Green Tea Latte

Best green tea latte recipeElsie and I each got home espresso machines for Christmas this year (here’s mine, in case you’re curious). Since then we’ve been experimenting making different syrups and latte flavors. I thought I would be fun to try making the perfect green tea latte since I’m a little obsessed with matcha lately.

Homemade green tea latte

How to make a green tea latteFor one latte you need: 1 cup milk and 1 teaspoon Matcha green tea powder. The powder can easily clump up so finding an efficient way to incorporate it into the milk is essential. I use a tea steeper (from David’s Tea) to sift the powder into the milk, whisking as I do. You could also use a regular size sifter or fine mesh sieve. Just sift the powder on to a small piece of wax or parchment paper and then poor it into the milk and whisk.

Green tea latteOnce you have your clump-free green tea milk, now we just need to add heat and froth it up. 🙂 I used my steaming wand on my espresso machine. But you could also do this in a small pot on the stove top. Whisk as the milk heats up to get that frothy latte top.

Matcha green tea latte recipeYou can sweeten your latte with honey flavored syrup or a little sugar. Enjoy! xo. Emma

  • I followed this recipe and I’m in love with it. Unfortunately, matcha tea is quite expensive. Way more expensive than coffee.

  • This seems yummy! I love to try this tea. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.

  • I put the powder in the bottom of my cup with a bit of hot water, mix it, and then add the milk afterwards. Works for me!

  • This is one of my favorite drinks! I love Matcha so much.

  • I love this recipe. I don’t drink any coffee at all but I never thought of the myriad of other drinks that could be made with an espresso maker. Keep the recipes coming!

  • I love your guys site. I pretty much have a green tea latte everyday! I actually linked to your recipe on matcha green tea donuts the other day on my green tea website that I recently started. I’m such a newbie at the whole blog thing. If you stumble to my site, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

    Thanks for sharing some amazing things here!


  • I had never seen green tea before. It looks tasty; I will try it once for sure.

  • That sounds absolutely divine. I’m going to assume this is ten times cheaper than the green tea lattes at Starbucks, so I might as well give this a go and save a few bucks! Thanks for the recipe. C:

  • Great tips! I’ve tried making matcha latte before and it wasn’t so good, but I think I may be inspired to try again 🙂

  • I love all things green tea so I’ll definitely have to try this out for sure! 🙂


    The Habit

  • Emma….where did you purchase your Matcha Green Tea Powder??!! This looks delicious…..and gorgeaux by the way!!!

  • I have never tried macha but this latte looks like a perfect introduction.

    hey, isn’t “honey-flavoured syrup”, honey?

  • This is the only drink I order at Starbucks! I’d love to be able to make them at home <3 THANK YOU

  • Be careful with the green tea. Too much decreases the body’s ability to absorb folic acid and iron. Folic acid is a B vitamin and is in your prenatal vitamins to help baby’s spinal development. But this looks yummy! I’m sure in moderation of course, it’s all good! 🙂

  • I’m a green tea lover too! I hope this taste as good as it looks because it looks so yummy!

  • I am obsessed with green tea lattes!

  • I love matcha latte. This looks incredibly gourmet for a homemade version.

  • Love green tea, and now you’ve made me curious to try a green tea latte. Thank you for the recipe!

  • Yummy matcha…love that green tea flavor! I’ve tried this kind of thing with almond milk and the flavor is a little nuttier than regular milk but still delicious.

  • Love the simplicity of it! Matcha is amazing, and I’d love to try making this with a traditional Japanese wooden whisk! Ha, might not froth much though…

  • I haven’t been a huge fan of green tea, but I would still like to try this. Earl Grey will have to step aside:)

    Stephanie May*

  • I’ve never tried matcha .. I should pick some up 🙂

    I’d also like to get an espresso machine and get rid of the Keurig.


    It’s such an awesome flavour and I hate the fact that I can’t find any place in Germany that sells the matcha powder >__<''

  • Your pictures look amazing!
    Here’s my favorite way to make a match latte.

  • Can I do this with steeped tea? Or should it be powder? Looks delicious though!! I started a 10 things series, inspired by you guys 🙂

  • That looks so good, I’ve recently become obsessed with green tea lattes from starbucks, I’d like to try and make this at home!

  • That is seriously crazy and so cool!! I love that you are not afraid of experimenting and challenging the norm! – I am going to do my first giveaway soon – you girls have been a great source of inspiration to me


  • Wow Emma, as usual another amazing recipe! Cannot wait to try this one.

    All the best!


  • Yumm I love green tea but I’m trying to cut down on coffee, this will be perfect for me!

