Full-Page Photo Scrapbook Ideas

Full Page Photo Scrapbook PagesEver since I started working on our family scrapbooks this year (see my first album here) I've been pretty obsessed with figuring out how I can make it work for me. Scrapbooking is a hobby, so if I'm going to do it I want to both enjoy the process and love the finished albums. If not, what's the point— right?

And you know what? I think I finally cracked the code!

For me, photography is the most important part of a scrapbook. I want photos to be 90% of what you see as you flip through our family albums. So I've been sketching out ideas for how to make pages that are photo-focused. Today I want to share six easy ideas for layouts I made using photos as the base for the page. These pages are full of personality and tell a story, and they were super easy and uncomplicated to create. Win-win. 

It only took me a couple hours to print these photos and make six pages! One sitting. This is key for me, because the other thing I really want out of scrapbooking is complete albums … and I have a LOT of photos waiting in folders on my computer. Speed isn't the only thing that matters, but it does matter to me because I am looking forward to adding more albums to our shelves in the near future, and free time isn't exactly one of my assets right now.Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages So here's how I started: I sized six photos I love (all outtakes from our upcoming book shot by Janae Hardy) to 8.5" x 11" (the size of my album). I put two photos each on my 13" x 19" paper and printed them on my Canon PRO-100 printer. Then I just trimmed them and I was ready to go! Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages    Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages    Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages   For this first page I cut a circle from my photo, covered it from behind with a piece of scrapbook paper, and added cut-up sticker letters and a stamp to note the season and year. I am THE WORST at thinking of witty little titles for my scrapbook pages, so I tend to keep them pretty simple. Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages      Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages      Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages       For this next page I used a pattern stamp to create a border on one side of the photo. I added Penelope's name with chipboard letter stickers and handwrote her age at the bottom of the page. This photo makes me die a little. I love that kiddo so much. Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages        For this next page I used some washi tape to create a broken line down one side of the page. Using a stencil, I did a messy trace of a circle and added some stickers and cut-up journaling down the side of the page for a little extra detail. This is Suki's big moment. Look how cute! Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages         For this page I stamped my title in the natural white space and did some handwritten journaling with a permanent pen. I'll probably pair this page next to a page with a bunch of home photos collaged together. Oh yes—I decided to make a whole album about our home renovation process. I think it'll be Jeremy's favorite thing because it's been such a big part of our life (and our free time) these past few years. Scrapbook layout ideas (with full page photos!) Eeep! That's my husband holding a baby. Is there anything cuter? (answer—no) I thought it might be fun to have this random page in our Volume 3 Book (third year of marriage) about how we started to talk babies. This design is real simple, just a quick little title and bit of journaling. Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages           This was my favorite photo that Janae took when we were shooting the home book. She made me promise to frame it in the house. I totally will. (Another Suki moment.) This reminds me—I can't wait to put that hammock back out! 

So, I kept this page super simple. I didn't want to take much away from the photo since it's a favorite. So I stamped along the bottom and added a real small handwritten date. Simple, easy, and I totally love it! Full Page Photo Scrapbook Pages IdeasI love making these pages. I'll probably continue on with a pretty high ratio of full-page photos just because I love how they look in the album. They really add a lot of energy and personality to the overall feel of the album. 

Next I'll share some ideas for packing a whole bunch of photos on pages. I love that look too! 

Supplies used: Studio Calico (inks, stickers, paper), Amy Tangerine (stamps, letter stickers), Ashley G (triangle stamp).  Scrapbook ideasThanks so much for reading. If you have any questions (or suggestions—I'm always open to those too!) I'll be checking the comments and answering you guys back today! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Photos on scrapbook pages: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with Jean from The Signature Collection

  • OMG!its amazing….awesome. You are such a amazing character. Even i like scrapbooking too…!!!

  • That is just awesome! I wish I could someday make something such beautiful and creative like here

  • You’re just so talented. I’m so inspired by the simple beauty of your layouts. Love it.

  • This gets me so excited for scrapbooking! The only trouble I have is finding a scrapbook to fill … do you make your own? If so, I’d love to see how! 🙂 (ie. do you use cardboard for your pages or clear sleeves?)

