How To Style Braided Bangs

How To Style Braided BangsI am braid obsessed! I have a couple different tones in my hair, and I love how small braids can show these colors off. This style is called braided bangs. This style works best on ladies with no bangs (like me) or longer bangs that can be braided. If you have shorter bangs might I suggest trying a braided crown for a similar look.Braided Bangs Step-by-step1. Start by parting your hair far to one side. I have very thin hair so I also pull quite a bit of my parted hair forward to use in the braid. 2. Starting at the part, divide a small section of your hair into three sections. 3. Loosely french braid your hair along the front of your head, just below your hairline. 4. After you have french braided down to your ear, continue braiding your hair out, so you can style in a bun or pony tail. After I finish my braid, I always comb my hair down a bit to push the braid lower into bang position. Smooth any loose hairs and style as you like.How To Style Braided Bangs I usually finish by styling my bang braid into a side pony tail. Once you get the hang of this technique I think you'll see that it's super simple and can add a lot to a simple look. I wore this style yesterday to date night with a simple dress and scarf. 🙂 xo. Emma

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