Laura’s Craft Room (Before + After)

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! So, if you want to be technical about it, this is actually my office tour, but since DIYs are my business, it’s basically a craft room! When we were looking for a new house in Nashville, we knew we needed a space for both Todd and I to work in as home offices, so we decked out the one car garage for him and converted a spare room into my space. Even though it’s a room that gets used a lot, it was still somehow the next-to-last room in the house to actually be renovated. Besides looking cute, I also needed it to be functional for a few different tasks. So it took a bit of moving and adding things until I finally got it where it needed to be. Let’s take a look!

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! You can see in the before photos that the room is basically a pretty plain box overall. Not a whole lot going on. We refinished the wood floors throughout the house with a custom stain I mixed up, I painted the walls bright white since there’s not a lot of natural light that comes in through those small, high windows (it’s just straight untinted white right from the paint can), and then added in some color, pattern, and texture to give the room some personality.

Since all the items in the room left a square-shaped space in the middle of the floor, I thought a round rug would look best and got a light colored rug with a pattern to lighten up the dark flooring and add a bit more design to the room. I think this is Charlie’s favorite rug for whatever reason—she’s always rolling around on it!

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! This spotted computer desk was a really easy DIY makeover using removable wallpaper—what a giant difference! It’s great to have a dedicated space for computer work since photo editing and writing are half the job when creating a post. I wanted to make my corkboard stand out a bit, so I used spray adhesive and a large sheet of glitter paper to cover the front and make it feel a bit more spesh than usual. The white office chair (similar one here) is a nice, clean companion to the print.

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more!If I’m being honest, my favorite place to work on projects is actually the floor, but I’m making myself use this large work table more and more to save my back from unnecessary strain. It’s also large enough to have a sewing machine working at one end and another project going beside it at the same time.

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! I’m still pretty proud of myself for making this metal edge phrase marquee. It certainly wasn’t the fastest DIY I could have conceived of, but it was so worth it in the end! It feels so custom and perfect for the space.

That pink fur office chair is admittedly a bit off the deep end, but it makes me so happy!! I love to see the kitties sleep in it (which they do a lot while I’m working in the room), and I definitely feel like a legit GirlBoss when I sit in it.

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! One way to make a boring room into a unique space is to give it a great lighting fixture! To keep with the gold and midcentury vibe of the house, I chose this beautiful brass flush mount sputnik light, and it’s absolutely perfect for the fun/glamorous vibe I was going for.

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! These lockers actually used to live at Elsie’s house until she didn’t have a spot for them anymore and I scooped them up immediately and painted them pink for craft storage. Well, it’s hard to say I “scooped” up the heaviest item in my house, more like, “had 4 dudes move this for me”…I added shelves to the inside so I can store sewing machines, projectors, and lots more in each compartment.

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! I love plants and these gold bowl hanging planters are one of my favorite plant DIYs. I like them so much that I made more for other areas of the house too!

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! How do you keep a craft room from always looking like a bomb just went off in it? Organization! Having storage cubes and a custom framed pegboard keeps all the supplies in the right spots so I know which bin or hook everything should return to when I’m finished. I didn’t say that I always put my things back in those places right away, but, at least I know where they should go eventually… Also, notice that I used the removable wallpaper on both the storage boxes and the backs of cutting mats for a pop of pattern.

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! Speaking of organization, the way the closet was built in the bathroom next door left an odd cutout in the office where a previous owner decided to add some shelves—THANK YOU! You’d think that the lockers and cubes are enough to hold all the supplies I could ever need, but, uh, nope! Not even close. The shelves are pretty narrow, but these boxes fit perfectly and give me a lot more space to work with.

Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! Laura's Craft Room (Before + After) Click through for more! I wanted to make a cheerful and happy-feeling room to work out of, and I think I achieved just that! While it’s not always this clean (believe me!), it is great to have so many different places to put items when it’s eventually time to tidy up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some work to do in here! xo. Laura

Credits: Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with New A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Fun fun fun! Love the floor stain mix the most.-Laurel Bledsoe

  • Gorgeous office! I used for mine. I definitely recommend their interior design service.

  • Such a beautiful room! Can I ask where the blue desk lamp is from? I need it in my life.

  • Yes! I used a crop-a-dile to punch the holes and it hasn’t effected the mats at all! Just don’t do it right next to the edge (leave at least 1″ or so) and it shouldn’t rip though. Those mats are pretty strong!

    Laura 🙂

  • I don’t think I did, but you could definitely use rustoleum if you want a pain that’s just for metal 🙂


  • Hi Laura, Love your craft room; too cute! Question on the peg board – Did you punch holes in your cutting mats to hang them? I’m always having a hard time finding a spot for them. Do the holes affect the mats at all? Thanks so much. Happy Crafting!

  • This is super nice! I love the DIY desktop!

    Edwige ~

  • How gorgeous! I hope i get around to making my own craft room this beautiful at some point this year!

  • LOVE THIS ROOM, the chair, the signs, the plants, it’s so colorful. it has definitely given me some ideas for my office!

  • The rooms looks great. I share my crafts/drawing place with my husbands home office. Since we hardly ever there together that works great (We both have out of house jobs) but it means that we also share the closet space, and that is what I just love about your home office. All that space for your stuff. Just a little jealous

  • Wow! This room is so lovely. It looks really great. It’s so spacious and I love the flooring. This is very inspiring Laura, thanks for sharing. Thumbs up!

  • Oooh it looks so beautiful now! I love all of your storage ideas – especially those pink lockers!! *insert heart eye emoji here!*


  • It’s so much brighter now, beautiful! I love the pegboard!

  • Oh my god everything is just stunning! I want the same, I NEED the same… This is a gorgeous room! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  • This is such a lovely space! The polka dot desk looks very chic – I almost wish I hadn’t purchased a new mid century desk but made something like this!

    Lena –

  • Can I just live in her room? I love the pink and white colour palette!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • What a cute studio for crafting! I really need to look at getting a dedicated area set up this year for all my projects, so it’s great to see some inspo!

  • I have some lockers I want to paint too. Did you use spray paint or any special primer?

  • Woah- I have a freakishly similar craft room (also went with white awhile ago to combat the tiny windows) and love what you’ve done here. The pink chair rules so hard!

  • Oh my gosh, I love everything about this room Laura! I’d say you definitely succeeded in making it cheerful. I seem to be collecting more and more craft materials and have no idea how to store them so this post is inspiring. Please could you tell us where you got the felt ‘Make it work’ board? Or did you make it? It’s adorable! 🙂

  • This is so beautiful! I love love love the wooden floors. I want to do this with my bedroom.

  • This is such a gorgeous room! I am in love with that chair it’s the kind of thing I’d love in my office if I had one.

  • love the space! just keep the door locked when baby gummerman becomes mobile. i may or may not have experienced such shenanigans. closed boxes = baby bullseye. 🙂 happy new years, ya’ll!

  • This room looks so great! Lots of space for the creative messes that I am sure live in there most of the time :p such a great space 🙂 thanks for sharing. Also your plant game is on point

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