider for this year and the circumstances….?
    I don’t know much on it, but I briefly heard about it.

  • I don’t really enjoy journaling, so I just finished White Fragility as my intro to similar work as Me and White Supremacy. I really recommend that one too, so informative and well written. Also recently finished Skin Cleanse from the last round of recommendations. Love love these episodes, keep them coming!

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