  • Hi, I was just wondering whether you have ever done any full-page photos that fit the large 12 x 12″ project life folders (not cut up, just printed as one large photo)? Are you able to do that on a printer or, if not, have you found that stores are able to print that size? I love the idea of full page photos, but want to do it in a project life setting. Thanks =)

  • What kind of pen do you use for handwriting on your scrapbooking pages? Is it just a fine point sharpie? I haven’t found a pen/marker that I love for writing on photos and yours always turn out so cute!


  • your scrapbooking posts are so inspiring! i NEED to get a photo printer!

  • I LOVE your scrapbooking style, and don’t be surprised if any I make down the line are very similar. I agree that when it comes to scrapbooks, the photos take center stage for me. People who go all out w/ embellishments have a different approach which I just find way too time consuming and tedious. But, to each their own for sure!

  • Thank you thank you thank you for posting more scrapbooking ideas! I have been wanting to get into this so very badly & your posts make it look so easy & fun! I have a bunch of Project Life stuff in my Amazon wishlist & I finally printed a bunch of photos last week… now I just need to take the time to sit down and do it!

  • I love this. I want to do this now. Scrapbooking not so big over here in the UK.

  • I love when you come up with simple, easy ways to keepsake photos. Scrap booking always intimidated me , this doesn’t . Thanks. What kind of tape or paper did you use to write on on your home and husband with baby page? Keep those ideas coming. Andrea

  • I feel like your’re “reinventing” scrapbooking and its TERRIFIC!!! Love these post and the industry needs some revamping and you and you’re talented group can do it. Maybe an idea for another book for you and your new team combining photography and memory keeping for this decade and moving forward with new trends but still preserving the memories. 🙂

  • Love the look of the full page photos. These and photo collages are by far my favourites! I can’t wait to see what you share in your next post about scrapbooking! And I think I need to invest in a large format printer! 🙂

  • These pages look so good! They went right onto my “Scrapbook Inspiration” board on Pinterest.
    One question concerning the taking pictures part. I guess you probably don’t have a lot of friends that are not up for pictures as with all the great photos I see on here (but maybe you do and we don’t know about it!), but how do you motivate non-Project-Lifers and non-Scrapbooker to take pictures? Some of my friends have been a bit annoyed when I pull out my camera at any given moment, but for me it’s the only way to document what we did. Any advice on that topic?

  • I love this!
    Have an amazing day 🙂

  • Oh my gosh baby talk!!! Ya! How exciting!!! Ok what else was the post about 😉 just kidding… I love the idea of the full photo pages.

  • I LOVE scrapbooking but since having a baby a year ago, have found time to be the biggest thing holding me back! And I have more adorable photos and memories now! More than ever! So this is a great tip for me! Thanks so much.



  • This interests me, i have always been intrigued by scrap booking, thanks! Also please share with me where you got that lovely black and white tea dress from in the photos? You look fab 🙂

  • i love your photo scrap-booking posts.
    thank you thank you thank you.

  • This post not only motivated me to create my very own scrapbook, but encouraged me to take more beautiful pictures everyday. Your blog never fails to inspire and influence my little life and I LOVE it! Thank you! x x


  • I love all your scrapbooking posts. They have inspired me to start some scrapbooks of my own. I just recently picked up a Canon PIXMA MG7120 so I think this will be perfect for full page photos. I also a picked up a chipboard album so I can do that project as well. Thanks so much for all you do. Your awesome.

  • Love it! I’ve been using project life and incorporating large page photos too because I love the look. Thanks for the ideas! I’ll definitely be incorporating them.

    Here are some other ideas I’ve used for those pages
    – Word Bubbles
    – Twitter Updates printed off and used as the text – glue onto of the photo
    – Use Vellum overtop of a photo and print the journalling on that – the photo becomes the background and the vellum doesn’t take away too much from the photo
    – I’ve also used photo shop to print the text right on the photo (with white writing)
    – Stamp a repeated image across the page (not just on edges)
    – Use a die cut to cut letters out of a photo and put pattern paper behind

    Well keep going because it’s so beautiful…can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

    P.S. I think my fav one is the one with washi tape.

  • Hi Amy! I got it from this Etsy shop- https://www.etsy.com/shop/hamanica
    Thanks so much. 🙂 Elsie

  • I love how fabulous you make “simple” look. I have wanted to scrapbook for a while, even started one for my daughter! (I got to her birth and ride home…that was 4 years ago!) But the time it takes has been a turn-off for me. I like instant gratification…and I beat myself up about clever layouts and titles. I would love to know what album you use, or how you bind you pictures together. Your style is very inspiring for a person who feels “stuck”…

  • Hi Mish!
    I use 8.5×11 sleeves from We R Memory Keepers. They have the regular full size pages and a few options for pocket pages. You can get em on Amazon! 🙂


  • This is so awesome! I really need to find the time to pick scrapbooking back up…Love all of your pages and would love to see more!