  • Yum! I’m definitely going to have to try this out!


  • Yum! This tea looks awesome. I’m loving all of the green tea variations you’re doing.

  • This looks super cool, I think I’ll have to try it sometime! And I have to say your sight is my faveorite!! I’m new to this stuff but I’m a big fan of it so far!!

  • I love matcha! I used to work at a cafe where we made these. Put a little vanilla syrup in it to sweeten it up. Its delish!

  • I love green tea but have yet to try a green tea latte…what is wrong with me?


  • I’ve never tried a REAL green tea latte before, made with real matcha, but I remember having a matcha smoothie once. There was matcha, soymilk, blueberries and frozen vanilla yogurt – DELICIOUS!


  • Oh my gosh! This is PERFECT for me. I love love green tea lattes! Thanks for sharing this!
    I think an espresso machine should be on my birthday wishlist now haha!

  • Green tea is not my favorite, it always tastes funny. But i’ve never tried in latte…might try it. At least it looks delicious in those photos!

  • cant imagine what this would taste like:)

  • Using vanilla-flavored soy milk is also another way to incorporate sweetness into green tea lattes.

  • I’m obsessed with both latte and green tea so the idea of being able to mix both just makes me ridiculously happy!

  • Yum! Looks appealing and delicious!

    Juliette Laura

  • This looks so tasty. and green! St. Patrick would love it;)

    xo, Clare

  • Hmm… This method seems more complicated than it needs to be! I just use by battery operated buzzy milk frother that I bought for a few bucks at Bed Bath and Beyond. Just heat up a cup of milk, dump in a tablespoon of matcha, and buzz away! One of my favorite drinks. 🙂

  • Delicious! I drink green tea daily, but never thought about turning it into a latte. Thanks lady! You guys are so innovative. Happy Monday!

    { Ellies Wonder }

  • mmmh, these look amazing! I never tried to use powdered green tea, but this looks worth it 😉
    Have a nice week 🙂

  • Have you guys ever tried boba/bubble tea? You might really enjoy some experiments with that. You make a sweet tea (like green tea or fruity tea) and add sweetened large tapioca pearls and sip them through a huge straw (like the size they use for smoothies at Panera). I’m sure you could find tons of info. on the internet. It’s an asian thing that’s trickling over to the US.

  • Kristen- I buy mine on Amazon. I added a link above, but there’s lots of sellers and you can often find it at asian markets as well.

  • Mmmm! This looks delicious! xx

  • I love lattes, they are one of my favourites. I admit I’m not a big fan of green tea, but I’m willing to give this match a go, you make it look so yummy 🙂


  • I work in a coffee shop here in Ottawa, Canada, and they way we make our matcha lattes is slightly different and it’s not clumpy. We steam the milk to 160 degrees, pour half the milk into the cup with the matcha powder, stir briskly, then add the remaining milk/foam. It works pretty well, but we might be using a different brand which allows easy mixing. Not sure, but thought I’d mention it! 🙂

  • OMG. This is genious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Cute espresso machine! When I was a barista, we’d swirl matcha with a couple tablespoons of hot water before adding the steamed milk, but I like your method too! Where do you find your matcha powder?

  • Looks so unusual! But cool!
    Katie xx

  • Looks great and I drink green tea avery day but I didnt try it like latte. Have a nice monday.

  • This looks really good! Can’t wait to try it.
    xoxo Aimee of The Sitch on Fitch

  • I am lately addicted to the Matcha – Latte , such a gorgeous drink !!

    X Luba

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  • yum! this looks invigorating and healthy. 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to try a green tea latte but haven’t quite been brave enough. Maybe I will try it now! 🙂

  • Where do you get your matcha green tea powder from? I would love to try it!

  • The colour on this is gorgeous! I’m not usually a big green tea drinker (though I do enjoy it on the occasion) but this is really making me want to give a green latte a shot. Yum!

  • I love how you guys are always experimenting with flavors!I’m going to have to try my hand a lattes.

    Check out some of my recipes!

  • Yum!! I’m not a huge fan of coffee, so this green tea latte looks perfect!

  • Looking Great. I will try this soon.

  • Love green tea!


  • This looks lovely, I’m a green tea lover so will definitely be trying this out!

  • I love green tea and lattes so this combo totally works for me! I’m not sure where i’ll be able to find that green tea powder here in the UK though :/ Great idea!

    Lulu xx

  • This combo sounds the best Emma! I just happen to have my aeropress and some matcha handy this morning! DOING IT!


  • Did you guys change your blog layout? I just noticed how simplified it is, I’m in love with it! I’ve never heard of Matcha but I’m interested in trying it. where could I get some?

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