Gin + Tonic Popsicles

The bulk of my summertime liquor consumption is mostly made up of gin because of its ability to be mixed and because of its dry, herbal and crisp flavor profile. The gin and tonic is one of my favorite drinks to make at home because it is as easy to make as it is refreshing on a hot day. When I was visiting Spain this past spring, I was amazed at the drinking culture there and how they elevated this cocktail to a whole other level. The trick to making a great G&T is having a good quality tonic, a premium gin, and fresh herbs or fruit as garnish. I have put my own spin on this classic drink by turning it into a frozen delight that is perfect for relaxing in the last days of summer’s heat.

Gin + Tonic Popsicles, makes 10 ice pops

6 oz. gin
1/2 cup fresh lime juice
3 cups tonic water
cucumber slices for garnish
popsicle mold
popsicle sticks

Juice your limes and then add it to a large bowl with the gin and tonic water. Pick a good gin, a London dry style would be best, or something citrusy and floral. Your tonic is key here because it is the biggest ingredient and is going to yield the most flavor to the popsicles. I really love using Fever-Tree tonic water—it is clean, fresh, and has a very aromatic flavor that goes perfectly with the citrus notes of gin.

Give your ingredients a good stir and then pour them into the popsicle mold. Leave enough room at the top to add some cucumbers and then cover and insert the popsicle sticks. Send them to the freezer and let freeze for at least 6 hours, although overnight is always best.

At four ingredients, these popsicles were super simple to make. They are just like their drink counterpart: herbal, citrusy, crisp and refreshing. I love the addition of cucumber, because seriously, what is more refreshing than a frozen cucumber? Freezing garnishes in popsicles are my favorite part about making them.  These Gin and Tonic Popsicles are definitely the perfect summer treat, and I am looking forward to having a few more of these before the fall weather arrives. I hope you can make these and spend the last few weeks of summer poolside (or try a Tom Collins by the pool!). Enjoy the rest of your summer, and keep staying as cool as a cucumber everyone. xo Natalie

Credits // Author and Photography: Natalie Jacob. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Such a fun idea!!

    Here’s another Gin & Tonic recipe (with a twist) that you could also use:

  • Fever Tree is my go to tonic as well – I love that their slogan is all about using a good tonic to compliment your fancy gin and it is so true! I can always taste the difference when a G&T is made with the cheap stuff! It’s gotten a little too cool here now for ice lollies but I now fancy a straight up gin!

    • Absolutely! Hendrick’s would work, but any gin will do too, especially with those fresh cucumbers.

  • Oh yummy, this is my favourite flavour! I have to try them!

  • Is this even real? This popsicle will be the next best thing amongst my friends!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • The G+T is my go-to drink (and my husband’s so our bar is frequently stocked with multiple–open!–types of gin). I’ll have to wait for summer to creep back to MN, but I’ll be trying these for sure!

    • Sometimes it’s nice to make yourself a treat that reminds you of Summer. 😉

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