Laura’s Blueprint Copy Project

Inspiration- blueprint copies above a bed (via A Beautiful Mess) One of my dearest local pals, Laura, had the cutest idea for blueprint copies. As soon as I saw it I asked her if we could share it here on the blog. Her home is a pretty inspiring place, I'm amazed by all the DIY projects that she's done. 

To make these posters, Laura added "His Side" and "Her Side" to photos of her and her husband, Todd, then ordered blueprint copies and framed them above their bed. I loved her idea and the way she styled her new space! His Side + Her Side (via A Beautiful MessLaura and Todd closed on their new home the same day Jeremy and I did. We've had a fun season geeking out about countertops, floors and rugs together! And since I know some of you will ask, Laura doesn't have a blog yet (I am begging her to start one!). You can follow her on instagram @gummergal. I hope you love this idea as much as I do. 

xoxo. Elsie 

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