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How to style a corner gallery wall (click though for a video tutorial!) A few of you asked about my Andy Warhol quote print in our gallery wall post the other day. It was something that I whipped up and printed at home for the wall. If you like it, you can print it at home too! It’s 13×19, but you can resize it to any size you like. Click here to download it.

Have a great night! Elsie

  • Thankyou for this post! Today I saved it and went out and got it professionally printed into a poster for my room, I even got a frame for it. Xx

  • I love this print because I do love boring things. I’m an old lady trapped in a 29 year old body lol

  • Hi there! Good point. 🙂
    The top typeface is Dubiel and the bottom one is Gotham.

  • Since this typographic art print is primarily composed of a font designed by someone else (which is an amazing art form and takes much longer than the application to use it in a design), it might be nice to provide credit to the typographer! Especially as someone who designs their own fonts. That being said, its very kind of you to give it away from free, I am just left wondering where that incredible font came from, and I believe that it matters.

  • I also see you have a B/W photo of Salvation Mountain in this shot. What a crazy place!

  • Which program do you use to make prints like this one? I’m still looking for a nice app/program for typo that doesn’t cost the world and is easy enough to use and play around with.

  • HI Krista!
    I made all the really simple paintings (& Laura made the one at the very bottom, behind the cart!) and all of the photos are printed at home. The LOVE print with arrows is a photo made with our A Beautiful Mess app. All of the other art is linked at the bottom of the post- https://abeautifulmess.com/2013/10/how-to-style-a.html

    Have a great day! elsie

  • I love that one too! It’s from this shop- http://shop.readbetweenthelines.com/

  • Nice wall decoration 🙂


  • I really love the idea of having a black and white gallery wall. Did you make any of the other prints?

  • I love Andy Warhol quotes – that man was a genius. I did an art project on his life in high school. I’d love to have a gallery wall like yours!


  • I love art made at home- such a personal piece that no-one else has.

  • Thank you from France for your wonderful blog ! I bought a house i rebuilt. The works are finally finished ! Now i can think about decorate it. Your blog is such a source of inspiration !

  • Such a great idea to print simple black and white quotes like this – they look great!

  • I like the tipsy and fresh one!!


  • That’s so nice of you to give it away!
    I really like simple, eye-catching pieces like this, thank you

  • I have a few of these prints on my wall too, love it! xx


  • Love it – it’s currently printing out to put up on my notice board in my office 🙂 Thanks

  • I love this, think I love the feeling tipsy and fresh more though.


  • Thank you so very much!

    Good morning from Germany,


  • SO great. Nice and simple and refreshingly boring. 😉


  • I meant to ask about it…that’s so nice of you to share it with everyone. I have just the wall for it. thank you. 🙂

  • LOVE this! I am decorating my new house and have been looking at so much artwork lately, but adore this!


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