Lola’s Playroom Makeover!

Ahhh, what a happy space! I think we could all use a distraction lately, and finishing up Lola’s playroom has been a bright spot for me. This room used to be just an office/craft storage space for me, but once Lola came along, we started to get more toys and games to play with as she got older. I really wanted a space for her to play in with friends and to store her toys so we wouldn’t have them taking over the general living spaces at all times (I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to relax at the end of the day when the living room is still covered in toys!). I did still need a spot to store all my craft supplies (which is a LOT), so we actually share the space and I set up several ways that I keep my stuff separated from hers, but easily accessible to me. Once I had that system set up, she’s free to play in here whenever and I don’t have to be worried about safety or making sure my stuff doesn’t get destroyed.
That DIY corner rainbow wall makes me SO happy every time I pass the room! You mainly see that corner from the hallway, so I wanted to do a statement that would make the most impact without having to do a whole room wallpaper or pattern. I love it!
That little sunshine print is adorable and I love playing with (and just looking at) those vintage-looking wooden cars. I buy them for baby gifts all the time!
We did an IKEA hack to make an easy sensory table for Lola last year and I’m so glad we did! It’s great to have a little station for her inside to dig in and pour rainbow rice and dried beans back and forth (you can find all the links to the sensory table items in this post!). Lately, she’s into making the rice and beans into different foods for the little animals to eat…usually the dishes are made of cheese and coconut for some reason!

Lola loves bunnies (her favorite stuffed animal is a bunny), so I got her that precious little bunny chair for her table.
Lola loves putting things in baskets/carts and moving them from room to room or taking them outside for walks in the driveway, so this little woven luggy basket is perfect for play grocery shopping trips and taking her babies for a walk. I plan to let her do some real grocery shopping with it at the farmer’s market once that is a thing again (Elsie has Nova bring hers when they go and I thought that was such a good idea to help keep kids busy while you shop).
Those hanging planters are a DIY from several years back and I still love them!
Those storage cubes are great for keeping toys and small puzzles organized and I love that little swivel chair for Lola to read in (the kitties like to nap it in too!). That mid-century pendant light is one of my favorites in the house—super simple but really pretty.
I had so much fun making this little cleaning set for Lola recently and all the items actually clean things, so that’s a big bonus for mama when we are playing cleanup time!

That leopard rug may have been a record for “fastest pinned item” for me on my Pinterest page—it’s juuuuuust too cute! Leopard print has been a favorite of mine long before it became trendy again, thanks to being a big fan of the movie Funny Girl (“Hello Gorgeous!”), so I’m happy to get it in kiddo versions for Lola to love, too. She was so excited to see the leopard print I picked out for her above the toy storage as well!

That flower mirror was a fun DIY touch to the room and I like that “run wild” print so much I have it in two places in the house!
I made that lion bust for Lola before she was born, so I thought I would move him into the playroom and give him some friends to hang out with! Unicorn, swan, bear … gang’s all here! I love that playful shape print above the dresser (that’s where I keep all my sewing fabric) and that car garage from our favorite local kids shop is so sweet! It has some wooden cars that come with it, but I also bought some vintage model cars while thrift shopping to use on it.

Since we share the room, I keep the lower built-in shelves for Lola’s toys so she can get them and put them away herself and all the “untouchable” items of mine are way up at the top. That unicorn storage basket is such a cute way to store toys as well…
 What a sweet room for such a sweet girl! Since we have the sensory table in here, I also chose a cowhide for the room so it would be easy to sweep up stray rice and beans rather than have them get lost inside a shag rug. Overall, seeing this happy space give me a lift of joy and I love playing in here with Lola and adding little cheerful additions where I can. Hope this brought a smile to your face today as well! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • OMG!! How cute those little chairs are, I’m so in love. I also love that wicker basket rack, where can I find it, I looked around and the closest I came is this. what do you think? This is clearly for the grownups’ room.

  • Goals! May I ask what size print you got for over the toy storage? I want it for my room <3

  • Fantastic job! Thank you for the inspiration and for brightening my morning!

  • Laura, your home makeovers are always some of my faves! You are a queen of decor + the little details 🙂

    • It was actually a hand me down gift so I don’t know!! Sorry!


  • Laura, this is SO CUTE! Love the layered rugs. Lola is one lucky gal!

  • Love it! Where did you get the white storage shelves that store the water hyacinth cubes – is that from the container store too? Thanks!

    • I got it so many years ago I don’t remember! I think it was target but they sell them all over the place 🙂


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