  • Ok, I answered my own question about the binder by reading the comments, but am still wondering about the insert pages? 🙂

  • Elsie, can you tell me where you bought your binder and what sleeves you are using too? That would really help me. I have a great printer at home and would love to do a project like this documenting our lives as a family.

  • love this! I love the details that you added with the stamps! Its simple but it really adds to the pictures.

  • Hi Elsie!

    I love these pages and have been enjoying your new love for scrapping simply! Your style still shines through with this minimalist approach.

    I still do traditional pages but lately I have been loving 8×10 sized photos of my 13 year old son which requires very little embellishment and the focus is on the photo. I love it also because he is growing like mad lately and he looks very different today from just 6 months ago!

    I can’t wait to see more of your photo albums!

  • Hi Elsie!

    The photo focused scrapbook is awesome! I have been scrapbooking for many years too and every book or magazine stressed journaling sooooo much. I agree that it’s all about the photo! And a little embellishment goes such a long way!( Not that a few facts aren’t important, mind you!) Thanks for sharing your projects!

  • I did the Life is Beautiful E-Course with my daughters. So much fun! You girls have the best ideas when it comes to scrapbooking and art journals. I’m trying to make it a priority to organize all of my old pictures and my mom keeps giving me more. I have so many that I don’t know what to do with. Maybe something like this will help! Thanks so much for sharing as always 🙂

    Lots of Luck,

    Laurali Star

  • i’ve been wanting to get into photo-based scrapbooking and recently bought a new album and ordered lots and lots of photos. these tips are so great, thank you very much!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I LOVE the aesthetic of your pictures! They all have a feel to them that really works well together. I can’t wait to get your photography book to try to improve my pictures!


  • I used to love scrapbooking when I was younger. This really makes me want to start a photography scrapbook!


  • Hey Melissa!
    Awesome- I’m so glad you’re taking the journaling class. It’s the perfect thing for getting motivated!!

    Thanks so much for your kind words!

  • I love all of these ideas!! I’m a huge scrapbooker too and I love mostly photo pages as well. My favourite layouts are either an 8.5×11 on a 12×12 page with embellishments surrounding it or a collage of photos with just a few embellishments. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • These pages turned out really great! I love them! I can’t wait to make some of my own!



  • Ok this actually makes me WANT to scrapbook. I have all the stuff for it, I just never take the leap. I have started the Art Journaling class and completed my first page last night and it filled me with so much joy and pride…I am so motivated by you gals! (I used to work in a stationary store, making custom cards and invitations and doing TONS of crafts, so picking those skills back up has felt a bit like coming home)

  • Love to see handmade scrapbooks like yours. Even though it’s so easy to make the online photo books, yours has such a more intimate quality. I guess, when it gets right down to it, handmade wins by a mile.

  • I’m a scrapbooker and really loving these ideas. I’ve been coming to the same realization, that the photos are what I want to see, although I want to add bits and bobs. I don’t want to too much empty space! These full page photo ideas are great – thanks!

  • Thanks so much for this post; it was super inspiring! I love seeing how you use scrapbooks to document your life, and this post is making me want to work on the ones I started and sort of abandoned a few months ago. It’s awesome that you were able to do so much in just one sitting, too. Can’t wait to see more of your scrapbooks in the future! 🙂

  • Such a great ideas, thanks for inspiration! 🙂


  • Hi Angie!
    We use Canon cameras and we’ve had a lot of different models though the years! For a first camera we recommend the Canon Rebel. It’s the least expensive, but a great camera and you can slowly add lenses to your collection with it!

    You can read a whole giant post about our photo gear here- https://abeautifulmess.com/2013/01/a-beautiful-mess-camera-gear-list.html

    xo- Elsie

  • Ok, this might be the cutest scrapbook I’ve ever seen! …And my mom has a craft room in our house that is basically devoted to scrapbooking 🙂 Especially love the stamps and writing directly on the picture!! GREAT ideas!


