HFHS House: Kitchen (Before + After)

Kitchen before and afterKitchen         Kitchen sinkWe're excited to show you guys the final look of our Habitat for Humanity project house kitchen. This is probably the space that transformed the most (tied with the bathroom). I am fairly partial to kitchens, as you can probably guess. But even if you don't love cooking, like me, I do think a lot of activity still tends to happen in the kitchen—so it's an important space!

When we purchased this house, the kitchen had old, damaged linoleum floors with a small strip of carpet near the sink area. The dark wood cabinets where in good shape, but tended to make the space feel small, dark and somewhat cavelike (not my favorite atmosphere for preparing food). But the main issue was the countertops. They were old laminate with major cracks and missing pieces around the edges. This is not ideal for a working kitchen because water or food particles could easily seep into the damaged counters causing bad odors, bacteria growth and decay on the wood underneath. So we knew this was an issue that needed some updates. 

Kitchen      Kitchen          Kitchen        Kitchen    Kitchen   KitchenFor the countertops, we removed the old ones and replaced them with new wood countertops that we skim coated with concrete. This is a super inexpensive (for countertops, anyway) update that anyone, with any DIY skill level could complete. You can read how to complete that type of project here.

We also added a fresh coat of white paint to the cabinets and walls. We painted the back door (that leads to the laundry room) a soft mint color. We had a white subway tile backsplash added along with a new sink and faucet. I installed and painted the kitchen pegboard (similar project here) for extra pots and pans storage. And we also purchased Energy Star rated appliances as well. 

Kitchen Lots of little changes and a few big ones made this space feel so much brighter, cleaner and a lot more functional for the family that will one day move in here. We're SO happy with how the kitchen turned out in this house! Thanks for letting us share. xo. Emma, Elsie, and the ABM team.

Credits// Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. Rug/Urban Outfitters and Pendant lights/IKEA.

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