Blueprint Copy Wallpaper DIY

Inspiration- blueprint copies above a bed (via A Beautiful Mess) One of my dearest local pals, Laura, had the cutest idea for blueprint copies. As soon as I saw it I asked her if we could share it here on the blog. Her home is a pretty inspiring place, I'm amazed by all the DIY projects that she's done. 

To make these posters, Laura added "His Side" and "Her Side" to photos of her and her husband, Todd, then ordered blueprint copies and framed them above their bed. I loved her idea and the way she styled her new space! His Side + Her Side (via A Beautiful MessLaura and Todd closed on their new home the same day Jeremy and I did. We've had a fun season geeking out about countertops, floors and rugs together! And since I know some of you will ask, Laura doesn't have a blog yet (I am begging her to start one!). You can follow her on instagram @gummergal. I hope you love this idea as much as I do. 

xoxo. Elsie 

  • i love the patterns but am not sure about the fluffy pillow hmmmm


  • I saw this post after the one about her table, and I just had to comment to say that I am absolutely loving all of the blue in her house. Major inspiration!

  • Very cool idea!

    Please could you add a link to the bedding! I’ve been searching for some chevron bedding and this set would be perfect!

  • Thank you! Such good Ideas! I am still so interested in getting some blueprint photos done, I love the look and size! His side – Her side is such a cool project, so much personality!

  • What a fun take on the his/hers side of things. The black and white prints go perfectly with that wall color.

  • I’m begging too! Just one look at these photos, and I know she would have a gorgeous blog 🙂

  • They look really amazing, what an awesome idea. I hope that she will have a blog very soon. *poke poke* 😀

  • where are those awesome sheets/pillows/patterns from?! Cool Blueprint idea. I will try that myself…maybe a photo landscape of the wetland park near my home.

  • I love the modern yet personal look of this! Great idea.

  • Great of you to share this!! Yes, Laura’s creations are over the top!! We got the great home tour!! Would love to see you and Jeremy!!

  • I love this idea! I have some blueprint copies after seeing yours and a few other posts about them (my post is here:

    But this is totally awesome, I would do it. If I had a boyfriend. Or a decent profile 😉


  • Love how this idea makes the space even more personal. Also love how all the colors and patterns mix so perfectly. Great idea! She DEFINITELY needs a blog so we can all drool over her amazing ideas!

  • I always loved his/her side things (such as pillows and sheets) but I have never seen this before! This is so cute, I’m even considering to do it myself. If she starts a blog, please make a little post about it so we all can know! I’d definitely follow her.

  • Such a fun and not gonna lie, sexy idea!!!! LOVE IT!

  • I honestly think this idea is genius and I’m so gonna copy it!

  • This is such a great idea! I love how it’s personalizes a common idea!

  • Lovely idea! Yes please I hope she will start a blog…Im sure it will be so interesting!

  • This is the cutest thing I have seen and it seems so simple! I love it. Hopefully she gets a blog soon.

  • Ouaw, that’s really cute! And I like also the colour of the walls and the bed sheets ^^
    I’ll try making one with my boyfriend 🙂
    And yes pleaaase, she MUST start a blog, or come as a contributor on yours!

  • This is such a good idea! She should defiantly start a blog! I’d be one of her first followers.
    Emma x

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