  • Hi Kelly,
    Yes- I do put them in binders. You can see what that looks like in this post- https://abeautifulmess.com/2014/01/scrapbooking-for-beginners-our-family-volume-1-.html

    xo. Elsie

  • Hi Julie,
    I use the we r memory keepers 8.5×11 albums right now http://www.amazon.com/We-Memory-Keepers-Classic-Leather/dp/B003W0TJDY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395939136&sr=8-1&keywords=we+r+memory+keepers+8.5×11 they come in a bunch of colors. :))

  • I love this idea! You are a genius…lol. I am so behind on my scrapbooks because one page can seriously take me a full day and I just can’t get myself to do that. I need simple. I love the idea of putting the design embellishments directly on top of the photos to make the photos the most important. They are beautiful! I think this was the motivation I needed to actually start scrapbooking again. Thanks a bunch:-)

  • At first glance, I thought the black writing on the “home making” page was actually on the wall itself, which i think would also be an interesting idea. like a love letter to your home scrawled on the wall.

  • This makes me actually want to scrapbook again. I used to design lines for the scrapbooking industry and did it for years through my own business as well selling to wholesalers. When the whole industry went sideways I left it and have kind of lost my taste for it. I don’t like the fact that I am no longer printing out as many photos now though. I need to get back at it. We made it all so complicated back then. It doesn’t need to be.


  • I have never been much into scrapbooking, but I love the simple touches to these photos! This is definitely inspiring me to do something with all the photos I have on my computer that I havn’t figured out how to display or use! Thanks Elsie!

  • i love this Elsie. All of your photos are so beautiful. Scrap booking is a goal of mine this year. I am always inspired by your ideas! xo


  • Tiny Larsons!! I cannot wait! (not in a weird stalker-y way, just in a can’t-wait-to-see-what-cute-baby-things-you-make-and-photograph way. :D)

    You are always inspiring Elsie. Love these pages.


  • Thanks so much for your encouragement Lauren! I will definitely do more posts about photo-based scrapbooking. It’s my obsession now.
    xo- Elsie

  • Hi Rachel,
    I use 13×19 Canon Luster Photo Paper for all my scrapbooking. It’s an in-between finish (semi-gloss?) I always use a permanent pen/acid free like a Slick Writer to journal on the photos. 🙂

  • Thanks so much Christina!! I’m having so much fun trying to find my new style for this stuff. 😀

  • Hi Tracy,
    I’ve never done the math. It’s probably cheaper to print big photos at Sam’s club or something like that, but I do love the convenience of doing it at home- so that’s what gets me! 🙂

  • I hear you Suzanne! 🙂
    Glad you’re getting inspired again.
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Becky,
    I like all the brands linked above (Studio Calico, Amy Tangerine, American Crafts and Ashley G stamps) 😀

  • Awesome Danielle!!!
    I’d love to see them when you do. 🙂

  • Oh my! This is lovely! I think I may have to look into doing something similar when myself and the boyf move in together 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Elsie, I have a question. Are these full pages for a specific scrapbook album? Or are you creating your own with your own binder, etc. Will you put these pages in page protector sheets? I guess my question really just has to do with what type of book you’re going to put these pages in! Thanks!

  • Love these pages!! Makes me want to simplify…everytime I think a page needs something, step back and instead ask what can I take away to make the focus on the words and photos. I also think I will start adding some full page photos like this to my Project Life album. Thanks for sharing!

  • So sweet! Makes me want to make a good scrapbook!!
    xx Chloe

  • I love these pages they are so cute, I never really thought about doing full photo pages! Do you have any favourite scrapbook embellishment supplies or paper brands? I also thought it was so cute that you have talked about mini larson babies, they would be so cute!! 🙂
    – Becky x


  • I LOVE these! Simple and beautiful, I wish I could make the same!!! I really have to start gathering supplies, but I don’t know wher I coul find some in my city 🙁 I sould make it a goal fo the coming month so that I’m starting journaling or scrapbooking for sure!

  • I’ve always wanted to print photos at home, but I’ve heard it’s expensive for good quality photo paper and ink. Have you found that with your Canon printers? Do you know an approximate breakdown of cost per page printed, or per book? Thanks!

  • I used to scrapbook with all of the stickers and punches. You’ve totally revamped it. I love the idea of mixing in the wash tape and stamps right onto the photos. These are very graphic and look like they were done on a computer! It has totally inspired me for some photo card templates I’m working on. Thank you! Beautiful!

