HFHS House: Kitchen (Before + After)

Kitchen before and afterKitchen         Kitchen sinkWe're excited to show you guys the final look of our Habitat for Humanity project house kitchen. This is probably the space that transformed the most (tied with the bathroom). I am fairly partial to kitchens, as you can probably guess. But even if you don't love cooking, like me, I do think a lot of activity still tends to happen in the kitchen—so it's an important space!

When we purchased this house, the kitchen had old, damaged linoleum floors with a small strip of carpet near the sink area. The dark wood cabinets where in good shape, but tended to make the space feel small, dark and somewhat cavelike (not my favorite atmosphere for preparing food). But the main issue was the countertops. They were old laminate with major cracks and missing pieces around the edges. This is not ideal for a working kitchen because water or food particles could easily seep into the damaged counters causing bad odors, bacteria growth and decay on the wood underneath. So we knew this was an issue that needed some updates. 

Kitchen      Kitchen          Kitchen        Kitchen    Kitchen   KitchenFor the countertops, we removed the old ones and replaced them with new wood countertops that we skim coated with concrete. This is a super inexpensive (for countertops, anyway) update that anyone, with any DIY skill level could complete. You can read how to complete that type of project here.

We also added a fresh coat of white paint to the cabinets and walls. We painted the back door (that leads to the laundry room) a soft mint color. We had a white subway tile backsplash added along with a new sink and faucet. I installed and painted the kitchen pegboard (similar project here) for extra pots and pans storage. And we also purchased Energy Star rated appliances as well. 

Kitchen Lots of little changes and a few big ones made this space feel so much brighter, cleaner and a lot more functional for the family that will one day move in here. We're SO happy with how the kitchen turned out in this house! Thanks for letting us share. xo. Emma, Elsie, and the ABM team.

Credits// Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. Rug/Urban Outfitters and Pendant lights/IKEA.

  • Where is that green pot on the stove from? I know I’ve seen it at a store before and I totally want one!

  • Great kitchen makeover! I like the mix of colours with the benchtop and underbench wall.

  • Did I miss the source list for this one!? Beautiful! I love the door color and was hoping you could tell me the name and brand, and I love the little floor rug. Never thought of skin coating with concrete, awesome.

  • Wow. Those cement-skimmed countertops are gorgeous! Great job, guys!

  • This looks properly amazing! Kudos for working with such a tricky space.

    You gals are clever 🙂

  • Hey Emma, You did wonderful job for renovate the kitchen and looking stylish. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • I love all the whiteness + subtle pops of color! Definitely my kind of kitchen! I’m definitely stealing the subway tile backsplash idea 😉

    Pam // http://organizedbypam.com

  • Simply stunning remodel! I love how you brightened the room- I think the added light will make the lucky people who get to live hear very happy!

  • This looks amazing! Great makeover! 😀


  • I love how inviting this space is. The white cabinets really make it seem so much larger.

  • The kitchen is the part I was most excited to see. It turned out beautifully!

  • This is amazing! It looks like an entirely different space!

  • I wish the before picture wasn’t so dark — it’d be easier to see the changes. But I do love the after! Pinning it for inspiration. 🙂

  • Love the new life you have given this space…

  • We were planning on completely redoing our kitchen in our brand new house next year, but we just found out we are having a baby instead! 🙂 So now we are going to do this to last us a few years.

    What color paint did you use on the cabinets? It’s such a beautiful white!

  • wow.i love the design and i love the fact that it is bright and white.

  • It’s absolutely beautiful! You are going to make a family really really happy!

  • Wow it looks like a much bigger kitchen. It is amazing what a new colour theme can do!

  • Stylish without being excessive. I am definitely grabbing a few ideas when it is time to redecorate my home.

  • I love everything about this! Those counters are stunning and the white cabinets make such a huge difference in the space.

  • Adorable! I’ve been wanting to do concrete counter tops for a while now. On another note, would you mind sharing where that adorable black and white rug under the sink it from? Love it!

  • I love the bright look of the kitchen and the natural wood floors.

  • This kitchen looks like a completely different kitchen, I am blown away! So much new life was breathed into it. It’s quite lovely.

  • This is such a beautiful kitchen! I love the brightness of the white and the gorgeous door too!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  • I love the white walls & fixtures! All the light pouring into that space will definitely brighten people’s moods and make the kitchen a fun place to gather.

    Happy Tuesday

  • Wow, what a transformation. LOVE the pops of color, especially that door.
    – Kaitlyn | www.TheCrownFox.com

  • I’m totally digging the minimal and clean aesthetic of the kitchen! I particularly love the sudden pop of color from the mint door! Good job as always!


  • Hi Richelle! We used Mino’s Eye by Valspar 🙂 -Jacki

  • Love it!
    I’m wondering what type of paint you use to paint a door like that?
    Looking to do something similar!
    Thanks 🙂

  • So glad you’re sharing more photos of the house! The kitchen is so light and bright! It’s simple and customizable, but still has tons of character. Love it!



  • Would you mind sharing where the grey canisters are from as well as the mint-colored pan?

  • Incredible! My husband and I have just started looking into buying our first home, but all the houses for sale in our ideal location with ideal yard size would be major fixer-uppers. I’ve been saying there’s NO way I could ever do it, but these posts are starting to make me reconsider…

    It’s evident that a lot of work and a lot of love was poured into your HFHS house. It looks amazing 🙂

  • Hi there. The oven looks very similar to the one that you have in the studio kitchen. What type do you use. I’m in the market fir a new one so would be interested to hear.

  • what did you use on the back of the cabinets under the counter? a thin sheet of wood as a facade? It looks lovely!

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