  • I really love that you write directly onto your photos! It’s something I have not really thought about before, but it’s awesome. I’m totally going to start doing that. Elsie, you rock!

  • I was wondering what kind of paper you printed your photo’s out. Since you do so much journaling directly on the photo’s, i figued it wasn’t anything with a slick finish on it. And what would you suggest for us that don’t have a nice printer. I would like to do photo albums like this but would need to get them printed at the copy shop. How would you suggest doing that. Thank you for your help. Love your girls.


  • Cuuuuute! I love ’em! I wish I had the will-power to make a nice scrapbook! I figure I’ll start one once I get married! Until then, these scrapbooking posts are giving me plenty of ideas!


  • Love the layouts, I am leaning towards photo-centric ones as well.

    Penelope looks like your mini-me! Also, there’s nothing better than seeing hubbies holding babies, especially your own! 🙂

  • I’ve never been one to scrap book but, I have a ton of pictures that need something done with them instead of packed away in a shoe box! I love how you did the intro pages for your book! So, so fun & creative!! This would be great to do with older photos that I have multiple copies of as well! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  • Inspiring! I love the picture of your husband with the baby. So cute 🙂 do you put these in plastic sleeves in a binder or do you have another way of putting them all together?

  • Elsie, I love your posts about scrapbooking. I used to buy scrapbook supplies obsessively (and still have a verrrry large box full of things) but when it came down to sitting down and piecing things together with all of those add ons, I just never wanted to do it. I still don’t want to use what’s in that box. It’s too cutesy for me. I LOVE the idea of photo heavy scrapbooks and this ‘evolved version.’ It inspires me to do a similar project for coffee table books, or maybe albums that go on a bookshelf. There are so many ways to document life now that I participate in, but I think digitizing everything has made us lose interest in tangible forms of those memories. I ordered a Canon Pixma a few months ago after your posts about it & I love it. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent and print photos has definitely taken a new life again for me. Keep posting these kind of scrapbook posts please!

  • I haven’t seen this style of scrap booking before, but I love it! I use a SMASH book to keep pictures that I love. I think I might use this style! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Your scrapbook looks amazing! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me! 🙂


  • What kind(s) of cameras were used for the photos in this entry?

    I’m looking into getting an actual camera. I know you guys did a post a year or so again with the cameras that you use, I was wondering if it has changed at all?

    Or if you had a recommendation for a camera more on the in-expensive side for someone who is just starting out?

    Thanks for the inspiring post!

  • Love this! Such great scrapbooking- the colors and patterwork you used perfectly show your personality!
    Just a heads up– you blurred out the street name in the first few pictures, but not the last one–just in case you wanted to blur that one too for privacy!! If that was intentional totally ignore me- just lookin out for ya! 🙂

  • Great article full of smart advices and beautifull ideas ! Thank you Elsie 🙂

  • Hey Kayla,
    So- I think it’s different for everyone. But for me scrapbooks are for photos plus some information (but I don’t usually write long stories in them because storytelling is not my strength), art journals are for feelings (and I only do that once in a while). I don’t have a journal because ever since I started blogging I feel like the big moments in my life are documented here.

    I don’t know if that’s helpful or not, but that’s how I make sense of it all! 🙂 I could never fully keep up with all those things at once, it’s not realistic for me at least.

    xo- Elsie

  • Hey Zoe,
    Yea- it’s the best tool you can have for scrapbooking, in my opinion. Big photos are my fave! 😀

  • Thanks so much Jennifer! I’m so happy to hear it. 😀

  • Elsie, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for years! How do you balance the different aspects of journaling, like a handwritten journal, art journal, photo books, etc.? I basically love all avenues of journaling, and I’ve never figured out how to balance them all out to the point where I don’t feel like I’m overlapping unnecessarily or getting overwhelmed. Anyway, since participating in your journaling ecourses I’ve wanted to ask you that. I’d love to hear anything and everything you have to say on the subject. Thanks!!

  • Love you sharing your progess on your scrapbooking! It’s really motivated me to catch more moments with photos.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Great looking scrapbook pages! The text and stamps are simple enough that they don’t detract from the actual photos.

  • I’ve never been a scrapbooker, but this makes me want to be a better photographer and to actually take the time to make some. Really great. Thanks for sharing!

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